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  1. Do you bring a physical radio with you or is there some app you’re using? I’m curious!
  2. Wanted to bump this as I am also curious.
  3. Is Aquafina available onboard? What about options for sparkling water?
  4. Figured it out. In case it helps anyone, I had to deselect my current sailing, then reselect it, and now the menus show. Thanks!
  5. I can see the dining option but have no menus listed. Weird. I’m on-board right now.
  6. Where in the app is this? Can’t find the menus.
  7. This made me laugh. Thank you. 🙂
  8. Thank you very much everyone for your feedback and advice. Much appreciated.
  9. I recall finding a very nice list that someone had prepared for their butler, outlining their desires. Can’t find it any more - if you do something similar please share! I’d like to help our butler make our cruise memorable. So far I’ve come up with the following: - Small bottles of san pelligrino daily - Latte or flat white or cafe macchiato every morning at 7am, along with assorted pastries - Cheese / salami / bread platter daily at 3pm ... and that’s it!
  10. I’ve booked directly in USD, then transferred to a TA which converted the value outstanding to CAD.
  11. That makes sense and aligns with what I experienced. Thank you!
  12. Did not see any difference in Luminae on Equinox last January. Just another night. Generally well-dressed folks.
  13. Had Putu as a room steward on the Equinox in January. Super friendly!
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