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  1. All they gave you in OBC was $100? When they canceled everyone else they gave them $300. Yeah I know they didn't cancel us but they moved the dates so that's as good as canceling as far as I'm concerned. My B2B now has 9 days between them. 😒That's not what I wanted and my husband can't get off the dates they rescheduled us for.
  2. I have a B2B scheduled in November. I sure hope they will be sailing then but even if they are I'm not holding my breath that my cruise will even be one of them. I'm not sending them another dime until final payment due date. In the meantime I'm socking it away in my cruise account. I know for me, I won't breath easy again when it comes to cruises until they actually start sailing. I'd just like to see one ship out there. Just one. It would be a start. 😂
  3. They are under a different booking number as we booked several months ago, but she just decided to go. Having us both go to guest services won't be a problem. Thanks. We've changed cabin keys before but never got an extra for a different cabin.
  4. Is it possible to get an extra key for another passenger that is not booked in your room? My daughter is going on a cruise with us in June 2021 on the Mardi Gras. She has an interior room and we will have a very nice excel suite room (that only allows 2 passengers). We'd like her to be able to enjoy the benefits of our balcony as our cabin guest and come and go in the room as she pleases so I wondered if it would be possible to get her, her own key to our cabin by going down to guest services or are we always going to have to be there to open the door for her?
  5. That's funny. I'm not usually impressed with the overpriced steakhouse burgers and don't care for most fast food burgers either so I was skeptical about the Guy's Burgers but I dutifully tried one. Now it's one of the first foods I look forward to when I get on the ship. I don't like messy foods either but there is something about those greasy messy burgers that makes my little heart go pitty patter. To each their own. 🙂
  6. We didn't experience this either but to be fair we were the only back to backers on ours. They did keep bringing us mimosas to the hot tub though and never asked for our sign and sail cards. It was a couple of hours before we saw a soul other than the staff. We were in heaven. I'm interested to see how this next one differs from our first.
  7. I've been successful getting it in the past when the fare went up but with the OBC the overall cost went down, but maybe I just got lucky. That's why I'm confused that it's not working for me this time. I hate to just ask whoever answers the phone because you know you'll get 10 different answers. I guess I should get a new PVP but I'm not ready to book again until the rest of 2022 comes out so I was just waiting to ask for one in case they quit too. I've gone through a few already.
  8. What we like about it is having the ship to yourself for awhile before the next group starts to board. It was the only time we could get in the pool or hot tubs when they weren't jam packed with kids.
  9. Help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Twice now I've turned in a request and twice I've been turned down within minutes. Am I doing something wrong or just not understanding? Here is the scenario I have two cruises scheduled (B2B) the dates, ship and cabin categories are the same of that I have no doubt. Both were originally booked Early Saver.. The only thing in question is the fare price has actually gone up but the difference is that they are offering $200 in OBC which lowers the overall rate. I've been successful in getting the protection under this condition before but maybe that wa
  10. I thought she was a pretty ship but she's definitely showing her age. I noticed little chunks broken off over the door frames, rust and badly water stained windows. Did it affect my cruise? Not really. The only thing that bothered me was that the cushions on the loungers and sun beds were all covered with this black nasty looking stuff that made you not want to sit on them. She's small compared to other ships in the fleet but it made it easy to get around and the only time I noticed a lot of crowding was around the pools.
  11. I wouldn't say regret so much as learned it wasn't worth it for us. While it only takes about 5 drinks to break even on port days we found we didn't have time to drink that much. I might drink 5 drinks a day but my husband may only drink one or 2 on port days. Since everyone in the cabin has to get it, it wasn't worth it to us. You have to evaluate what each person in your cabin over 21 will realistically drink each day to determine if it's worth it to you.
  12. My November 2020 cruise just opened up this week so about 11 months out for this one. I've heard that about 12 months out is average.
  13. You got me then. It was just a guess. Maybe ask on the AARP forum. Perhaps it's a bug that only affects some people.
  14. The old points didn't transfer. I wish they did. I had a lot more then I do now. I think the reason some of us got so many points to start with is because we are AARP members.
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