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  1. Spa is definitely open while in port. I think it was open every day from like 8am to 9pm, or something like that. The jets felt really good after a long day in port! The lap pool actually seemed bigger than the pictures made it look. Also, itinerary may matter. You'd probably find the spa busier on a cold trip like Canada than to warm weather. But that's pretty much up to chance you never know.
  2. The Dawn probably has the most unique spa. We really enjoyed it. There is a lap pool along with a hot tub and a therasagary (SP?) pool. The only issue we had was that the main area didn't have much seating other than the heated loungers and the relaxation rooms on either side with lounge chairs was unisex so hubby and I were separated. If you're unsure, wait until you board and take the tour and see what you think. Although you do save around $20 if you pre-purchase. Do a search for pictures, that may help. The Dougout had a great review of the Dawn and included pictures of the spa. Enjoy!
  3. I've had both. It was on the same ship but different trips. I'm not sure if both were available on the same voyage. In all honesty, I really couldn't tell any difference between them. Maybe I could if I tasted them side by side. They were both nice red blends leaning toward a cabernet flavor.
  4. We've had porters take us across the street to meet our pick up car. No problem.
  5. We have gotten the free 250 minutes plus our platinum plus minutes on our last several cruises. No purchase necessary.
  6. We've also found that the dining rooms are good about recognizing Platinum Plus status. We are usually given a window table and once the Hostess apologized that she didn't have a window table available. Not sure if it puts us to the front of the line or just possibly gives us a better table. The benefit is worded in a way that makes it very vague. I just wish the pay restaurants would give the same courtesy. We have this issue on almost every trip. We are Platinum Plus, we stay in suites and I make the dining reservation as soon as they become available online. And yet, we'll go into the restaurant and be given the worst table in the place. Our last trip we were on the Dawn and staying in an Owner's Suite and they put us at the table not even in the restaurant, but out by the hostess with a view to the kitchen. Normally we just let it go, but this time we were annoyed and finally said something when the Manager stopped by. They did end up moving us, but it just seems that when you're in that situation and make the reservation so far in advance that a decent table should be reserved for you.
  7. Another suggestion is to e-mail the pre-cruise Concierge. Explain the situation and send them the list of your dining reservation requests and ask them if they can forward it to the Concierge onboard. It may or may not work, but is worth a try. Then check with the Concierge when you get to the pier. Good luck and enjoy!
  8. Thank you for the wonderful review. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Happy and safe travels to you and 6.
  9. Thanks for the response. Appreciate the information!
  10. Can you request bottles or cans of beer? If so, how many would equal one bottle of liquor? Thanks!
  11. So sorry to hear of 6's stroke, but glad he is on the mend. Looking forward to your report of your adventures. I have enjoyed all of your reviews!
  12. Please come back and tell us all about it. Enjoy!
  13. I would also make sure that you got your cruise reward back. I understand your feelings on this, but he really overstepped and his behavior should be reported.
  14. Has anyone been to the British Colonial Hilton recently? Wondering about the status of the construction. We'll be in Nassau in a few weeks and are thinking about the day pass there, but don't want to be sitting in a construction zone. Thanks for any help!
  15. Did you get luggage tags in the mail? Generally there is a letter in that packet which gives you the Pre-cruise Concierge e-mail contact information. Most of the time that is all we've gotten although occasionally when we've been in the Owner's suite we've gotten an e-mail to request out liquor preferences.
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