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  1. I booked a shore excursion and bus transfers to the airport for a total of over $500. However, there are two separate charges on my card. I got a text/email stating I made a charge on the offer and would get the offer IF it met all the terms of the offer. Now I'll wait to see if the two charges are treated together for a total over $500 or if maybe I won't be getting the credit because neither charge was over $500. If it doesn't work, I'll just cancel the shore excursion and try something else (or buy another shore excursion so the total goes over $500).

  2. On 10/30/2019 at 12:07 PM, Alwayshome said:

    When you are talking about the lack of color, are you referring to all ports or just those in Canada? When I look at foliage reports, I am getting mixed information. Trying to decide between September 11th and 23rd.


    I'd choose later, even first week of October.

    In US cities, the "color" was inconsistent--often still green with some yellow leaves. More color as you go farther north.

    Inside the cities seemed to be yellow trees, but out in the country was different. We were the 2-4 week in October, and some places like Maine and Halifax has bare trees at higher elevations, or lots of yellow color but most of the red leaves had already fallen. 

    Also, we somehow thought we'd see a lot from the ship, but really we'd arrive before sunup and leave about sundown so we could never really sit there and watch the color leaves go by...

  3. Some lines are able to go to Montreal instead of just Quebec if they have a smaller ship. We just got off after leaving 16 oct and were too late for the best color (although it’s not totally predictable a year in advance). Possibly ending mid October would get more color than starting mid October. Still saw yellows and some reds but in some higher locations trees were completely bare. 

  4. I will say in Halifax if you didn’t prebook something there wasn’t much available. Two ships in port and some of the things on the dock already closed as we were a bit late in the season. Grey Line was there but only had the HOHO bus available. So for not booking ahead, the taxi worked out well. It was nice to see the posted rates so there was no negotiation nor disagreements on price. 


    I’ve always obsessively planned but lately have left more ports unplanned so we can discover things and be a bit more flexible. I prebook things we definitely want to see, but have had some enjoyable things we’ve done that we might not have otherwise if we’d booked ahead. 



  5. On 10/25/2019 at 7:26 PM, Nitemare said:

    Cheaper to rent a car, though


    Only cheaper if you book far enough in advance and you are ok walking to the rental location. We didn’t want to plan ahead and my wife couldn’t walk that far. Hadn’t seen any mention of this on the boards so it’s another option. We like being on our own and can tell a private driver to stop or go as we want. 

  6. 3 hour taxi to Peggy’s Cove and back was only $152cn. Taxi driver pointed out some things as we went, drove by the titanic graveyard on the way back. Easy way to see it and cheaper than the bus tour. It’s a fixed price advertised at the pier. Can do another hour of the city for $203. 

  7. 45 minutes ago, RocketMan275 said:

    You can cancel and rebook anytime prior to final payment.  Remember, you don't have to make a deposit at the time of booking, you pay for the whole reservation at final payment.  I cancelled and rebooked twice on my flights leaving this weekend.  All done on line.

    This is just my opinion but I think when they say the price may increase, they are talking about the price of flights not already booked.  I did see that.  One day a flight might be $2000.   A few days later, the identical same flight might be $2500.  A week later, it might be $2200.  I booked my flights back in April.   I rebooked the same flights in May when the price went down.  I rebooked again a month later when a better flight had a price drop which made it competitive with the flights booked in May.

    thanks for the information. just booked for our upcoming trip in June and fares are half off what the airline is charging. I expect prices to drop in 3-5 months but if not I've got good prices. 

    ran into an issue booking where I had some wrong name and birthdate information. took an hour on hold on the phone so I'm glad I can make flight changes online without going through that again.

    pulled up my flights right after on Delta and was able to move into preferred seats.

  8. On 9/7/2019 at 7:32 PM, RocketMan275 said:

    I asked my TA the same question.  She has her own shop and is highly respected here on CC.  She says she has never seen any one have a price increase when they've reserved flights.   I have seen prices go up and go down.  But, once I had booked the flights, prices never changed.  I was able to cancel and refare three times.


    Do you cancel and rebook, or is there a way to modify the existing reservation? Hopefully you do it online and don't have to call someone?

  9. Was clearly and unequivocably told no. Not stackable.


    Was also told that the 30% Elite discount only applies to first one-device internet package, not to multiple device packages and also not to one-device package for each Elite occupant.


    Actually each individual can get 30% off their own package, but it's probably cheaper to buy a 2 device package at that point.

  10. we used http://www.wegowithanuar.com this spring. he had another driver take us around based on our preferences. we were first off the ship and he was waiting for us. went to the palace, batu caves, we prebooked tickets to Petronas towers, and then to a Chinese temple on the hill. traffic was pretty bad in the morning so we probably saw less than we might have, but he drove fast on the way back to port and we arrived with nearly 2 hours to spare--just like we like it, no stress.

  11. We thought of doing 2 days returning to the ship. But yours typically cost more to take you back to port than end in Jerusalem, so staying overnight isn’t much more expensive. Plus tours are limited to 8-10 hours, including driving time from the ship and back. You can easily use up 3 hours driving. If you stay in Jerusalem you can get the guide for an extra hour or so. Also, you can walk the streets in the evening or morning before tours start.

  12. we were quoted $899 per person for the overnight Bagan trip just this March. I eventually decided what I wanted to do was spend more time there someday (1 night was not enough). Instead we spent time in Bago and Yangon and maybe someday we'll make it back. There are some interesting river cruises that include Mandalay and Bagan and the surrounding countryside.

