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  1. Our first two Celebrity cruises we had charges show up after we got off. It took some time to get the charges dropped (one time they wanted 20 days to contact the ship to verify). Our last several cruises we've not had any problems, but the lack of a receipt makes it harder to track what we should have been charged and what they actually do charge.

  2. did Uber from MIA to POM. when I requested the ride, it asked me to verify which terminal I was in (by letter) and which door I was at. Then the driver called be to verify my location. first curb is for taxis, we went to the second curb and he was there.

  3. Just off the Reflection. Captain's Club 50% discount for specialty restaurant first night only. I asked twice during the week and was told there were no discounts. They did lunch at the lawn club for $10 every sea day and lunch at least twice in Murano for $25. last night onboard the specialty restaurants seemed overly popular.

  4. Seems to me the complaints as well as suggestions on what to do differently for Celebrity are:


    1. Services were not held on the expected and traditional day. OP points out many organized and "informal" gatherings being held on embarkation day, so not allowing a religious service, which may be no more organized than other activities, seems to discriminate on religious grounds. Some may claim religious services are different than secular group gatherings, but on what basis? Just because they are "informal" or not carefully organized? Cruise lines will often put on embarkation day events that certainly involve more planning and execution than simply setting aside a room for a Rabbi and others to gather and do as they please.


    2. Times for scheduled services not listed in the daily activity, even though many other special interest group meetings were listed. Is there a clear and equitable standard for what gets listed in the daily postings or not?


    3. Insufficient time for the event. Half an hour seems insufficient for any type of religious service, especially when other secular activities and groups are routinely scheduled for an hour.


    Personally, I do not expect a cruise line to provide me with a religious experience. If that is my goal, I schedule my vacation around what is important, or I seek that out in some other way. I do not expect a secular business to provide me religious activities, nor would I find them particularly capable in doing so.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Some shade might be good in the hot part of our trip. Does it affect your view at all?


    we were in 9126 around the horn in January. it has the overhang from the buffet area above. the overhand mostly affected us when going through the Straits of Magellan or part of the Fjords. at times it was difficult to see to the top of the mountains. I also found the overhang showing up in more pictures than I expected. but... I also often just went up 2 decks for a clear view of everything left and right and aft. there were times I'd be on the balcony taking pictures, then I'd zip upstairs to do a few more, then back down, then back up, etc.


    I'm not sure if the lower cabins below deck 9 under the overhang would have still had the problem or not.

  6. Sailed on the Infinity in January. Paid attention specifically because I had hear some comments. Some cracked and peeling wood in the MDR, a stip of laminate off from our desk, rust on our balcony railing and floor drain. Many of the windows around the ship (MDR and other places) seemed to have rust in out of the way places.


    Half way through, without us saying anything, they came around and painted the rust on our balcony. Did having it rusty lower our experience any? No. Did having it fixed raise our experience any? Maybe. Or maybe I was just feeling particularly happy from the paint fumes. Even though the weather was somewhat cold, I spent a lot of relaxing hours on the balcony watching the world go by.


    Overall the ship looked good, although not sparkling new. Really I can't see how they can fix everything when kids bang into the walls and dent the metal trim here and there. Nothing so bad that it really diminished my enjoyment of the trip.

  7. I also enrolled in this card, paid off my cruise at final payment, spent the required 1500. And did it within the first 65 days. Now do I have to chase down the onboard credit and the specialty dinner or will I receive something in the mail?


    after the points are awarded to your account, you then have to redeem those points for the OBC. I'm not sure about the specialty dining coupon.

  8. from other reviews I've read it is a good experience and the price can't be beat (for once a cruise ship excursion isn't overpriced). I tried to find some other options just to compare, but some of the estancias don't operate on monday and the prices are virtually the same. when you consider you can just walk off the ship with Celebrity and not worry about meeting anywhere, it's a good trip. we are booked on that tour Jan 5.

  9. in my experience, you can always redeem points for OBC, regardless of the deal you got. The restrictions kick in when you are redeeming points for a cabin discount (or companion fare) as these directly affect the bottom line of the cabin price.



    it seems like OBC should be much like getting a cash reward or a gift certificate and shouldn't depend on any promotions you paid. after all, we are redeeming points from the credit card, not reducing the cruise fare. however, here's the clause I'm wondering about:


    "MyCruiseRewards are available for redemption on any eligible Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean or Azamara cruise vacation but may not be combined with any other promotional offers and/or certain Crown & Anchor Society, Captain’s Club or Le Club Voyage promotions and benefits. MyCruise Rewards are also not combinable with restricted pricing including, but not limited to, Going-Gone-Gone, Residential rates, senior rates, and military rates. Reward Redemptions may be used by individuals, participants in qualified group bookings, by single guests, and for use with third and fourth guest bookings."


