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  1. That’s assuming you can get a hotel room in SF. According to an article in the city-journal the city is paying homeless people to live in everything from motel 6’s to the Mark Hopkins. Yes that Mark Hopkins. Free alcohol, ciggys and weed included. Gee, why cruise when you can stay in the Hopkins and have a grand ol time!
  2. We’re done with cruising. We have taken 6 cruises, 4 Mexico and 2 Hawaii and been sick 4 out of 6 times. Sometimes a 1-2 day “ bug” or a 3-4 day fever type thing. Our last cruise on the Grand ( Nov 17-Dec 3 2019), my wife was sick all the way back from Hawaii to SFO....never left the room. Now please do not rush to judgement. We wash our hands constantly, limit our trips to the Horizon Court ( if we go at all) and do not go to the big shows either. We prefer to find a quiet place, read a book and watch the ocean go by. Maybe it’s just us I’m not sure. We’re in our late 50’s and ea
  3. FYI We still sitting at the pier 27 and it’s almost 7 pm. The general announcement at 4 pm was that the ship was waiting for stragglers. Then at 5 pm it was waiting for a “ medical device”. No worries, we have the drink package lol
  4. We stayed in L 302 in Feb 2016 for a Mexico cruise. The couch was a fold out bed but we never used it, it was just the two of us. The room itself was wonderful! Plenty of room, a private balcony, it was well worth it. I’ll see if I can find some pics of the room if you’re interested.
  5. Hi all, Were taking the Grand to Hawaii in November, and typically we book our own hotel. DW and I were discussing if Princess had any agreements with hotels for passengers as it might be a better deal through Princess, instead of booking separately. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Our ship will be docking in Ensenada for a 1/2 day and we’re looking for a few hours to kill off the ship. Can anyone recommend a nice place for food and drinks?
  7. Ugh, that’s what we thought, but it was worth a try!
  8. We will be on the Grand for the Hawaii cruise Nov 18-Dec 3. When we dock in Ensenada for the 1/2 day, our son wants to drive down from San Diego and see us. Can we bring him onboard for a few hours? Or is it a no go? Thanks
  9. We decided to skip bringing an extension cord for our last cruise on the Grand, and opted for asking the room steward for an extension cord. He brought a 25 ft bright yellow heavy duty construction cord (eye roll).
  10. Just curious, why do they take your passport?
  11. We did a princess shore excursion in Cabo at the Casa Dorada Resort. Beautiful resort. It was around $60p/person and well worth it. Very close to the port area. Our shore excursion group had a day room for use, beach loungers with umbrellas, roped off from the beach vendors which was great. I hate it when you get hassled like that. Nice soft sand and clear water. Included was 2 free drinks p/person, a free lunch Buffett which was great. If you get tired of the beach then you can hang out at the 2 pools. Maybe you can call the resort direct and see how it goes. Money well
  12. We’ve done the Mexican Riviera cruises too, including Loreto and Manzanillo (3x). For us in Manzanillo there is always a visible big police presence in the port/shopping areas. We felt relatively safe in the port area. Typically we usually sample the local foods and that was it for us, then back to the ship. Not much in Manzanillo in my opinion, plus it can be hot as heck too. I follow the State Department travel advisories too. When I see “ Do Not Travel”... I don’t travel. Unfortunately Mexico has a huge cartel war going on and it can get nasty. I’d err on the s
  13. Hi all, We’re taking the Grand to Hawaii this November 18-Dec 3 2019. We are thinking of doing the Royal Hawaiian Hotel beach excursion ( listed on the princess site) in Honolulu for the day. My beautiful wife and I have been going to Hawaii for over 50 years and just want to relax on the beach, no hassles. Been there and done that with the touristy stuff. Does anyone have any feedback, good or bad on that excursion? Type of lunch, service and drinks? Beach conditions? As a reference, we took the Grand last year on a 10 day Mexico cruise. We took the Cabo
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