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  1. I was on the same cruise, my came in email this past Monday.
  2. I absolutely loved my week cruise on the Summit. I was very impressed by Captain Kate. She was always smiling, greeting people and even stood outside telling cruisers to come back again as we left the gangway. The food was good and the service was awesome. On the last day we decided to walk off with our luggage to arrive at the airport earlier. As we entered the lounge, we noticed the line was long but it moved quickly. As guests exited the elevator with their luggage, crew members directed them to the end of the line and we heard a guest say, "do I really have to stand in line? I had a suite" seriously???
  3. Just came back from the Summit yesterday. We prepaid our tips and didn't adjust. We did stop by customer service and picked up some envelops for tips; 50 dollars to our head waiter and 50 to the assistant waiter. We also tipped 20 to the gal cleaning our room. We stayed in an inside room this year due to our tight budget but feel crew members deserve extra.
  4. The price of my January cruise went down 600 per cabin and we booked three rooms! I know how you feel, I try not to think about it but it does make me wish I booked last minute.;)
  5. thank you for the responses, very helpful
  6. I registered online for on cruise on the Summit this January. I do not see an option to prepay gratuities, am I missing something? We have six adults booked in three rooms and all would rather pay now then after the cruise.
  7. We booked our cruise back in July and thought we had a good rate. Just this week I saw it dropped several hundred dollars a person. Its a cruise out of San Juan so I imagine they have lots of vacancies and want to fill the ship for our mid January cruise. I have never cruised on a ship that wasn't sold out. Do you notice a difference in the crowds? I am a bit disheartened that between the six of us we are paying over 3000 more for this cruise but I know it's because of the hurricanes. I am still happy to be cruising, even with the hotel cancellations and the higher price.
  8. I burn easily and love to snorkel. I have found that a rash guard shirt is really worth the investment. I absolutely loved Klein Bonaire..it was as if you were in an aquarium, I had thousands of fish in my vision at all times. It was the most magical snorkeling experience of my lifetime. I can't wait to return.
  9. thank you, I didn't think about googling lol
  10. Its the Sheration Convention Center and Casino that I booked. I hope we just get to keep our reservation
  11. We have a party of six flying in from diffferent areas of the US for a cruise in January. We have hotel rooms booked at Sheraton. However, does anyone know, if the hotel is still housing FEMA workers and cancels our rooms, can we possibly stay all night in the airport?? We all have connecting flights and have tried so hard to have us all arrive around the same time. Any one ever stay overnight at the airport? Thanks
  12. I just booked our annual January cruise, last year was the first time we tried Princess. We sailed on the Caribbean. This year we are sailing on Regal. We have the same type of room, the same week and a similar itinerary. Last year the cruise was 8 days and only 7 this year. However, the price is 300 dollars more. Is this typical? or did we just get a really good deal last year?
  13. The only place I could find ice for a glass of ice water was in the Horizon Court and two of the places there were out of order for ice. I tend to drink alot of water and like to be able to go and get ice and water often when I relax in the sun. On just a couple occasionsthe entire cruise did a server come by and ask if we wanted anything to drink, a majority of the time I went and got my own ice water. What would you call a machine that puts out ice when you put your water glass under it so I know for future reference? The fridge in the room had an ice bucket but I really didn't want to bother the steward to fill it because he seemed quite busy.
  14. I guess I was expecting the same experience I had on Celebrity where I walked right in to dine and never had to go to a show early for a seat. Maybe I was just lucky on those cruises but they seemed very uncrowded
  15. I felt the ship was very croweded, tried two different nights to go to the Explorers Club and it was standing room only. Tried to go to production shows fifteen minutes before it started and no seats were available. We waited 20 mins to a half hour for anytime dining. (we ate around 7 to 730 each night) We ended up walking the stairs a majority of the time because of the waits for the elevators and people pushing to get on.
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