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  1. I am not a germaphobe. In fact, I believe that exposure to germs helps develop my immune system. However, my attitude changes when I travel. I use my arm for support on escalators and stairs. I use antiseptic wipes on my tray table, arm rests, seat belt buckle, etc. on airplanes. Once on the ship, I use my knuckle on elevator buttons. I use the sanitizer dispensers at the dining venues both before and after meals. I avoid using the public restrooms. I wash my hands with soap and water upon returning to the stateroom. Despite these precautions, I have managed to catch a cold on several of our cruises. When I was a child, we were taught to cough into our hands to avoid spreading germs. And then the germs on our hands were transferred to everything that we touched. Now the protocol is to cough into our elbow. However, there are still people who cough into their hands. One area where I cannot control what my hands are touching is on excursions--and not going on excursions is not an option. For safety reasons, I use the railings on the stairs to and from the tenders. If we are seated at the rear of the bus, I have to use the rails at the stairs at the back door. The people who are coughing into their hands on the bus are spreading their cold germs to everyone who uses the railings after they use them. With cold and flu season coming up, let's all help everyone stay well! We'll all enjoy our cruises more!
  2. Another couple who hate to lose breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill. It's one of my favorite perks. (We're five star, so we've had the free laundry for quite some time.) Since the breakfast menu in the Pinnacle Grill is the same as the MDR, the ambiance and service are why we choose to eat in the PG rather than the MDR. I feel that having breakfast in the MDR (even in a separate area) is a downgrade to the Neptune Suite experience. This year we will be spending 49 days in Neptune Suites. Our first cruise was on the Maasdam. The service in the PG was excellent. Coffee and juice were served as soon as we were seated--no need to order. The waiters knew what we wanted after two days. Our second cruise will be on the Rotterdam. In fact, we will be sailing on her during the change to CO. Will we have breakfast in the PG for the first part, and then have to switch to the MDR for the rest of the cruise? Scubacruiserx2--We sailed in an aft suite on the Crown Princess. Breakfast is served in Sabatini's and has a separate menu from the MDR. On the Crown, Sabatini's was located on an upper deck aft--great view! I know that it can be in a different location on other ships. Club Class Dining had not yet been implemented on the Crown on our cruise. While we have enjoyed HAL's great itineraries, there are plenty of other ships in the sea. We've sailed on six other lines, and perhaps it's time to give our $ to those which will give us what WE want.
  3. Thanks MJAdventures! The menus were not available when we made our reservations several months ago. I like having an idea of what to expect.
  4. We have made our Chef's Table reservations. I have been able to view the menus for all of the dinners except one--Mexico. Does anyone have the menu for that dinner? Also, is it possible to make substitutions for any items on the menu? I don't eat fish or seafood. Thanks!
  5. Just looked at the 2200+ photos of the Orion. There are drawers in the closet in the Penthouse Veranda. I won't be able to reach anything on the rod above the drawers.
  6. This will be the sixth cruise we have taken of 28 or more days, so I do have some experience with packing for a long cruise. dln929--I take a 19" carry on neatly stuffed with a variety of clothes options in case my 25" suitcase and I do not arrive at the same place at the same time. I know that there are free laundromats on the ship, but I'd rather be doing other things than laundry. Also, will the machines be available when I want to use them or will I have to keep checking. My husband, who prides himself on being a lean packer, has also expressed concern about the size of the closet. We also have to meet the "elegant casual" requirements of the Fashion Police on the ship. From what I have been able to gather, the closet is about 5 feet wide. Half of the closet will have drawers with a high hanging bar over the drawers. Therefore, we will need to bring Add-On pant hangers (I had already planned on that) and wire hangers for shirts/blouses. Thank you to everyone who responded.
  7. Our upcoming (first!!) Viking Ocean cruise is more than 5 weeks in length. I would like to know the dimensions of the closet in a Penthouse Veranda stateroom. The agent I spoke to at headquarters said that they are working on getting the dimensions (they don't know?), but that they are "spacious". A "spacious" closet for a one week cruise is not necessarily a "spacious" closet for a five week cruise. I'd prefer not to have a Monday outfit, a Tuesday outfit, etc. Also are there drawers taking up space in the closet? We will be sailing on the Orion. Thank you in advance for the information!
  8. We are considering booking a cruise while we are on board. The cruise that we would book has a package that includes OBC. Would we also receive the OBC that we would normally get for booking a cruise on board? In other words, would we be able to get the package OBC and the booking OBC or is it one or the other? If it is one or the other, which OBC offer would we get? Thank you for your help.
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