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  1. Hi, I know Royal Caribbean sometimes claims they have sales where not much changes, but is there any time of the year when sales are actually noticeable with OBC or reduced prices? Labor Day? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I'm contemplating booking a short cruise for March or April but prices are a lot higher than expected at the moment. Thank you.
  2. Just off the mariner with Assada as cd. She was among the best we have ever had. If she isn’t already a full time cd she deserves to be promoted effective immediately. She is better than most cds we have had recently with royal Caribbean and reminded us of Becky Thompson who was our favorite until she retired. Assada was engaging, funny organized and well balanced. Great job royal Caribbean.
  3. What kind of compensation did rcl offer for missing cococay?
  4. Just noticed cococay was replaced with grand bahama island on the cruise planner page. Very disappointed that they won’t even attempt to go here and zero notice regarding the change from royal Caribbean. Only a 4 night cruise on the mariner on March 11 and can not believe they won’t attempt to tender and just cancelled the private island with zero notice.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know the latest on the status of the pier? I have a cruise in mid-march and am wondering if it'll be ready by then. Is there any chance any new venues will be ready in March as well? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Which companies have close car rental locations with free shuttle? Does anyone know if National has a location or only Budget? Thank you.
  7. Thanks. Which Budget location is this? Does National have a location nearby with free shuttle?
  8. Hi, What's the closest car rental company to the port of Miami that offers free shuttle service? Thank you.
  9. Does the new Royal Caribbean Miami terminal have a global entry customs line? Thank you.
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