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  1. I didn't feel a bit of vibration. I have heard one or two others say they had. That may be just a fluke or it may be related to location. So far I've always been on deck 7 when I have been in an aft balcony.
  2. Thanks. I figured as much, especially since its called the Chefs Table. We have done the Behind the fun tour and he took full advantage of being able to talk to the ships captain then. We're going to book a captain's suite as part of the celebration and I thought that would just make my husbands day. Maybe another behind the fun tour is in order.
  3. Do you dine with any of the staff, like the Captain or is just other guest? I'm planning our 25th wedding anniversary trip and I know my husband would love being able to converse with the Captain or Head of Engineering, etc. about the ship over dinner but if it's just a bunch of other guest then it wouldn't be something we'd be interested in as we can talk to other guest anywhere. TIA
  4. www.aarp.org/rewards-for-good You take quizes and earn points toward 10% off the gift cards.
  5. No on the 5 and 4 day ones they were different too, at least on mine.
  6. In my case telling her a head of time that I would not be buying anything so don't bother with the sales pitch didn't help. Saying no didn't help. Not only that but she followed me all the way to the front desk continuing her pitch the whole time. I though she was going to follow me out of the spa. Thankfully she stopped at the door. They are relentless.
  7. Gotta love those bladders for their FTTF timing. On our last cruise we had 3 cabins and were able to nap 2 FTTF right away but had to keep stalking for the 3rd one. Woke up about 3 a.m. one night for a bathroom break, decided to check and low and behold there was one available.
  8. In my experience even that doesn't work either. For that reason I will never ever go to a cruise line spa again even if it were offered free. They are the most aggressive sales people I have ever experienced. It really turned what should have been a relaxing experience into a nightmare. I couldn't wait to get out of there.
  9. Bookbug53 is correct. I thought my daughter didn't have to have a picture id because she was under 18. It looks like it was because she had a passport not a BC. I checked Carnival's website. A non-expired government-issued photo I.D. is required of all guests 16 years of age and older. The following are acceptable: Driver's License (a temporary Driver's License with photo is acceptable) Driver's Permit School/Student I.D. (acceptable for guests 16/17/18 years of age) Government-issued identification card (city/state/federal) Government-issued Trusted Traveler Program Membership Card (NEXUS/SENTRI/FAST) - for photo identification use only
  10. As long as they are under 18 a BC or Passport will work.
  11. Thanks for all the answers. We usually book aft balconies so maybe that's the reason why we've never been offered one. On the groups I'm on it seems like everyone was getting them so I wondered if I was missing something. I know that most of them aren't that great of a deal and sometimes they are just trying to push a bad location. It would be nice to at least have a chance to say no though.
  12. I think the correct terminology for what I'm asking about would probably be upsell offer. Everyone seems to call them upgrades these days but they are actually offering to upgrade you for a price. I haven't heard about a true upgrade in a long time either.
  13. Obviously I've never been offered one. A previous post may me wonder how these come through. I always thought they called you but the post made it sound like they were being made the offer through the website. Do they email you? Call You? Is their a place you go on the website to see if there are any offers? It made me wonder if I've just missed them?
  14. I'm 20 months out and they have lots of excursions posted for some ports and only one for others. I think it just depends on when they renew the contracts for them.
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