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  1. Ok less than 24hours to board, I called to see if I could attempt a reasonable cost of the upgrade and they said no. So congratulations to the large star Mariner on the Nieuw Statendam tomorrow who gets the upgrade fairy for the Pinnacle Suite. I tried but we are aft people in a Neptune Suite and did not get a great rate on this room so thought I could get a lower rate for the PS. So whoever gets this room I hope they enjoy it all! All is good when a cruise is coming.
  2. They offered a large amount to upgrade but have decreased the price near Cruise date. Can you call HAL and try to negotiate a lower number? Never been in PS but not paying $2000 more.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I agree with the CCer who waits until they call for self disembarkation. The cruise lines wants us off as fast as they can and know what they are doing. Our plane flight is at 12:50 so we are just trying to prevent any problems with security and whatnot. We do not know FCO airport so just want to have an easy end to vacation.
  4. Have done this on Princess where you have to take all of your luggage and can self disembark early. Is it the same on HAL? Early flight from Rome.
  5. Thanks for the information. It is important to my husband.
  6. We are boarding her next week and my husband wants to know where mass is held. I am sure it is in the daily newsletter but he wants to be prepared. Thanks for any information you can pass on to us.
  7. Thanks! I had to do that on Princess when looking for a specific room. I was just hoping Holland would have a better process.
  8. Hi we are going on a cruise in September and have chosen a room. Given how early this is, they must have some cancellations on rooms. Does Holland have to waitlist for a specific room you want and if it opens up they can contact you? We are trying to get on a different floor but want an aft cabin. Thanks for any information. We have only cruised with Holland once before and enjoyed the trip.
  9. Due to a medical situation we are probably going to have to cancel. We have never had to cancel before and it is depressing after months of planning to have to change our plans. I have seen on CC other people who have had to cancel and it has to be a bummer! But it appears that it is not too complicated to have to change our plans.
  10. Thanks for the tips! I will check to make sure the stuff we reserved is cancelled.
  11. If you have to cancel does this automatically remove your pre-reserved dining and spa treatment appointments? We are hoping this isn't going to happen but it is not looking good right now. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Are these limited to a small amount or can it be a large crowd? Trying to avoid the dreaded big bus!
  13. I looked at Trip Advisor and the reviews were not too exciting. I also checked some of the hotels HAL uses for their Signature Experience in other cities - Buenos Aires and Venice. The hotels - Sheraton Liberado, Brick Sofitel and Papadopli were better located and had much better reviews than the Roma Aeterna. I am sure HAL would not steer us wrong and it is a free perk they are offering. No one wants to start a vacation with an unpleasant experience.
  14. Anyone know of this hotel? Is it at least in the city near the sites?
  15. Found the reservations. When I log in with my Booking number and go to manage bookings nothing shows up. But, when I go in through my email and manage bookings the reservations appear. Must be a HAL thing.
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