    I haven't called because I doubt the ability of anyone to do anything but quote this back to me and make their own interpretations. I'm mostly wondering if anyone has had success or restrictions on redeeming points for OBC.


    if allowed, I could simply sign up for the credit card, pay for my upcoming cruise using the card, and get $200 OBC plus 1 free specialty dining for two...



  10. Just got an email offer for a credit card for Celebrity/RCCL. one benefit is the ability to redeem 10,000 points for $100 OBC. However, reading the fine print is sounds like they might not let you use that in combination with 123Go offers or other discounts you might already have. it seems if it's a credit card redemption it shouldn't matter. I have a cruise booked for a very good price, but was wondering if anyone had experience redeeming credit card posts and could confirm or deny how the rules actually work and if we might expect to be able to get the extra OBC.

  11. we hired a private driver and did Herculaneum in the morning then the Amalfi coast in the afternoon. Depends on how much time you have (which port are you stopping at and how much time do you have in port?). I chose herculaneum over pompeii and the amalfi coast over sorrento (on the amalfi coast drive you can stop in one or two little towns for a bit)


    we barely made it back to the ship on time because of the traffic on the amalfi coast.


    I would choose pompeii over the amalfi coast because I like ancient things and it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  12. during standard dinner dining times (MDR times) you can order room service off the MDR menu. You can ask your room steward for a menu earlier that day.


    We are infrequent cruisers, and have done this upon occasion, and while we've never been turned down, we sometimes feel like the cabin steward isn't used to doing this. 10 years ago some thought this was a Concierge class only perk, but it sounds like this is becoming more accepted and anyone can do it.


    Getting the menu isn't hard (you can see it posted outside the MDR sometime during the day). Do you call and order from room service, or do you ask your cabin steward for what you want? (what's most appropriate?)

  13. If it is an Internet problem don't you think X would have it corrected immediately?


    X needs to really get their act together as this is very POOR in all aspects of business. JMHO!


    Being involved in software development, while it is possible to fix things immediately, they often go unfixed because of other priorities. If pricing issues remain a problem on the Internet, it's because the problems aren't being communicated to the developers (usually not likely), they don't have enough staff to handle the requests they get, and/or there are "more important" issues they are trying to deal with. It's amazing what issues you can learn to live with if the volume of complaints is low or the direction from the decision-makers say that something is good enough or can stay that way for just a while longer.

  14. much of the problem on the website I believe is not intentional, but due to poor design (lack of thinking about how people use the website), poor programming, and poor or no testing. However, shoddy work on the website should not be an excuse for misleading pricing (they should still be held accountable and liable).


    This is not restricted to AU, the US site is poor as well. When you first look at a cruise, you see the different categories with a "from" price showing what's supposedly the lowest priced option. when you click through to choose an actual cabin, you often cannot select any option that is as low as the lowest price, even when that lowest price still shows on that page, and when you are clearly selecting a cabin from the lowest available category. (they should not be able to display a price that is impossible to get)


    I found that I could not select a cabin at the lowest price, but was able to type in a cabin number and get that cabin at the lowest price listed. I put the reservation on hold at that lowest price. When I came back a few hours later, I could still see the lower price on my invoice. after I made the deposit, the price jumped by about $800. called celebrity and the phone agent could clearly see the lower booking price so was able to adjust the pricing.


    later they applied the 123go promotion to my reservation, and when they did, the price jumped again. another call got that straightened out. at least their phone agents have been very capable.


    the website often gets "confused" when you enter promo codes and other things. it often doesn't know all the rules for which promos go with which other promos. for example, I can captain's club pricing at a discount, but once I try to put in a 123go number as well, often the next page shows cabin selections with no pricing at all. the only way to see final pricing is to put the cabin on hold, and it often turns out to be the highest price with no discounts applied.


    bottom line is the website is poorly managed and likely in violation of advertising laws.

  15. We don't cruise for 6 months, but I wanted to book a transfer and a shore excursion through Celebrity. They want to charge my credit card now for the reservation, but I had hoped to use our OBC to pay for those items. Sure I suppose I could just wait until onboard to book them, but would rather not miss out. It's been a few years since we sailed with Celebrity, is there a way to not pay in full right now, or to use the OBC when we settle the account to cover the pre-booked tours?

  16. You have to put in a specific code for the offer you want. GR123GO is for free gratuities, OBC123GO for onboard credit, etc. I called and asked about the credit as it appeared that the website took off the promo code after I made a deposit. They helped to put the offer back on and adjusted the price correctly. For free gratuities, I then needed to pre-pay gratuities. They then told me it might be up to 7 days before the credit showed up as they have to manually print out all those who got the offer, then go in and make the adjustments. A day later my credit showed up on the account. so the pricing shows adding gratuities, then a credit covering the amount. I'd say if you don't see anything, call to clarify, then wait a few days until the credit shows up.

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