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  1. Our cards from our county site in NJ were like some others. The reverse side showed our second appointment which was scheduled when we got our first shot. The front side has stickers for each of our doses with the vaccine information. Basically, once they put the stickers on there really isn't any room for any boosters to be added as the sticker pretty much takes up 2 lines each. That said, I didn't laminate mine, but ordered a plastic sleeve. My kids laminated theirs, hopefully they wouldn't have any issues. We were never told not to laminate though.
  2. Did you maybe select the Sailaway or Guarantee rate? In that case you wouldn't be able to select your cabin. Try again and see what happens. Make sure to select a specific category. It sounds like others were able to select a cabin. Good luck!
  3. I believe it was listed as being around $2000 per person for a veranda and that included airfare. Not that unreasonable. I'm guessing if they get a lot of bookings the prices will rise.
  4. I could be wrong, but I think the 90 day thing had to do with quarantine. Wasn't there something about if you were vaccinated and were exposed to someone with Covid and it was within 90 days of you being immunized that you didn't have to quarantine unless you were showing symptoms? Sorry, don't know where I read this. I read so many articles my head is ready to explode! LOL!
  5. When I want to learn about something I try to read articles and information from both sides, pro and con and figure the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Everyone should do there own research and then do what they feel comfortable doing. I, for one, was very comfortable getting the vaccine, but understand if others are uncomfortable with getting it. Hoping that everyone stays safe and healthy and that we can all cruise again in the near future.
  6. Turtles06- Totally agree with you about lunch. I wish they would offer a nice chef's salad or something a bit different. The atmosphere is lovely but the menu is lacking. A daily special or two would be nice.
  7. Also, remember that when cruising starts up there is a good chance that everyone who wanted it would have received the vaccine. If that's the case then they could probably fly the various crew members needed to the ships, rather than taking the time for the ships to come to them. I would think that once the vaccine is available to everyone that the restrictions on air travel and quarantines will lessen.
  8. While this is certainly disappointing, it's also a possibility that NCL is sending them all home so they can get vaccinated in their home countries. Of course that would be a long process between the trip back to their homes and then waiting for the vaccine. Hopefully we'll all be able to cruise safely and some point. Fingers crossed!
  9. We don't use a TA for NCL as we book through Casinos at Sea and they basically are our TA. However when we book other lines we do use a TA. They usually give us some extra onboard credit and maybe a bottle of wine. They also take care of getting our OBC for our Carnival stock and answer any questions we have and take care of any issues. With the pandemic, she was great as she took care of all the aggravation with getting a refund. Our family has used the same TA for many years now. If she retires I'm not sure if I would use another TA or just book myself. In our case it'
  10. Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure if I would be patient enough to wait to find out. Good luck to you and stay healthy!
  11. This is very good news for the UK. Did you ever find out if you were given the actual vaccine or were part of the control group? And if part of the control group, will you now be able to get the actual vaccine? Thank you again for participating in the trial and for sharing information with us.
  12. I had a similar dilemma. We had a March 2021 cruise booked on the Gem. Final payment was extended to January 3rd. We also booked through CAS. I figured there was no way it was sailing, so I decided to just give up on that cruise and moved the deposit to another cruise in 2023 on December 1st. On December 2nd, NCL officially cancelled the cruise and offered 10% off a future cruise if you re-booked. I missed an extra 10% off by one day! My advice would be to wait until as close to final payment as you can to see if NCL cancels the cruise and offers any extras. Of course that assu
  13. Thank you and I agree. I'm not going to stress over not getting the 10% off. I'm just going to be happy that I have something booked (that will hopefully sail) and can dream about cruising again!
  14. Well, I'm glad some of you got lucky with the cancellations. Live and learn. Although you never know. I was afraid that NCL wouldn't cancel the March 2021 cruise until after final payment had been made. Then I'd have to wait for the refund and figured by the time I re-booked to a later date they would have raised the prices. Oh well, I out-thought myself. Lol! I'll just keep watching for any price drops and look forward to being able to cruise again.
  15. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting read.
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