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  1. I thought the law had changed recently and that it was perfectly fine to ask...
  2. well of course.....I was referring to front facing, as forward a cabin as you can get.
  3. Just before the pandemic, we were on HAL's Nieuw Amsterdam at the very front of the ship, with a picture window facing forward. We enjoyed it....I think it was the deck just above the spa and was called an ocean view spa room.
  4. we love the afts and, budget permitting, that is our first choice. We have not been bothered by soot, and the movement of the ship has never been bad the 5 or 6 times we have sailed aft balcony We like that it is more quiet and that if you are on your balcony, all you see is the sea. For those with ambulatory issues, it is a long walk to get anywhere.
  5. I guess I am one of the few who doesn't mind this....the safer the better for me, though I appreciate that it may be inconvenient.
  6. mine worked about 1/2 hour ago, until it didn't....can't log in now
  7. I was in one of those aft cabins just before the pandemic....it was not undersized...plenty of room for two lounges, one upright, a table....very nice
  8. Given your preferences onboard, I would not choose HAL.
  9. December 5, 2021 Eurodam 10 day Panama Canal Sunfarer. Fingers crossed that all proceeds well! Special occasion: not really, but so glad to be back on a HAL ship! Peter and Connie
  10. no sailing for me without vaccinations....too risky, and too much potential for disrupted cruises.
  11. No mandated vaccinations, no sailing on HAL for us....will cancel for sure if this is the case.
  12. showing no bookings, no past cruises...
  13. thanks...I may look into using it even if it is not posted yet.
  14. have done two Celebrity cruises....will definitely do another..
  15. Hi...like many of you, our Dec. 9 cruise was cancelled. I got a nice letter saying we would get FCC amounting to twice what we paid for deposit. Great. This was several weeks back, and we see none of this in our HAL account. Can others see their FCC? What do you advise? Thank you.
  16. why wouldn't you go with science....taking a chance is a hell of a choicel
  17. In Florida....going nowhere. A lady in our community came home from the hospital on Sunday after being treated for COVID....last night she went out to dinner. Lots of folks around here with that mentality. Needless to say, we aren't going anywhere.
  18. One more thing: we had great perks on that cruise....are those lost?
  19. will HAL automatically prepare FCC or do we need to get in touch with them?
  20. We were on that one too....but are glad it is cancelled, since we wouldn't have chanced it.
  21. I certainly hope so....we have a Dec. 9 HAL cruise that we do not plan on taking, but would prefer that the line cancel so that hopefully we can get back our deposit...
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