  13. Often the ship excursions that are for limited mobility are just bus rides. We have started booking private guides/drivers in some ports (still will do ship tours off and on). You can go at your own pace, stay out longer or come back earlier. With a car they can often drop you off at the front rather than walk a long way. On our last cruise we had a private guide to some pagodas in Myanmar. My wife took one look at the stairs and said she couldn't walk up them all. Our guide asked if there was an alternate entrance, and they drove us around back, up the hill, and into a small gated area. We would have never gotten that kind of accomodation on the ship bus tour!

  14. I believe RCI was trying to position AZ in the luxury level however the ship can never be because of the size of the rooms, thus in comes SS. I would not be surprised to see AZ go away at some point. Oceania has the same problem. Some of their trips are priced at a higher rate than SS while SS is a more inclusive product.


    Azamara has never been attractive to me because of the small cabins and the price. When I pay extra, I want more room, yet the cabins seems to be nothing larger than what you'd find on a regular Celebrity Veranda cabin. We've found some good deals on Silversea and love the extra cabin size (and smaller ship) than anything else.

  15. You walk to the international terminal before going through security. Check in, walk to the international terminal, then go through security. To be sure, ask when you check in. We've changed planes several times in LA connecting to an international flight, even getting our luggage first then walking to international terminal.


    Sometimes you also go to a gate in the domestic terminal and get on a shuttle to take you to the international flight, so just follow the instructions when you check in...

  16. One of the best shore excursions we did was in Panama City and we took a small ship through the canal for a completely different experience. I thought I'd be bored but DH is a civil engineer and he really wanted to do this...all I can say is it was amazing and the local food buffet for b'fast and lunch was wonderful!


    Did you do this excursion on the same trip you did a full transit? I've heard it can be crowded (and miserable), but was hoping maybe since we are doing a full transit that there will be fewer people wanting to go back a second time. How full was the smaller boat and was it easy to get in a good spot for pictures?

  17. We are on a ship doing a full canal transit, then stopping in Colon for a day. We're considering doing the ferry partial transit as an alternative way of looking at things. Perhaps my biggest concern is being crowded on a ferry with 300 other people and being miserable. Perhaps since the ship has done a full transit, this excursion might not be as popular (and therefore less crowded). Anyone with experience on the ferry in conjunction with the cruise full transit and an idea of how many people might do this partial transit option?

  18. We have a day in Colon and most of the ship tours aren't very interesting to me. I don't necessarily need a guide, just transportation. I understand there are taxis that charge flat rates. Anyone have any idea of the cost for 2 people to Agua Clara and then Portobelo, with waiting and return? (Or is there an hourly charge?) I've searched but can't see any mention of current prices.

  19. Keith,


    Thank you for all your informative posts! We will be sailing on Crystal Serenity in September and spending one day in Ashdod and two in Haifa. When you sailed this itinerary, did you overnight at a hotel in Israel? If so, which night? Did you use Guided Tours Israel or another tour operator? We are looking at private (just us, tours). Looking to finalize our itinerary and maximize our time. It appears as if you are very knowledgeable both of Israel tours and all things Crystal! Thanking you in advance for your reply.


    In Haifa, the ship docks right in town. I wouldn't get a hotel there, just go to the ship. We stayed overnight in Jerusalem when our ship was 2 nights in Ashdod. If you are 1 night in Ashdod, you could overnight in a hotel in Jerusalem, then tour all day and end up in Haifa and back to the ship. But there would be some added expense getting from Jerusalem to Haifa.


    We used Guided Tours Israel for a private driver/guide in Jerusalem, and also joined a smaller van tour of 8-10 or so in Haifa. Both worked out well for us.

  20. Are you sure you booked in premium economy? Because Delta doesn't currently offer premium economy on flights to Dublin, and they only offer it on AMS flights that go in/out of Detroit, not Atlanta or JFK. Sounds likely that what you actually got was Delta's Comfort Plus seating, which is NOT premium economy; it is just regular economy with a few extra inches of legroom. True premium economy, which Delta titles "premium select," is a completely different cabin class, with an an entirely different seat (wider, more recline, leg rest) than economy, as well as better in-flight amenities.


    Or is the flight booked run by a different airline, not Delta, and that airline does have premium economy?

    For flights to Australia, Delta doesn't have premium economy, but Virgin Australia operated flights booked through Delta do. On ChoiceAir website, sometimes the Delta Comfort Plus is being sold for Premium Economy prices on flights that don't have Premium Economy. You are wise to double check before booking...

  21. I learned my lesson with this. We booked our flight with CA and they said we had to get our seat selection thru American Airlines. I call AA but because the airline we are taking to Rome from the states is only affiliated with them we could only do it online. Our seats they had automatically reserved had my husband and myself sitting away from each other. I went online and it was an additional 375$ just to have our seatx next to each other. I called CA because we were not aware this was considered an "upgrade" and they did nothing. Lesson learned lol. I was mad because there was no compassion or assistance in getting our seats changed. I told them I will never book with them again. Yes the flights are cheaper......but in someways it comes back to bite you.


    Generally with some research you can figure out if the airline lets you do advance seat assignments, or only with an additional fee. It's not necessarily the airline that tickets the flight, but the airline that operates the flight. I go to the airline website to double-check who really runs the flight, then if it isn't that airline, go to the operator's website to see their seat assignment policies. On ChoiceAir it might also indicate something like DL 6798 operated by Virgin Australia (Delta is the issuing airline, but the flight is operated by Virgin Australia).

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