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  1. DH and I did side by side cruises firstly on Vision, then on Allure of the Seas last month in the Mediterranean. Vision cruise was 12 nights which was a good amount of time, however we found there wasn't enough to do on the ship. After the Allure cruise, DH said he doesn't want to cruise on anything smaller than Voyager Class in the future. For us, we love Vintages wine bar, entertainment in 270 as well as the pub. I also enjoy going to watch people on the flow rider and having plenty of room to roam around. There is nothing wrong with Vision, the staff were fantastic and the ship is in good condition. It just wasn't for us.
  2. We've cruised South Pacific and Caribbean both a couple of times. Without hesitation I would say the scenery in the Caribbean is way better than South Pacific (having said that we haven't been to Suva and Lautoka). Mystery Island is tiny, you will see all you need to see from the pool deck. Noumea is like entering a small commercial port. Not much to see there. Sydney is by far the most spectacular!! But you can see everything if you are up on the deck for the sail away party.
  3. We have sailed in a grand suite 3 times and never received a letter pre-cruise. The most recent time was on Explorer just two weeks ago. Only ever had a letter waiting for us in our room on boarding day.
  4. Interestingly, there are still no dining packages available for purchase on Oasis in June. We are doing a cruise on Vision immediately before our Oasis cruise. Vision have all the dining packages for sale but still nothing for Oasis
  5. If you are sailing out of Sydney, you can't take any fruit on-board. The only food items that you are permitted to take on are pre-packaged chocolates, biscuits, chips etc. These rules are due to Australia's strict quarantine laws which are heavily enforced at the pier. Don't take the pears! We sailed on Ovation of the Seas last week and the quarantine is very strict. We saw some people fined $400 for trying to take fruit on after walking past all the signage stating that you must dispose of it.
  6. No wrist bands on Indy, well there certainly weren't when we were on here and I'm pretty sure that hasn't changed from what I have read.
  7. DH and I did the All access tour on Anthem two years ago and absolutely loved it. It went for 3 1/2 hours and cost us around $150 each but that may have been AUD, I'm not sure. There is a lot of walking up (and down stairs) although on a couple of occasions we used the elevators. Mostly we were standing up. I've heard of it being offered on-board for purchase but I personally haven't seen that.
  8. Perth is really pretty. Plenty of things to see and do. Margaret River is a 3 hour drive from Perth and has some faboulous wineries and restaurants if you are into that kind of thing. You could easily spend 2 or 3 days there. Fremantle is about 20 minutes by train from the CBD. It is a very picturesque area with a significant maritime history. Darwin is one of my favourite cities in Australia and I would definitely recommend visiting there. Do the jumping crocodile cruise down the Adelaide River, it's amazing. Kakadu is a must see. However if you are planning on going to Darwin, it's best to avoid from November - March. If you have the time, I would recommend going to Cairns. You can take a light plane up to Cooktown from Cairns. It's a great place to go for a day. Not many people get there and it's spectacular. Also from Cairns you can take a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Daintree Forest etc. Lots of places to see and plenty to do. Hire a car and drive up to Port Douglas.....the list of possibilities is endless. Of course opinions are subjective so I'm sure some people won't agree with me. It would be helpful if you could list some of your interests :)
  9. Uber drivers always rate their customers. And customers aren't given high scores if they don't tip, also they will give you a lower score if you slam the car door!!
  10. On Allure in June, they were giving complimentary peanuts to customers at the Bow & Stern. Not all the time but we were offered them a few times while the world cup was on.
  11. I didn't line up for it but you could get your passport stamped when we got off the Allure in Roatan in June.
  12. Great review. It's refreshing to hear someone else praise the food. I don't understand either how some people claim that there is "nothing to eat" in the windjammer. I've always found food to be of a good buffet quality with a great amount of variety. Thanks for taking the time to write this :)
  13. We were on Allure in June. DH likes his beer also. The thing we noticed is the difference in what is available from bar to bar. Some bars will tell you that the beer you are after isn't served on the ship but at another bar you can get it. Keep asking and keep looking around. Bow and Stern did have some IPA, so too did the sports lounge a few doors away (sorry I've forgotten the name of it). Also surprisingly, the bar outside Johnny Rockets had a good selection of beers.
  14. Yes it was $14 when we cruised out of Southampton last year.
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