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    H10 Marina Barcelona

    We stayed at the H10 Near the Plaza Catalunya on Sept 9, 2018 for a post-cruise night. It was a nice hotel but you should know that the facade is under construction. They serve a nice breakfast starting at 0730 AM to 1030AM. We were able to take the Aerobus (Bus A1 serves Terminal 1, which is the terminal for most U.S. airlines) to the airport to the Plaza Catalunya. Cost for the bus was 5.90 euro each and you can pay the bus driver as you board the bus. The bus takes about 30-35 minutes to get to the airport. Taxis from this hotel run about 30-35 euro. As the previous poster mentioned, the hotel is centrally located to Las Ramblas, subway stops and lots of restaurants. The noise from Las Ramblas may be an issue for you if it's a weekend night -- lots of merrymakers out and about!
  2. Just back from 12 day Med Cruise from Venice to Barcelona -- wonderful cruise :). We purchased the greenhouse thermal spa package for $369.00 for 12 days. The thermal spa includes a large whirlpool, ceramic heated beds, and two saunas. We found it was not too crowded, and it was definitely relaxing and a great way to end the day after touring. We also purchased the unlimited laundry package for $108.00 for 12 days. The service was prompt, and everything came back beautifully wrapped in a laundry basket or on hangers. Since we travel with only carry on luggage, the laundry package was a great value for us! Hope this is helpful, Joy
  3. I didn't realize that TA's could be so helpful -- the internet just seem so easy, but it is pretty much an impersonal experience. Gifts in your room and booking alternate flights sounds like a real bonus. Thanks all for the replies and Great cruising :cool: , Joy
  4. I haven't seen this thread, probably because I'm new to CC -- I was wondering about those who use travel agent (TA) versus booking directly or searching internet for travel deals. Does a TA have more access to upgrades or other perks or is this a travel myth? I've booked my cruises online both times and have been very happy. I chose the cabin based on my price range and know what to expect when I get onboard. Of course, I also haven't been offered upgrade from HAL as yet, but I'm a novice cruiser with only two so far. I curious about your thoughts of benefits of using a TA. TAs in my area don't tend to be open on Sat/Sun, which makes it difficult for this working girl. Very much appreciate all the info from fellow CC'ers. Joy Miller
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    Trying to get on CC Boards ~ Let's talk about it!

    Okay, maybe cable modem is not the answer. Is there a geographic or time difference as some suggested? I'm on EST in Frederick Maryland (50 miles west of DC). Another thought is maybe that I've not posted much and the system is letting me through -- let's see, this is my 3rd time. Joy
  6. camel

    Trying to get on CC Boards ~ Let's talk about it!

    Wow, not having a problem here and enjoying the discussion -- yeah for cable modem, mine comes right up no problemo. Just thought I'd put in an alternative view. Joy Miller:)
  7. I'm a second time poster, but starting to get addicted! I'm curious about the cabins on the Zaandam. We sailed on her in an inner cabin on main deck for Alaska cruise in 2002. Now we're booked on 11 Dec cruise from Fort Lauderdale in an outside main deck cabin. We didn't really miss the window on our first cruise, but thought it might be nice for my B-day cruise. Now I'm not so sure. Some previous postings indicate that these are just below the Prom deck with people walking on your head all night or jogging in the AM -- Yikes. Please advise which main deck cabins are best -- not in the veranda budget much to my woe, but love cruising! Thanks, Tim and Joy Miller Zaandam Alaska cruise Aug 2002 Noordam Baltics cruise Aug 2004
  8. Thanks for the replies, we're going to give the horse back riding a try and we'll let you know how it goes. I used to live in the Persian gulf area and rode horses next to the water frequently. It's a blast to ride them when they're swimming, kind of like riding a camel -- a rocking horse type motion. Good crusing, Joy and Tim
  9. Hi -- we've booked on the Zaandam for 11 Dec sailing. We're interested in the horse back riding tour with swim in the water, but have been reading about the surf and bad seas. Has anyone done this tour and what did you think? We're amateur horse lovers, but had a great horse back ride in Alaska as part of HAL tours. thanks, Camel