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  1. How do you search for a topic within a cruise line in the boards? As en example; I would like to search within the Oceania board for shuttles in Dublin. I used to be able to do that, but with the rollout of the new look I cant seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.
  2. That was it; I was guaranteed a PH3 or higher...but not specific cabin. Just concerned if we get one of the few cabins under the workout room.
  3. Not sure what a GTY is, but it is a B2B that includes a 21 day portion of a RTW; total of 30 days.
  4. On the small ships, has anyone been in a PH3 (deck 8) directly below the gym? We are concerned about noise from treadmills and gym equipment. Looks like it is Starboard side. On the cruise we re booking, they wont let us pick the room yet, just the category. Thanks in advance.
  5. pauon

    Steam Room and Sauna on Marina

    Really more interested in what they are like, not cost.
  6. pauon

    Steam Room and Sauna on Marina

    Same question for the small ships?
  7. pauon

    A concern about Sirena Aft Vibration

    Here we go again. I used to try to find useful information on Oceania, now just read it for the entertainment.
  8. pauon

    Plastic straws

    Well said. We all can and should do more about saving this wonderful planet. We should all strive to leave this place, better than when we came into it. Little things help, and the cruise lines can participate.
  9. Seems legit. Our travel agency is on it, but not the actual agent. I cant speak either, for how up to date it is.
  10. pauon

    Bose speakers/docking stations

    So was there anything there?
  11. pauon

    Bose speakers/docking stations

    I am guessing these are not used much.
  12. pauon

    Bose speakers/docking stations

    Thanks Misty Morning ! Anyone know about if they are new or old models on the Legend?
  13. pauon

    Live from the Marina - Fashion Parade

    Well said.
  14. pauon

    Live from the Marina - Fashion Parade

    The real point here is that the ships make the rules, enforce the rules, and interpret those rules. The endless (did I mention endless) complaining on Cruse Critic on how each of the complainants interpret their view of the rules is worthless. If someones shoes, slacks, hats (place your complaint here), etc... is bothering you go tell someone who is charge of really determining if the hooligan is not dressed properly and have them see if it violates the policy or simply get over it. I spent 30 years in courtrooms, so really the only opinion that matters is two fold; was the complaint voiced to the right people and did the" judge" agree and deal with it. Cruise Critic is like politics; your not going to change anyones mind on what they are going to wear. So complain to the right people or stop the "endless" complaining here.
  15. pauon

    Live from the Marina - Fashion Parade

    I enjoy dressing well, as does my wife. The one thing we don't do, is concern ourselves with what others are wearing. When I am on my vacation I have lots of wonderful things on my mind. What shoes others are wearing is not one of them.