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  1. Just back from our trip to the Mexican Riviera. I "bought" ~$200 in pesos which is ~$4000. Worked out perfectly. I found if you are bargaining, or even buying a drink at, say, Fat Tuesday in Cabo, things are a smidge cheaper if you pay in pesos. For example, a drink at Fat Tuesday was $10, but it was 180 pesos. I gave her 200 pesos and she gave me a $1 bill back. We tipped everyone in pesos.
  2. Just off the NA. Was VERY disappointed and frustrated that we had NONE of these recent movies. In fact, the movie selection was a sticking point for me. When we boarded Sunday, we had 4 “recent” movies available: Mary Poppins Returns, the Upside, Creed 2, and Aquaman. Monday morning they were missing. These are the movies they show on board. So they are removed on embarkation day so you will go to the Mainstage to watch them. So for example, Mary Poppins Returns was shown on Monday afternoon, so it was returned to the movie menu Monday night. No other movie available was released after March 2018. So no movies to watch that we couldn’t watch at home on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. I look forward to vacations to catch up on movies. Our Southwest flight had more movies for free than HAL. Such a bummer.
  3. We loved our RoV. I don’t think you could do a location change. They had an area of the Tamarind marked off and decorated. It was lovely. One other couple. They were actually on our hall/passage so we saw them frequently afterwards. We spontaneously added words to the vows. See photo. The prompt was “ In the name of all we have created together,” and I added our children’s names. After the ceremony, the Captain said that in his 20 years of service, no one had ever said their children’s names and he was very touched and would not soon forget us.
  4. I hope it runs a little late! I must be offline between 3:30-4 pm, CDT.
  5. We did two upgrades this month. We originally booked a guaranteed Inside. We took an offer for a Verandah. YES. Given a particular cabin. Asked if we wanted that cabin. So always have a deck plan when you call! 2 weeks later took an upsell offer for a Signature Suite. Again- asked if Cabin # was ok. Took it!
  6. I will be watching! My parents on board. So happy my dad will be able to go through the Canal.
  7. Well, poo. I upgraded to a Signature really only FOR the double Mariner points!!!!! I hadn't even CONSIDERED I wouldn't get them. 😞 I should have read the fine print. (self-owning font needed here) Just sent my hubs the email: good news/bad news. Good news!!! We have a FABULOUS cabin!!! Bad news: not double points. my bad.
  8. UG. The WORST. I can't even go to our local mall anymore because of the kiosk people.
  9. Yes! We are winging it! Did you decide not to fish Cabo, either? The timing is just wrong (10 am arrival, 6 pm departure). My husband is sad because everyone keeps asking him "why he isn't fishing in Cabo?!?" I think "we'll" have to do a separate trip of golf/fishing with my dad and my boys. "We'll" because I probably won't be invited. 🤣
  10. Just decided to forego a planned excursion and we are winging it. My husband's boss recommended The Office (coincidentally) so we will probably walk there, taxi back. We have never rented Jet Skis (as adults, together) because we have always had 3 small kids/medium kids/large kids and the numbers didn't work. This is our first solo trip in YEARS. Looking forward to whooping it up!
  11. What a well-written review! Thanks for the time you put into this! (I especially love your "British-isms." My mother is British and you wrote like she spoke).
  12. Yeah- I had read that the snorkeling isn't good, but we thought maybe the SCUBA people would have some "in" place that was clear. So I guess we'll just spend the day walking around town and holding hands. 😍 Thanks for ALL the responses! Very much appreciated.
  13. My husband and I bought HAL's "Beginner SCUBA" excursion for Cabo. We've only snorkeled. We thought about a snorkeling trip, but the water is cold in April, and wet suits are recommended. I figured if I need to squeeze myself into a wet suit, I should at least give SCUBA a try. But now a few friends have sung the praises of hanging out at The Office all day. We dock at 10. The SCUBA starts at 1, and takes 3.5 hours. We leave port at 6. So we can't do both. Has anyone done this particular excursion? Done "The Office?" We are throwing this coin into the air. You call it!
