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  1. Any server can check that for you. We used 9 specialty coffees on a 7 day cruise. I don’t care that we didn’t use them all, that’s not the point.
  2. Thank you for saying that. I don’t know why I was accused of being ungrateful, wanting to sell coffee cards, or other questionable motives.....i’d Be happy with your suggestion. It’s not the value of the second choice, it’s that we would have something else to enjoy. If we are on a long cruise the two cards would be welcomed, if not, another choice would be welcomed in addition to one card.
  3. Yes.....that would be very nice, at least there would be something the second Elite member could enjoy as well.
  4. That’s what I was saying. It would be nice........
  5. Once they remove the minibar from your cabin they automatically programmed it to our accounts.
  6. In my survey I expressed appreciation for this perk. That doesn’t mean there can’t be improvements. We usually sail two week cruises so having two cards were great! However on a one week cruise, where we only used the value of one card, it would be nice to have another option instead of having to get two cards.
  7. Where did you read that? I couldn’t find anything about it.
  8. I was told to let them know how I feel about it, which I did on my survey. Also the officers at our Meet and Greet mentioned how important Cruise Critic has been to them in gaining knowledge how to improve things. They even joked about whenever they need to know anything, they check Cruise Critic. I’m hoping if enough of us complain, they might reconsider it.
  9. Just returned from the Royal and as usual, we exchanged our mini bar for the coffee “cards” which are now programmed into the Medallion. since this was only a 7 day cruise, we never used the second “card”. It was shown on our bill as a $36.00 charge and then a credit for each of us. (I believe that’s the cost, correct me if I’m wrong) I was told that you can’t use that $36.00 for anything. I appreciate this perk, but I feel they are taking part of that perk away from us. I’m hoping they will let each of us exchange it for water, soda or a shipboard credit, instead of of us having 2 coffee “cards” we should be able to choose what each wants. . Also, we now pay for the Gelato, which used to be covered on the coffee card. Please Princess, if you are reading this, consider giving us more options for the exchange.
  10. Ours has our names on them. It is very small print so maybe you are unable to read it. The names are across the top.
  11. Sorry, this is confusing to me. One of the exciting new features is to order drinks, food or whatever with your Medallion and phone. We are Elite and get free minutes but I would hate to use them up just so someone can bring a drink to me without having to order it from a waiter. Is that the understanding? Also, does anyone know if will there still be waiters taking our orders?
  12. So does that mean you are using up your minutes when you use these apps? I was wondering that too.
  13. From what I’ve seen on Princess videos, you don’t ‘t Need to pull the Medallion out for it to work. They said it could be in your pocket or purse and open your cabin door, etc.
  14. To get your contact person, call Princess, tell them the dates and Ship Name and they will give you the email address of the Princess contact. They will provide dry snacks if requested, I,e. Nuts,etc.
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