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  1. Chilliburn - is my TA I have used over many years - she is part of the Travel Managers group. We have put a huge amount of business through her over the years, but these are certainly different times and once I wouldn't have questioned it, but the time taken to refund is now ridiculous...will email Celebrity today. Thanks for your help. Vicki
  2. I will try calling Celebrity - but as I used a TA - I wonder if they will speak to me about this, anyway worth a phone call isn't it... Cheers V.
  3. Hi All - I was just wondering we are still waiting for a refund from our April 2020 cruise with Celebrity. The TA advises that the wholesaler hasn't refunded as yet. But it is now 12 months since we paid for the cruise and 7months since the cruise sail date (it was the transpacific from Sydney to Hawaii). Should I be putting pressure on the TA or are refund delays taking this long? Thanks V.
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    An issue could be that those who board in Singapore could have issues, as some Countries have embargoed anyone who has transited through Singapore. On my recent cruise on RCI Ovation of the Seas, New Caledonia instigated a new policy wherein any pax who had transited through Singapore were not permitted to enjoy the stop over in Noumea, they had to remain on board. This impacted quite a few pax who had travelled from the UK. So this is something to also keep in mind, you may not be permitted to get off the ship at certain ports of call.
  5. Ellie Daisy, I am just off an Ovation Cruise from Sydney and am booked on Celebrity transpacific in April. The cruise lines are now under taking a double screening process for any passengers who have been anywhere near Asia in the last 14 days prior to sailing. They all must pass screening by a visit to the doctor at the dock as well, prior to boarding. I have no concerns with sailing in April from either NZ or Oz. hope this alleviates your husbands concerns somewhat. Cheers Vicki
  6. I just want to convey my thanks for the compassion shown by you all, as understandably it has been a very stressful 24 hours for our family. My son and his family have now flown back to Melbourne, and we leave Sydney on Ovation at 4pm today. My whole reason for posting was to maybe save others from the terrible disappointment we have gone through. The lack of comms from RCI is unbelievable, we first were made aware of the change to the itinerary when my son was checking in at the Port. We were well aware of the 3 day policy so chose this cruise because it had only one 2 days at sea and the remainder days were only 1 sea day. RCI have now decided that we will be stopping at Noumea followed the next day to Mystery Island and then 3 sea days back to Sydney, a day between Noumea and Mystery would have avoided the situation our family found themselves in. A lesson learnt the hard way, never ever cruise with children under the age of 12 months, and would definitely be advising anyone in future just don’t risk it, not worth the heart ache of leaving half your family on the dock. Our TA is contacting RCI to ascertain whether any further compensation to my son could be forthcoming. Once again, I thank everyone for your support. We will now try and make the most out of this cruise, especially for my grand daughter and family here with us. Vicki
  7. HI all, I want to thank everyone who has shown compassion for our situation, to say the least it has been very stressful for the remainder of the family who are sailing without one family. We were well aware of the 3 day at sea policy, so at no time when contemplating booking this cruise did we have any concerns as we only had 2 sea days consecutively, the remainder of the days were only 1 sea day before land. Our issue is with RCI and the comms re notifying us of the change and therefore prohibiting our grandson from boarding. We were only made aware of this change to itinerary at 11:13am, when we arrived at Sydney OPT to board. Surely RCI didn’t make this decision at 11am???? For the RCI warriors here, who won’t hear a wrong thing said about RCI, this is not our first cruise with RCI and they are in fact our cruise line of choice when travelling with the family. We are platinum level. Our issue is the lack of comms by RCI and the decision to change the itinerary extremely last minute, so therefore having 3 sea days consecutively. For those who travel in the South Pacific, our new itinerary has us stopping Noumea, followed by Mystery Island and 3 days back to Sydney, a stop between each of these island would have avoided the situation we are now in. I would in future ensure we never put us or our family in this situation again, and lesson learnt never book for anyone under the 12 month age limit, but RCI seriously need to look at their communication process, waiting until we had arrived at the OPT is just not good business, shows a definite contempt for its loyal passengers. We sail at 4pm, my son and family flew out of Sydney back to Melbourne today...😞
  8. Feeling disheartened and upset by the actions of RCI today. My family flew up from Melbourne to join Ovation for a 9 night cruise. When my son and family checked in they were taken up to level 2 to be told they can no longer join the cruise, as it was decided this morning to change the itinerary which meant 3 sea days and RCI policy is no under 12 months can cruise. We were not made aware of this until we checked in after flying into Sydney this morning. RCI have offered full refund, (which goes without saying) putting them up at a hotel for the night, before they can fly home tomorrow. They need to organise own flights. To say the rest of the family are devastated is an understatement. The ship is staying in Sydney tonight and at this time we could be anchored in the harbour until midnight tomorrow. Just really bad form by RCI as there were numerous other families impacted by this decision as well.
  9. What should have been a fantastic family holiday has turned into a extremely disappointing experience for our family. We arrived at the OPT terminal in Sydney after flying up from Melbourne this morning, to join Ovation for a 9 night cruise. When my son and his family went to check in, they were taken upstairs and advised that as the itinerary had changed this morning they could no longer cruise, as there were now 3 sea days in the new itinerary and under RCI policy no child under 12 months could cruise. They have a 10 month old and a 7 year old, so this meant they were no longer able to join the cruise. You can imagine the tears from the 7 yo who was meeting up with her cousin from another state. RCI have offered a full refund [which goes without saying] hotel for the night until they can get a flight home tomorrow. Needless to say the rest of the family are saddened and deeply upset by the decision to change itinerary at the last minute. We are not alone as there were numerous families with under 1 YO that this impacted. Bad form RCI. There were other options available with respect to the changed itinerary. To say this has coloured our view of RCI is an understatement.
