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  1. Jim, I've been reading through your extensive blog and am really enjoying all the details you're providing. I'm booked on the Equinox in February for the 12 day itinerary. I'm curious what you think of the age demographics on your two cruises, especially compared to pre-pandemic? The reason I'm asking is my parents are booked to come on the cruise with us, but they have some hesitation about cruising now, given the potential for Covid risk at their age (late 70's, early 80's) even when vaccinated. Are you seeing many people in that age category on your sailing and do they seem concerned?
  2. Me too. I am booked on Allure Mediterranean September 2022, which was a re-booking from Harmony 2021. Already received my email that my booking will be moved for me. I can't wait to be on Wonder next year at the price I paid for Allure.
  3. Kudos to NCL for taking on Florida. Too bad RCL didn't have the same gumption. Instead, they're sitting on the fence, trying to appease everyone with multiple health protocols instead of just one... get vaccinated or don''t cruise.
  4. I agree. Most of the other cruise lines had no guts in standing up to DeSantis and tried to appease everyone instead. NCL’s stance on this issue has certainly improved my opinion of them in relation to the other brands.
  5. That's disappointing. Booked on an Equinox cruise next February. Not looking forward to "breaking in" junior employees. particularly on a 12 day itinerary.
  6. I know it's a personal preference, but bed by the balcony is better IMO. When the bed is by the bathroom, then you walk into it every time you enter your cabin. It makes everything seem smaller. Also on the older Oasis and Allure, where the closet is located by the bathroom, having the bed also at that end makes it very difficult to get things in and out. Granted they fixed that problem on Harmony and Symphony, by splitting up the closet into two sections on either side of the bed.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_smoking_bans_in_the_United_States Not that Wikipedia is always correct, but it lists both Miami and Jacksonville as two of the ten largest cities in the U.S. that still permit smoking in standalone bars. I was in Miami in 2019 for a Symphony of the Seas cruise and definitely saw smoking in many bars in South Beach. I've seen it in Ft. Lauderdale as well. I don't smoke but couldn't believe this was still happening.
  8. There are 5 states that explicitly allow smoking in bars and casinos, Florida being one of them. Every time I go to Florida, it's like being in a time warp where people in big cities like Miami and Tampa still smoke in bars. I would hardly blame the cruise lines as the only group behind the times.
  9. Oh, so we're critiquing diving shows now 😀. Sorry, but I think Harmony has the best aqua show of the Oasis class. However, I agree that Mama Mia beats both Grease and Hairspray, IMO.
  10. I've been on all four Oasis ships and I would rate Harmony higher than Allure right now. Allure is older with no refurbishment to speak of (other than engines). Cabin configuration is vastly improved on Harmony (and Symphony). Not really sure what all the fuss is the over lack of pool in HOTS Solarium? It's been re-instated on the Symphony.
  11. I have been on the Harmony once before and it's a beautiful ship, so you will have fun regardless. I'm not as excited to go on the Allure since it's older, but definitely looking forward to seeing all the ports in the Mediterranean post-Covid, the way they are meant to be experienced.
  12. Rules must be very different overseas. My final payment for the Sept. 12 sailing of Harmony was due June 14, so I had to make a decision with many unknowns at the moment. I opted to cancel and take FCC. Looking to re-book for a 2022 Mediterranean cruise on the Allure, when everything will hopefully be much closer to normal again.
  13. Why are you talking about office buildings when this post was about cruise ships? However, high rise buildings have larger elevators, that aren't nearly as busy as ships and many have capacity limits currently. I wasn't mixing indoor and outdoor proximity examples like pools of where you can social distance, as my references were all limited to indoor, confined spaces. But apparently you feel if you throw enough nonsequiter details against the wall, at least one of them might stick. Nothing false about anything I said, but that's why I rarely engage on this forum on non cruise-related topics.
  14. When you're in a store or a restaurant, you're there for like an hour and you can keep your distance from others if you choose? Whereas a cruise ship is 7@24 in a confined space, for up to a week, with complete strangers. Do you think you can really stay six feet apart from other cruisers in an elevator or a bar or that you're not breathing re-circulated air in a restaurant or a theatre on a ship? Going on a cruise anywhere in the next year will be a big leap of faith that all the scientists have everything figured out. It's not making it any easier when cruise lines want to put profits or politics above their customers' safety.
  15. Or is it just on for now, only to be cancelled later? The people on September sailings haven't paid their remaining balances yet, which are due this month. Just another RCC ploy to get more of our money.
  16. No, the list you provided above says the Aug. 19 and 26 HOS sailings from Rome are also cancelled.
  17. I don't see how RCC will be able to re-start what's left of the remaining Harmony of the Seas Mediterranean itinerary in September, so why not just cancel the whole schedule now and let people make other plans? I'm booked for Sept. 12 sailing and have no intention of going to Europe this year, whether they sail or not. But it would be nice to know now that we could either L&S to the Allure in 2022 or book something else instead.
  18. Excuse me for not getting out a tape measure while eating my sandwich. Yes the serving area is virtually the same size as the other three ships, but the seating area is much larger.
  19. Have been on all four Oasis ships and definitely Symphony and Harmony because of the room configuration in balcony cabins (closet on either side of bed rather than jammed up at one end). There are a lot of critiques here based on entertainment, which seems trivial to me. You will spend way more time in your cabin than you will at a 90 minute show. Also Park Cafe is one of my favorite spots for a snack and it is twice the size on Symphony as any of the the other three, so it's much easier to find a table. Beats Windjammer madhouse for sure.
  20. I am hoping for the same. Booked for Harmony Mediterranean in Sept. 2021 from a Next Cruise deal 14 months ago, but now certainly don't want to go to Europe this year. Not as excited for a Lift and Ship to Allure in Sept. 2022 ... having missed its dry dock, it won't be as nice as Harmony. But it's better than nothing.
  21. But waiting closer to sail date for the possibility of Lift and Shift means there might be less choice of cabins in 2022. That's why I was thinking of trying to get FCC now on my Sept. 2021 Mediterranean cruise and re-apply that to a deposit on a Med sailing for next year.
  22. This is a good question. I booked a Next Cruise in Feb. 2020 for a Mediterranean cruise on Harmony in September 2021. No one knows yet if it will sail, but even if it does, I doubt Europe will be allowing North Americans to fly over there and board cruises. Was thinking of trying to get a FCC and re-book for same Mediterranean itinerary in September, 2022 on Allure. Any suggestions?
  23. So, using this formula my upcoming cabin 11616 should be bed by the balcony?
  24. I was waiting for the end to this story and it never happened. Roll Tide Guy didn't post about his experience on RSVP and whether it was worth it?
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