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  1. And don't forget the dougout reviews. there's also an old hysterical review of the Dream in South America by sailorjack
  2. Also agree, that moment when the stress of everyday life disappears. Spending time with my DH without the hectic pace of everyday life. That moment of absolute bliss when I'm on the balcony with the warm sun and the perfect cool breeze. Watching pulling into port and leaving port. Looking at the endless stretch of water while the sun sets and the sky turns into an amazing painting of colors.
  3. Well, hopefully the new procedures will make for a much healthier ship in many ways. Will be watching to see how all of this shakes out.
  4. I don't know what they are going to do or how they will enforce this. I often run a temperature when I have a bad cold, or sinus infection. Would I be turned away at the pier because of a fever? What if I had a covid-19 test and could show I was negative? I have to think there are many people who board a ship when they are ill but from some minor thing. Not to mention that not everyone with corona virus runs a fever. And, so you know when I have a cold I'm super vigilant as far as wiping off any surface I touch as I don't want to infect anyone else. But I guess the question is, should everyone showing any signs of an illness be barred from sailing? If so, that may be difficult with northeast sailings during the winter (cold and flu season). Just another thing for them to figure out.
  5. I've seen this many times with cruises I've booked. Sometimes the excursions for certain ports don't show up on the website until a couple of weeks before sailing or suddenly it's showing a lot more excursions for a particular port. I've also been searching for info on this stop as it's a new one for NCL. My guess is the excursions will show up eventually, it just makes it harder to plan.
  6. I enjoy many of the perks for Platinum Plus such as the free dinners, shore excursion credit and free internet minutes but they certainly aren't a deal breaker for me. However, I definitely feel very dissatisfied with NCL when they dilute and/or take away perks that were given in the past. I don't really care if they want to offer upcharge perks if cruisers wish to buy them, but don't take away or start charging us for the perks we've already been given.
  7. My guess is that they may have to do more than one lifeboat drill and stagger attendance, much like they are seemingly planning to stagger check-in times in the terminal. It will certainly take longer to have more than one drill, but it may be the only way to do it if they want in-person attendance. Possibly ask everyone to stay in their cabins while it's going on unless they are the current participant. It will be interesting to see how things work out once they start cruises again. And things may need to be adjusted as they see how things work.
  8. There was something awhile back about these suites being re-categorized and maybe losing some of the suite perks such as butler service. I would suggest looking at the description for each suite on the NCL website and check to see if it lists butler and concierge service. As long as it does the suites should still get the same suite benefits as they currently do. At least for now. LOL!
  9. Yes, that's a thought and certainly one level of protection. The problem becomes that if someone infectious wearing gloves touches their face or coughs into their gloves, the gloves can now carry the virus to someone who then touches their face with their gloves. If we think of all the contamination possibilities we'd probably never leave our homes. I guess we just have to take whatever precautions we can and hope for the best. It'll be interesting to see what changes there will be moving forward and how we will all deal with it.
  10. True! But it still made me feel better seeing the cleaning going on. I'm guessing masks will be needed or mandatory for awhile especially in a small space like the casino, but I don't want to turn this into a mask discussion (there's already plenty of discussion on that!). Hah! Having the slots on the TV can only cost me more money! Lol!
  11. The casino will be a tough area. Maybe they could put up plexi-glass partitions between machines and limit the number of players at the tables. We were on the last sailing of the Gem before the shut-down and they were in super sanitizing mode. They were constantly cleaning in the casino wiping down machines, chairs, cards, chips and surfaces. They also had out extra hand sanitizers. I had my own wipes with me and wiped down any machine I played. Luckily we stayed healthy!
  12. I absolutely agree. Anytime you attach "suite" to the cabin name it makes it confusing especially for newbies. But they pretty much all do that. I'm guessing because it will make it look as if there are "suites" at great prices. It's only after doing some research that you realize the price you saw isn't for a real suite.
  13. In looking at the description of these suites showing on a Gem cruise for next March. If you click on the cabin description it also says that there are additional amenities which includes: Pre-book dining and entertainment 125 days out Food and beverage amenities delivered to cabin 2 times during cruise Laundry bag or pressing service once during cruise Not sure if these are really anything special but they at least added something when they changed the name.
  14. I don't know of any either, but you would think that if medical grade masks block viruses that someone could come up with an air filter that would block viruses. Probably would be good for airplane travel also.
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