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  1. Hi, I just realized that not all Royal Caribbean pools have chlorine and some are salt water. With all of the health stuff in the news, is it safe to go in the pools and hottubs on ships that use salt water instead of fresh water with chlorine? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the review. How is the spring break crowd on the ship? Are there a lot of them? Also, is there anything noticeable being done to keep everyone healthy at boarding or on the ship?
  3. Does anyone have any info if we’ll be able to walk around the ship or see a show or if it is literally just dinner or brunch? If I’m going to buy this I’d like to also see the ship.
  4. Hi, On several of our cruises, we look forward to Club Red being held in Studio B. Does anyone who recently sailed on the Navigator of the Seas know if the nightclub is held as Club Red in Studio B one evening on the 4 night cruises? If anyone has a recent Navigator of the Seas cruise compass, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi, Does anyone have recent cruise compasses and dining room menus from a Navigator of the Seas 4 day cruise? Thank you very much. Happy holidays.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if El Loco Fresh is open for breakfast on the Navigator and serves breakfast tacos? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I'm very disappointed to learn that the sauna and steam room on the Navigator was removed during it's renovation. Is there any chance we'd be allowed to use the small sauna in the spa area without booking a treatment? We really enjoy spending some time to detox and relax during our cruise. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi All, I am going to be traveling on the Mariner and Navigator with an older family member who frequently gets up and needs fresh air. We like to see all of the shows. For the Star Lounge and Studio-B Ice Rink - does anyone know if there's a door within the lounge for us to have deck access to and briefly get fresh air during shows and events, rather then enter and exit numerous times? I'm pretty sure I remember an accessible exit door to the deck for regular use in the Star Lounge but am not positive and am also wondering if there's something similar in Studio B?
  9. Hi, If I want to switch my reservation to a different travel agent, is there a timeframe this has to be done within? My original booking with my agent didn't provide an onboard credit but I think it was special agency pricing for a particular agent (not group space, just a special rate). I want to transfer my booking over to a different agent who has group space on the ship - not for a different price but just to be included in the group and their onboard special events. I booked my reservation 30 days ago and just made final payment. The cruise is in 2.5 months.
  10. Hi, Last year on the Mariner, Assata Young filled in for the CD and was typically the Activities Manager. She not only stepped into the role perfectly, but out of 15 cruises, she was the friendliest, most professional and most energetic cruise director we've ever sailed with. We really hoped to see her become a full time cruise director as we would love to sail with her again. Does anyone know if Assata is an Activities Manager or Cruise Director and if so what ship she is on? Thank you very much.
  11. Thank you very much. What I'm confused about is how is it even buy one get one 50% off if buying one is $65 a day and buying two is $260 per person which comes to $65 a day. There's literally no movement in price.
  12. Hi, I've been monitoring the drink price for my cruise which without promotions has been $65 per person. Last week, there was a sale that said 30% off onboard prices, and when I went to checkout, it was still the same $65 as before the sale. Today, the drink package says buy one get one 50% off. I went to checkout, and instead of 50% off, it says 25% off is applied to each person which is fine if true as it would come to the same overall discount, but for four nights, the total was $260 per person plus tip. $260/4 = $65, so I'm very confused as to how this is again b
  13. Hi, I know Royal Caribbean sometimes claims they have sales where not much changes, but is there any time of the year when sales are actually noticeable with OBC or reduced prices? Labor Day? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I'm contemplating booking a short cruise for March or April but prices are a lot higher than expected at the moment. Thank you.
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