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  1. At this point, any would be fabulous! I think that my first choice would be the cruise a group of us did from Singapore to Brisbane, via Indonesia, Komodo Island, Timor Leste and lots of other interesting stops. I'm quite sure that a big part of the reason for wanting to repeat that one is that my best friend and original cruising buddy was still alive and with us!
  2. Shhh Chiliburn, don't tell too many about the best place in Sydney! I have suggested it a couple of times, but I have also been shouted down on occasion as it definitely is quirky and a bit out of the ordinary and probably not great for those with challenged mobility. We love staying there, the people are great, the wings are to die for and there is just so much within easy walking distance that we often stay a day or so extra when cruising.
  3. Very true Uncle Les, there has to be some good sides to such a short cruise!
  4. Haha, think it may be a one off, testing the waters maybe? We will definitely make the most of it!
  5. I've just booked a cruise that I'm fairly confident will happen! Granted, it's 3 hours long and cruising around our local bay but still! It's onboard the MV Oceanic Victor and is part of our local SALT festival. There are 3 comedians on board, along with seafood tasting platters, a full bar and cocktails! It's a pity there are no cabins, we may be looking for one after all that!
  6. I started cruising when my best friend was diagnosed as terminal with the big C at the age of 39. We managed 3 before she lost the battle, the first just the two of us to the South Pacific in Feb 2014. We then took family and her partner to PNG in Feb 2015 and then, just after we got home after that one, she found a Singapore - Brisbane cruise in June so we were off again. Unfortunately, she died in October 2015 but I will forever be thankful that we got enough notice to create lots of amazing memories before she left us!
  7. Our roll out at work starts Tuesday, the medics are going to give us the jabs. 5 officers and 10 prisoners per day, with extra staff in to cover us while we sit out the required time after the injection. I think I'll book in Monday week if it's available.
  8. I'm so very sad to see this news, I enjoyed his input and the friendly help he always offered. My condolences to all his family and friends.
  9. Zoltina is currently living with family in Sydney, she has actually run a couple of Sydney Harbour cruises recently which appear very popular. I think the trick with Zoltina is that she is blatantly Aussie and has our sense of humour (and the ridiculous). She is lots of fun and full of energy, Uncle Les, she may wake up the Princess cruisers more than they are used to!
  10. Sad to see this, I have been part of more than one very early morning/middle of the night run to Cafe de Vilis back in the day, before so many 24hr servos it was one of the few places to get a feed to soak up alcohol. Vili and his wife Rosemary are genuinely good people.
  11. I was very pleasantly surprised by our win in the first round, but not confident enough to tip us against Sydney this week - I know one P&O entertainment crew member who will be very happy this afternoon! Well done to Sydney, I am glad our boys kept trying though!
  12. Hi vw97, I have cruised with P&O, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival so far. To me, P&O is pretty much on par with the other two, the best shows I have seen at sea have been on P&O, I really wish they would put a made to order omelette station in the Pantry, but who knows what may change by the time we get back on board. To be fair, RC and Carnival probably have more free food options but I have never gone hungry on a cruise yet! For drinks packages, Carnival is definitely last on my list, every time I have cruised with RC, I have found the drinks package on
  13. My dad is a proud member of the local Ulysses Motorcycle Club. He rides a Suzuki GS1100, with a sidecar engineered and built by he and his best friend. He calls it glamping now, he has just bought a car fridge that fits in the sidecar and has also just recently added a camp stretcher to his gear, as getting down on the ground into a swag was just getting too hard! He is finding the longer rides a bit tough now, so sometimes takes his four wheel drive and caravan instead, but still manages one or two trips a year up to station country in northern South Australia. Dad will be 91 next m
  14. I think it may be a long year for us Crows supporters! Footy tips can finish now, I'm on top of my league due to fluking the exact margin (and it was really a fluke)! Evidently "them what knows" thought the Tigers would win by a lot more last night!
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