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  1. No worries at all! The 'stinger season' is traditionally during our summer months but can stretch November to May. This is only a factor on the Great Barrier Reef itineraries. As our cruises mostly operate on the outer Barrier Reef, stringers rarely create a problem for our guests, however the Trip Director is always abreast of conditions and will advise on the current situation. As a preventative measure, we do have stinger suits available for purchase on board at cost of AU$30 per suit. More details on our Great Barrier Reef itineraries are available here: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/great-barrier-reef/ Hopefully that helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. Our Reservations team can be contacted as well at email: cruise@coralexpeditions.com.
  2. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for your interest. We are in love with the Kimberley, we pioneered expedition cruising there and have been operating to the destination for over 23 years! I'm not sure if you've been following our Facebook and Instagram lately, but absolutely check out some of the videos we've been posting live from our new ship, the Coral Adventurer over the last week or so as part of our Kimberley Cruise Month activities.Visit our website here for the latest updates on offers and the destination: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/the-kimberley/ or follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/coralexpeditions/ To answer your question, absolutely we'd love to help! We understand it is a big commitment to come out and adventure with us, so please don't hesitate to give our Reservations team in Australia a call +61 7 4040 9999 or email us at cruise@coralexpeditions.com and we can organise a time to chat with you. Our details are here: https://coralexpeditions.com/au/contact-us/ As you can imagine we have visitors from all over the world, we can absolutely help with travel recommendations to make your cruising experience smoother and liaise regularly with accommodation partners in Darwin and Broome where our Kimberley cruises depart from. For airfares, given it is so subject to change, we would definitely recommend researching online or going through options with a local travel agent and you are always welcome to run proposed arrangements via our team to make sure it works with arrival, departure and transfer times for our cruises. For more information on things to consider before you travel, we answer some common questions here: https://coralexpeditions.com/au/our-community/travel-pre-departure-information/ In terms of visa requirements, this varies based on country, duration of stay among a range of factors and is always subject to change, so it is best that you contact your nearest Australian consulate to talk through this. Here is a link that might help to start: https://australia.com/en/facts-and-planning/visa-customs-quarantine-faq.html. Currently the australia.com website is under maintenance, but should be back up and running soon. We look forward to chatting further, and if there's any other assistance needed, please don't hesitate to reach out!
  3. Absolutely! Your cruise fare includes all meals on board, a beverage package with lunch and dinner service, all excursions (additional extras are available on some itineraries), onboard presentations and the services of our expert guides, snorkeling and kayaking with equipment (scuba-diving is at extra cost), post-cruise transfers, room service, and all port charges, fees and gratuities. Wi-Fi, laundry services, beverages outside our regular beverage package (note beverage package is not included on Great Barrier Reef cruises), and Environmental Management Fee on the Great Barrier Reef are not included. Hopefully that clarifies. You can find out more about what makes Coral Expeditions unique here: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/about-us/why-coral-expeditions/ If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to ask or email cruise@coralexpeditions.com
  4. Absolutely! We pride ourselves on exploring remote and ordinarily inaccessible areas and environments and doing so with a small footprint. Snorkeling and diving are a core feature of our itineraries to the Great Barrier Reef, Spice Islands, the Islands of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Links to these cruises are available here: Great Barrier Reef: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/great-barrier-reef/ Spice Islands: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/spice-islands-west-papua/ Indonesia: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/islands-indonesia/ Solomon Islands: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/south-pacific/ Papua New Guinea: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/papua-new-guinea/ Additional rates apply for diving equipment and these rates can vary dependent on the vessel, the latest details on those rates are available here for your information: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/on-board-experience/shore-excursions/snorkelling-and-scuba/ However, we are also currently offering a complimentary scuba diving offer on select Solomon Islands itineraries: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/south-pacific/cairns-to-honiara-11-nights/ https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/south-pacific/honiara-port-vila-11-nights/ If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or via email cruise@coralexpeditions.com
  5. Thank you for your interest! Currently our 4-night Northern and 3-night Southern Great Barrier Reef cruises are back-to-back to create the 7 night Immersive Reef cruise, so the 3-night-cruise added onto that would work but would be a repeat of part of the Southern Reef part of the journey on the normal schedule. That said, we have over 35 years of operating on the GBR, we know the reef well and regularly work with B2B clients and charters to create unique itineraries. These are able to incorporate highlights of our regular trips or to be entirely different. We have ability to coordinate travel end to end, be flexible with fleet scheduling and have a great deal of experience with high end domestic and international charterers. We would love to speak with you if interested, you can contact our charter business development team on charters@coralexpeditions.com. As a point of interest, we are also currently working on a longer duration itinerary for 2021 with details to be released later this year, which will take us further north into the Great Barrier Reef. To keep updated on that, it’s best to sign up for email updates at our website www.coralexpeditions.com. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can assist further!
  6. Thank you for your interest and a great question! At this stage we offer 3, 4 and 7-night options exploring the Northern and Southern Barrier Reef. These trips are perfect for those looking for a cruise that combines relaxation and good food with lots of activity. Our Great Barrier Reef cruise does include a significant amount of snorkeling and diving, as well as island visits, short hikes, educational interpretation, and sunset drinks on remote sand cays. We welcome a wide variety of guests on our Great Barrier Reef cruises, many of whom are not snorkeling or diving enthusiasts. These cruises are available for departures up to and through January 2021. Details are available here: https://www.coralexpeditions.com/au/destinations/great-barrier-reef/ You may also be pleased to know that in 2021 we are looking at expanding our longer duration options including Great Barrier Reef itineraries to venture further north and into the Torres Strait including some remote islands at the tip of the reef. If interested, sign up to our newsletter at www.coralexpeditions.com (details can be entered at the bottom of the page) and we will absolutely keep you informed of latest developments in that regard. We are busily planning as we speak!
  7. Testing Testing. Kind Regards, Dianne Swain | Digital Marketing Executive T: +61 7 4040 9919 www.coralexpeditions.com
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