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  1. I believe that it can also not be used toward the daily service charge.
  2. goldmom

    ? about suites on Gem

    Great pictures turtle! That's my new favorite suite. Also, I'm average height and never had a problem being able to see the water when sitting down on the balcony. Not having the glass didn't bother me at all.
  3. goldmom

    ? about suites on Gem

    I understand. I like the aft, but my DH doesn't like the sound either. We've been in pretty much all the suites on the Gem. Mostly now we book the forward suites for the large balcony. We like 10000 and 10500 as they follow the line of the bridge and have a little more interior space. However, those cabins have the same bathroom layout as the aft suites. To me, it's the only downside of these suites. The Haven cabins, both in and out of the Haven have the larger bathrooms. We do like the Owners suites also but just can't justify the price. Also the 2 bedroom suites not part of the Haven will give you the bigger bathroom without the Haven cost. These are along the side of the ship. Enjoy!
  4. goldmom

    NCL Star reintroduced

    I hadn't seen this. Thanks for posting!
  5. Generally the party is held somewhere between 6 to 7:30. We've seen various times. Make an 8pm dinner reservation and you'll be fine. Happy Anniversary!
  6. I thought this was interesting and also very smart of our Concierge. I had asked him to change one of our dinner reservations. But when I checked on the TV, it was still showing our old reservation and our new one. I asked him about it and he said that he keeps the old reservation in case a suite guest is looking for a last minute reservation, and no worries for us we wouldn't be charged or anything for not showing up.
  7. goldmom

    Does NCL keep notes on guests?

    Well yes, I could understand it if we were coming out of our cabin or if he had seen us come out or go into our cabin. But even so, to memorize the name of all your guests each week is pretty amazing (at least to me!). However this last time we were walking down the hallway to our cabin for the first time and our steward greeted us by name!
  8. goldmom

    Slot Machines

    We were just on the Gem and they had some new machines from the last time we were on the year before. They were also removing and changing out some machines during our cruise.
  9. goldmom

    Does NCL keep notes on guests?

    I really think that the staff must get passenger photos before the cruise, especially if you've cruised before. We've had our room steward greet us by name on our way to our suite the first day. And this was a staff member we had never met before. I really don't know how they do it!
  10. goldmom

    Gem out of NY

    In NYC for the priority check-in, look for the person holding the Haven sign (usually to the right as you walk into the terminal). Just tell them that you are Haven guests. Most of the port workers don't seem to understand that there are non-Haven suites on the Gem, so if you say suite check-in they often send you to the regular line.. Your cabin number will be listed on their clip board and they will send you though a shorter line for security screening. Then once through that look for the person holding the Haven sign to ask where to check in. This past week it was all the way at the end of the terminal. Enjoy!
  11. goldmom

    Gem out of NY

    If your cabin category has an "S" designation, then you get the suite priority boarding and other suite perks. If not, then just regular boarding.
  12. goldmom

    Gem suites vs. Haven Gem suites

    On the Gem, the SE and SF Non-haven suites have one sink and also note the queen beds do not separate. The SC 2 bedroom suites do have 2 sinks plus an extra bathroom in the second bedroom, however the bed in the master bedroom does not separate and the second bedroom is more of an inside cabin. so the 2 bedrooms are definitely not equal.
  13. goldmom

    CAS Pearl level question

    Thanks for the replies.
  14. The casino used to give us a spa credit and would usually buy us a specialty meal. I notice now on the list of benefits that they mention an OBC. I'm assuming this is in place of the spa credit. Does anyone know what the amount is for Pearl level? Thanks
  15. goldmom

    SF and SE suites

    You're welcome. Have a fabulous cruise!