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  1. We were on the Celebrity very recently for the India Sri Lanka cruise ( yes, 2 weeks before it was bombed last April). Anyway, Qsine is a huge disappointment. We felt like guinea pigs with those newbie cooks. Tuscan Grille was so basic and the menus dont change at all. The Blu Room that came with the Aqua Class is not worth it. We always had to wait. The menus hardly change at all. The MDRs are comparable to it. Of all the cruise liners we have joined, Celebrity falls short with their specialty restaurants.
  2. Will be at the Bliss as a wedding guest in the coming months. Just curious - does anyone have a copy or a link to what services are being offered at the Salon ? I called NCL locally and they could not provide me with the list. I know its trivial but a lot of the other female guests are curious about what to expect. Thanks heaps.
  3. Can someone please give us a feedback about their experience with this type of stateroom ? I am curious as to how the virtual balconies look. Am happy with the sizes of the room but how do you feel inside these type of rooms? thanks.
  4. The package is still reasonable but the ceremony is only symbolic. The couple in question will now look into other avenues in Sydney. They want the ceremony to have some legality into it not just the symbolic ceremony on offer. Our cruise is still on with the Majestic. Speaking of Majestic, am glad we are all going to have the cruise on that new ship. I looked at the itinerary of 2020, it looks like Regal Princess will take over the route of Majestic in Australia. Regal Princess is also a beautiful ship. We traveled thru the Baltics with her about 3 years ago. Am glad Princess sends its good ships to Australia. Norwegian and the rest always only sends the oldest ships to out shores.
  5. This is the final word from Princess with regards to weddings. A package indeed has to be purchased. Thanks for all those who posted their ideas and suggestions. ""Thank you for your inquiry. On the Majestic we can hold a symbolic at sea ceremony. Our Tie The Knot At Sea package does need to be purchased. The package cost is $2500 USD. This includes the following: - Location onboard the ship - Captain to perform the ceremony - Wedding Coordinator onboard - Ceremony music - Two fresh floral arrangements for the ceremony location - Rose bouquet (12 roses) - Boutonniere - Photographer service (1 hour) - 4 8x10 photographs - 9" wedding cake - Bottle of sparkling wine - Two keepsake champagne flutes - Keepsake wedding certificate - Bottle of wine - 4 chocolate covered strawberries - Deluxe breakfast for two - Dinner for two at a specialty restaurant - Rose petals on bed at turn down Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to check wedding availability on a particular date/itinerary. Thank you"
  6. Other than the Tuscan Grill - what are the other specialty restaurants at the Constellation? Booked on Aqua Class with the Blu Room dining benefit. Any feedback on that please? With the Main Dining Areas - any comments on those too at the Constellation? First time on the Constellation and wondering what it is like. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all these valuable info. I have called Princess and they asked me to email everything to info@royalwed.com For the couple's sake, opefully I will hear from them soon. I also gave the couple a link to this thread so that they can read it and get all the opinions and wonderful ideas shared. Thanks heaps.
  8. I will call Princess on their behalf in the coming days. We all thought it would be easy for them to have it on the ship. Oh well we will see.
  9. LOL. My husband literally watches those things every time we are on the Princess. It is funny how I even remember some of those episodes from the mid 70s. We thought Captain Stubing could perform the rites just like that :)
  10. So true...you learn one everyday. Wow...thanks to everyone for their inputs. I will now forward these to my relative. We thought it was as simple as having the captain perform it once they have competed the paper work. I dont think they will opt for the package as there would only be 5 of us in this cruise.
  11. Is NCL ever going to assign newer ships around Europe? They have the Sun, the Sky and the Spirit around the area. The Star and the Dawn are still okay but I just dont understand why they still are using those very old ships. I know they need smaller ships for the ports around Europe but do they have any plans of bringing in newer ships? It is the same thing in Australia - they only have the Jewel for it. Princess has assigned its newest ship -Majestic for the summer here. Jewel looks pathetic when compared to it really. I know a few people who want to go around Asia and Australia with NCL but are just turned off with the ship considering there are newer ones are in the market now. The nice ships seems to be concentrated in Alaska only.
  12. I have a couple of relatives who will be visiting Australia next summer and are toying with the idea of getting married on the ship - Majestic Princess. And because they dont really have any guests with them ( except my husband and I - who will be joining them on this cruise around Australia), they told me they don't want to get any of the wedding packages being offered. Has anyone tied the knot aboard the Princess? How did you go about it? Am interested hearing from anyone who did not get the package. Would appreciate any help - including the documents they would need being tourists, etc. And what can we do in advance for them. Thanks heaps.
  13. Is Go Best worth it? What is the difference?
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