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  1. through 2022 flights can be changed or canceled with no fees and full refund of miles. I've already rebooked several flights and gotten the difference in miles refunded--and a bonus for doing it online without calling.
  2. if Infinity were transferred to Pulmantur in the 2 Dec timeframe, I would assume it would need some kind of dry dock or port call, perhaps just for a week, to change the branding from X to Pulmantur? that would have to be done before the crew comes on board? just trying to think if the timeline is Dec to contact the crew, we might hear more official news prior to that... just speculating.
  3. I booked a flight with miles on Wednesday. then on Thursday the price went down. changed the booking and got the extra miles back, no fee. if you pay with $$, you get a flight credit, not a refund (I did that too just the other day and saved $38). some parts of Delta's website say international flights must be used in a year, but right now any flight credits are good through the end of 2022. I'm looking at flights to South America in February, and figure if the cruise is canceled, then I'll get a flight credit/redeposit miles and use that for an Aug 2022 trip to Europe.
  4. I tried to look at the full policy description, but couldn't find access to it on the website. other travel insurance sites will let you look at the details, and I dislike that you have to actually book it or at least submit your information before they let you read the fine print.
  5. I have not seen this kind of policy anywhere. Allianz is the only policy I've found so far that includes trip cancellation for an entire year. Most annual policies are medical with potentially car rental.
  6. AllTripsPremier allows selecting up to $15,000, but for me it says the benefit is per policy per year. AllTripsExecutive has a maximum of $10,000 trip cancellation, but shows the benefit as per insured per year. Could be state, or ages...
  7. Odd, choosing a different insurance package I see $10,000 per insured per year, bringing the total to $20,000 (a little better, now only a 33% loss on a $30k trip). only half the emvergency evac coverage though.
  8. When I check the annual Allianz plans, I see a maximum of $15,000 but is per year, not per trip or per person. Reimburses your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason. Preexisting Medical Condition Limit $15,000 Benefit is per policy, per year. All benefits are per insured unless otherwise noted. All benefits are per trip except for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption - which are per travel insurance plan. I do get playing the odds. On our upcoming trip we'd be
  9. that's about what I had concluded, thanks for confirming it. I like the idea of an annual emergency medical policy, but that's typically included in the individual trip cancellation insurance too. of course, if you have both, then you run the risk of each arguing the other should cover any medical evac! my main concern at this point is covering medical evac and cancellation of the $30k cruise costs--that is just too high to not insure in some way.
  10. when I check annual plans for Allianz, it's mostly a medical evac policy, with only up to $10,000 cancellation coverage for the entire year. that doesn't even make it to half of a single Oceania longer cruise. maybe I'm missing additional options, or do you not insure full cruise amounts with the annual plan?
  11. when you save a trip on Oceania's website for later review, someone from Oceania will call you within a few hours. So I asked my guy these questions for the definitive answers: you can remove OLife up to 14 days before sailing and get a full refund (not subject to the % penalties) you can change from shore excursions to obc prior to 14 days before sailing if you cancel the cruise, OLife is not refunded as it's considered part of the cruise fare [so if you think you will cancel the cruise, remove OLife first, then cancel?!]
  12. I will assume for travel insurance that this is correct. However, I have been told from various TAs: You can add or remove OLife, even after final payment. You can switch from shore excursions to obc (I'd imagine that would have to be finalized before 14 days prior to sailing). OLife OBC is refundable. (but given the idea that OLife becomes part of the "fare" perhaps there is no refund unless you actually take the trip) I've seen none of this in writing and I tend not to fully believe everything until it's confirmed, either through personal experience or an official sta
  13. what is OLife considered? it's not listed explicitly. is it considered other "optional" charges or like port fees included in the cruise fare and therefore not refundable? it's an Oceania thing mostly--can you cancel OLife sometime prior to embarkation and get a refund after having made final payment?
  14. I'm looking at insuring a cruise, but only the non-refundable portion of the cruise. If I pay for OLife shore excursions, then say cancel the cruise 1 day before the trip because of a covered medical issue, will the OLife payment portion be refunded? will port taxes and fees be refunded? (does it make any difference if the cruise is canceled prior to 14 days before the cruise--the date when you have to have selected the shore excursions?)
  15. I've researched back on some older posts and think I understand this now. I'm not at a gateway city, so after paying a deviation fee and then getting to the gateway city, I'm likely able to do air myself under my control for a similar price or use miles to book. Or, I could book with air, then at 270 days request an itinerary, work to see if I can get preferred airline, etc, see what extra it would cost from my city, then either accept or cancel air. I guess it costs me nothing right now to book the air, so I might do that and then make the decision prior to final payment and after
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