  14. I hadn't thought of rings! My husband wears his but I don't. Funny, huh? It's because when I was in high school I was wearing my class ring and it got caught on a piece of gym machinery and I almost lost my finger (if you Google "ring avulsion" be forewarned: they are NASTY!!!). I don't wear rings, though I own a bunch. I guess I'll bring mine just for the ceremony! Add to packing list!
  15. Thanks! I wanted to thank you personally for starting this thread because otherwise I wouldn’t have considered the RoV in a hundred years. Maybe I’ll use it to convince my husband of an anniversary tradition. 😜 Well, I wasn’t packing anything fancy/semi formal. Mostly because the hubs doesn’t like “dressing up” (suit). I used to have Rent the Runway, and I got spoiled on amazing clothes. I usually wear nice but casual dresses to dinner. But now I have to consider something nicer that photographs well, right? I have a white Ann Taylor dress I wasn’t even considering of bringing but might be more “bridal?”
  16. We did FIVE adults in a Family Oceanview on the Koningsdam over Christmas. We had some buyer’s remorse and tried to switch to 2 Insides but they were sold out. It was only bearable because 1) two bathrooms and 2) the 3 teens still live with us. The teens stayed out late and slept in, which was pretty annoying but since they are my kids I fussed at them with impunity. I think the toughest part about sharing a room would be handling other adults’ circadian rhythms. One person’s idea of sleeping in may be 8 am; another’s may be 9 or 10 am. That would cause friction in any size room. Glad you got the second room and for not much more!
  17. Just "returned" our Pinnacle dinner and booked the RoV instead! Now to pick out outfits!
  18. Thanks for the reply! My parents will be boarding the Oosterdam next Saturday for my dad's bucket list item, cruising through the Panama Canal. I liked Molly's Game! I was specifically wondering about "The Wife" and "Can you Ever Forgive Me?" I haven't seen any of those other movies you listed so I'll be happy.
  19. It's Saturday night and I want to rent a movie from Amazon BUT with just one week until our cruise, I don't want to rent something that may be available in the cabin. HAL always has such a great selection and I love catching up at bedtime. (And does anyone know how often they change movie? Is it like HBO when it's monthly? Just curious)
  20. We bought the $99 package on the Kdam Holiday. I thought it was a terrible purchase. We got a total of 5 photos, none good. We ACTIVELY sought out photographers, and never could find them. It was like they were dodging us. This was our family of 5. Seriously, I would constantly go through the photo area, which was VERY close to our cabin, and ask about a photographer, and they were always "off." Our own photos were MUCH better. Just ask someone to take a photo of you.
  21. I am now seriously considering this! We already bought a night at the Pinnacle, so I figured we could "return" that and book a ROV and just pay the upcharge. My question: It says we can invite people. So how/when can I do that? Can I invite everyone (fewer than 10) from my roll call? Do they essentially get a free reception of champagne, wine, snacks, and meeting the captain? THAT would be cool. It'd make me popular, too, which is of course THE most important thing (cue Popular) 🤣
  22. Sailing on April 14th. Booked the cheapest Inside. We booked directly with HAL, and we had called them a couple of times letting them know we would be REALLY happy with an upsell. 🤣 We received an upsell offer on Friday, March 15th, 1:45 pm Texas time (which we jumped on ($99/pp to verandah). Then we received an upsell offer on the Thursday the 21st, 2:04 pm Texas time for a Signature ($209pp) or Neptune ($309pp). We would love a Signature, (and of course a Neptune!) but we had already spent a bunch of money. Well, I got an unexpected windfall so I called yesterday (the 29th) and asked if the Signature upgrade was still available. They said yes, at $149pp. Done! I think I may have snagged "the last one" because now the cruise is showing "SOLD OUT" for Signature AND Neptunes. Feeling fancy!!
  23. I did a quick search and didn't find the answer. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but: are canned sodas included in the Quench package? It does say ALL non-alcoholic drinks... BTW: "non" alcoholic beer does contain SOME alcohol (legally less than .5% ABV in the US). So HAL could say it's TECHNICALLY not non-alcoholic. Kinda chintzy, though.
  24. My dad, husband, and sons took the week before our cruise and fly fished at Royal Wolf Lodge. They went "off shore" in Ketchikan. I'd love to hear about what you decide/how it was!
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