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  1. I don't trust Carnival at all at this point since they were claiming before I never had such money. Hopefully they send them soon! I'll give them till April then start calling them to figure it out. Wish they would have just put the gift cards on the new cruise instead of sending me new plastic. Waste of shipping.
  2. For those who used gift cards for anything (paying cruise or FUN Shop) how long did it take to get new gift card issued? I was told mine was processed on the 2nd of March, but I have yet to see anything coming my way via FedEx, UPS or the USPS.
  3. Using incognito will sometimes help too.
  4. I'll take INSPIRE2021SAVE1K for 1,000 please.
  5. If you check via your phone it will show. If you also create a UPS MyChoice account you'll see it too.
  6. At least its a sign its coming hopefully soon.
  7. Awesome, thanks! I now got 63,000 points after a few weeks of opening an account!
  8. The Carnival Gift Cards have been removed for a few weeks now (since day two of relaunch) due to them not having a pin. We're still waiting on word when they will be back.
  9. Does anyone else get this problem where the program will ask for your date of birth and once you enter it, it tells you this? Unable to Proceed Our online system is unable to complete your registration with the information provided. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please contact us to complete your registration, available 24-7, at (877) 597-0570. Once I get this message, I can't login to the rewards site for at least a day. I don't have insurance with them.
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