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  1. So here's what I want to know. And just for reference I have been vaccinated. If someone gets the test at the port the day of embarkation and it comes back + and they are denied boarding.....do they get a full refund? Or is this a way to force passengers to pay for the Platinum protection Plan? Consider also there are both false + and false - test results. And what if you are flying to a destination. The airline tests you and it comes back +. But you have been vaccinated. So now you can't fly. Refund from the airline? REfund from the cruise? The hotel? Imagine th
  2. I see 3 problems with the idea of requiring a vaccination to cruise. Just to clarify I am getting the vaccine. HAd the first dose already. The first problem is what is "proof?" I received a Covid CArd from the pharmacy where I received the first dose. The pharmacist hand wrote in the dose, Lot # , and date. With digital technology today, anyone could reproduce a blank card and fill it in. Not much to it. And don't put it past people. The second problem, and probably the most important one as far as HAL is concerned, what if the competition does NOT require
  3. Well.....it would totally depend on how much the cruise line would be willing to pay me to go on such a cruise. If the cruise line met my price, I would go.
  4. Problem is many passengers, especially HAL passengers, may not be alive or nursing home bound come 2022. Got to get in as much cruising as possible before then.
  5. Not only will HAL keep your money and leave you crying portside. They will gather the crew and point and laugh at you while shouting "No Refund!!! No Refund!!!" WOuld Mrs. BAnjo cruise solo if she could? That is the bigger question.
  6. Well, I understand what you are saying but don't see the rationale behind it. Why keep spending money on an experience which does not meet expectations regardless of MAriner status? I had an aunt who loved Italian food and used to patronize a local Italian restaurant where the food and service was usually sub par. I asked her why on earth she continued to go back to the same place if it was always not an enjoyable experience? Her response; "Well, it was a good deal. We usually have a free dessert coupon." HA! The HAL mariner program is just a clever marketing program to keep you coming b
  7. Of course they are still in sell mode. Typical Ponzi scheme. Slowly paying off those waiting for refunds with deposits from those currently booking future cruises. Other threads talk about those putting down deposits on future cruises so they can "have something to look forward to." That something may be waiting forever for a refund!😖 PT Barnum was right.
  8. Well....if you are not getting the experience you want from HAL….why continue to cruise with them? Why not "up the ante" and cruise with Seabourn, Silversea, Regent, or Crystal.....where the food, service, etc. will most likely be what you are looking for? It seems that this thread is more about the "nostalgia" of the way HAL used to be....not the what it has become. And while some have commented that they would be willing to pay more for an experience they desire; I am sure that the increase in fares for such an experience (subjective to each one's desires), ther
  9. Sure! HAL will bring back the "Old HAL." Anything you want. Question is: Are you willing to pay more for it? PRoblem is with CArnival's stock price showing a 75% YTD decline .....any new CEO will be looking to cut more services, amenities, all the "extras" to try to financially "right the ship." If you think a new CEO will be focused on offering more; I feel you will be disappointed. They do not even have the funds to process millions in refunds.
  10. No you didn't. Not unless you plan to go back in time via a time machine.
  11. I am sure Mr. Ashford will get any money as part of his severance before passengers get their refund. C'est la vie!
  12. Hmmmm...Well I hope all those who booked future cruises have no issues. I would be concerned not so much that the cruises booked will not happen due to something like bankruptcy of Carnival, but more some form of consolidation. Something along the lines of selling off certain ships to other lines. Changing future itineraries to maximize profits. So the itinerary you thought you had is no longer. Not knowing if Covid 19 restrictions will make a cruise not enjoyable (i.e. constant wearing of masks, taking body temps, long lines for everything to adhere to social distancing, waiting hours to get
  13. HAL is doing you a HUGE favor. I will give you 3 to 1 odds that this cruise will not sail. You are saving the aggravation of waiting for a refund or a bankruptcy filing by CArnival 🛳️
  14. This will be an absolute NIGHTMARE! So it is my understanding , that many women, before their monthly period have an increase in body temp. Will HAL set some arbitrary number , say a temp of 99.5 or higher, and deny boarding? Can you see it now? A woman with their family denied boarding pleading because her temp was 99.7 , " But I am about to get my period!!!" What about the female crew? What about if one of them has an increase in thermal scanning? CAn you imagine the stress this adds to an already stressful day of embarkation? And the crew will "report" any pass
  15. I strongly disagree. People need hope. Hope is a powerful drug. I will never forget one of the most powerful scenes from the film "Apollo 13." Flight Director Gene Kranz (played brilliantly by Ed Harris) overhears two of his colleagues discussing the dismal chances for bringing Apollo 13 and its crew safely back to earth. One of the men comments " This could be the worst disaster NASA has ever experienced." Gene Kranz overhead this comment and turned to the men and said;" With all due respect sir. I believe this will be our finest hour." I feel the same way
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