  10. Thanks for doing this. We are always looking for options other than the mainstream ships. Just one query there was listed Club HAL and Loft. I noticed Club HAL ages differed from 3 to 12 and at times 7 to 12. Our GD will be 8 and 5 so just wondering is there 3 age groups or just the 2. Did your kids manage fine without the kids water park, rides, etc that the mega ships have for kids... thanks Vicki
  11. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Christmas on Majestic Princess last year
  12. Thanks Chez for the review. We have been debating between Splendor and a Ovation as both dates work for the whole mob. Reading your review Ovation will be our choice, as we have never sailed on Carnival so was very unsure of what to expect, but reading between the lines, not your preferred option... cheers Vicki
  13. We did a Xmas cruise on Majestic last year and great weather, no rain apart from Dunedin which they tell me is usual. I have also recently this year did a 14 day cruise on Sapphire. Ship is in good condition, no complaints about the rooms or any other area. Only let down was the food, absolutely the worst food I have encountered on any ship ever. The breakfast in the buffet were shocking, not sure why frankfurts are a breakfast choice. Overall the standard was poor even in the MDR. On many nights food was sent back and complaints made to the Maître D. Fingers crossed they up their game with respect to food once Sapphire his Australian waters. cheers Vicki
  14. Uncle Les, my prayers are with you and your family at this time, you need to try and keep positive, and keep your spirits up...... cheers Vicki
  15. Sarah, we disembarked in Melbourne last year. Our travel agent arranged this for us. Our family of 8 disembarking saved us the huge amount in airfares that we would hav3 had to cough up flying out of Sydney NYE. If I recall there were only a couple of border security personnel. There was in total about 20 or 30 others passengers disembarking, we all had to meet up in Crooners at a set time to be escorted off the ship. cheers VICKI
  16. HI. I have sailed both cruise lines, admittedly only 1 on Azamara, but numerous on Oceania. Definitely a much younger demographic generally on Oceania. But wouldn’t hesitate to sail Azamara again. THE White night on Azamara is one of the best nights I have had at sea. Let me know if there is any specific info you are interested in, i may be able to help further. My Motto is any day at sea is a good day.... cheers V
  17. On a recent cruise on Sapphire Princess one area of the Casino was reserved for smokers as well. I wonder if this will change when in Oz waters. Smoking in the Casino I could cope with but smoking on a Balcony not for me. So will definitely give Explorer Dream a wide berth for now.
  18. I had a problem first time I used the USB, I had it beside my bed and could smell electric burning smell. For some reason it appears the USB component has burnt out, luckily I could still use the plug component so could plug charger into that, thank goodness this worked and solved my problem, as it happened on day 1 of my 7 week Europe holiday. Could have been in a bit of a pickle otherwise.
  19. You will enjoy Hotel Ikon, the buffet breakfast has much on offer. I hope the current protest don’t impact your stay in Honkers too much.
  20. Absolutely with our doubt one of the best reviews I have ever read. Thank you for taking the time to bring us all along with you, and for your tips and tricks. With respect to my SIL he is in the RAAF and would have actually been in Wagga the same time as your son, as my SIL was attending a 9 week training course which he finished at the end of June... My first cruise on Princess was at Christmas on Majestic and like you was underwhelmed with the service and food, so am looking forward to comparing Sapphire. cheers V
  21. Oh thank you for the wonderful review. Have previously done a 7 day to Norway, but didn’t get to the far north like you did, and am now keen to go again and for longer. I board Sapphire next week, so I am happy to hear you enjoyed your time on the ship. Any tips for newbies who haven’t sailed on Sapphire previously. congrats also to your son, my SIL graduated last year from Wagga, so know how excited you must have been, the March out is certainly a wonderful event, we were made very welcome by all at Wagga on the day. I am sure he will enjoy defence life. cheers V
  22. Hi All, anyone arranged transport, taxi, or other from the Port to Arlanda Airport. Have heard very conflicting reports about transport from the Port. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thanks in anticipation.
  23. We did Princess at Christmas with 2 children, 7 and 3. Other than the kids club, not much available for the little ones. We did Hobbiton from Tauranga and it was our family highlight, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. We haven’t cruised Norwegian so cant comment. Have cruised HAL they also have a kids club, but really nothing else for the kiddos. But you know your kiddos better than anyone, but we found our little ones, would only do a couple of hours max and the be ready to be picked up, your lot may be happy to spend more time in the kids club. We were on Majestic and in fact it had a large number of kids on board, that they had to hire 4 additional staff for the kids clubs, as well as using entertainment staff. All staff were great in the kids club, so no complaints, but after cruising Ovation and Voyager our kids were wanting more to do, that that on offer on Princess.
  24. Hi Roothy, the shuttle in Wellington will drop you in town. So you can then walk to visit the cable car and the Botantic Gardens at the top of the cable car. Napier will be a tender port, and then the town is not too far. Napier is a lovely Art Deco town, so on a nice day it’s a pleasant visit. Tauranga you will dock. There is a small shopping area where the ship docks it’s Mt Mangarui (not sure of spelling). But this port is where there is a few tours to spots like Rotorua and Hobbiton. This past Xmas we took a tour to Hobbiton and had a great day. Dunedin, Port Chalmers is the stop for all cruise ships. So dependant in what tour you choose, eg Train to the Gorge, the train will be waiting at the Port. But if you choose to DIY them a shuttle will drop you in Dunedin, City Square. let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. cheerio Vicki
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