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  1. the first time I saw the Taco Bar I thought it looked good and grabbed a plate. Unfortunately I saw someone cough into their hand and proceed to pick up chips with their hands, I couldn't try it the rest of the week even though it looked good.
  2. we had cabins 1060 and 1054, for several cruises now I have chosen inside cabins instead of our typical balconies, I tend to sleep much better inside and we never go to the room until late anyways. These cabins are great size wise!! take earplugs
  3. yes I guess I should of said they close many things but not all..our group is just so use to variety on cruises at any time that the pizza/salad/dive in option got real old quickly.
  4. I just returned from a week cruise to the Caribbean on Zuiderdam. I enjoyed my cruise and several things about Holland America but I am not sure I will sail this line again. I loved: yummy desserts, great foods, friendly service, the large size of our inside rooms I was disappointed by: The noise in our room..the walls actually shook from the sounds of BBs night club. (our fault for not researching location more but shouldn't the rooms be a bit insulated for noise?) A strong smell of oil? cleaning materials? not sure but three different areas of the ship had fans running to dry out carpets or other spills. Lack of variety of foods and times of availability. I sailed with a girls group of five. We loved relaxing poolside or on the upper deck and chose to eat dinner later in the evenings. The Lido Dining room would close each evening around 8 and not reopen until 1030. We like to eat lunch late(and the Lido closed at 1) and then have a late dinner. We didn't want to eat in the dining room every night. We really would of liked an option besides the Dive In for late lunch. On port days, everyone boarding the ship wanted lunch one day and it was after regular lunch hours. The line for a burger at Dive In took 40 minutes..not my idea of relaxing. Two nights we missed dinner and waited until 1030 for the buffet to open and not fun to eat that late. We booked the itinerary with set times to be in port and times changed. For instance, we were suppose to be on the HMC until 4 but last tender was at 3. I know times can change but we hated how the port days were shortened, I've not experienced that on other lines. Lack of entertainment on sea days as compared to a port day. Movies were shown on the mainstage on port days but not sea days. I know you can watch movies on TV anytime but it would of been fun to see one on the big screen. The boat rocked ALOT, I've cruised small ships before and not experienced as much movement. The Lido pool was dangerous to swim in several times and I was surprised it wasn't closed, especially after watching a child hit his head while dodging waves. Of course we made the best of everything and had a great adventure. Not sure if our experiences were typical or not.
  5. Do you think it's worth the cost? I was spoiled on Celebrity having the T-Pools and saunas free
  6. thanks all I appreciate the help
  7. My adult daughter(age32) and myself are taking a week cruise to relax and enjoy some time together. We want to use the T pool and spa area. I looked for prebooking and its 219 a week for a couple or 139 individual. Are people sharing a booking considered a couple? Just wondered if we can book the couple rate. Do we have to prebook? will the price be the same onboard? Thanks
  8. Thanks so much for this review. I am sailing on HAL for the first time in January on the same ship. I love seeing the posted menus. Could you tell me, in addition to the items listed in the MDR, do they have additional items nightly? I have only cruised Princess and Celebrity who offered a "classics" menu each night with steak, chicken etc. We have some less adventurous folks in our group! Thanks again
  9. Hello, I'm taking my first Holland cruise this January on Zuiderdam. I loved the free thalassotherapy pools on Celebrity and would love to use the one on Z. Does anyone know if you can use it for a day instead of purchasing a weekly pass? Is it similar to the ones on Celebrity? Any suggestions and thought appreciated!!
  10. thanks, I will definitively look into other options in the future
  11. I just saw they are changing the screening room into Microsoft Studio..disappointing!
  12. Hello, I take a girls trip every January, we have sailed on Princess and Celebrity. This year we are trying the Zuiderdam Holland Ship for the first time. One of the favorite things our group enjoyed was movies under the star most evenings. Does the Zuiderdam have a theater? I looked at deck plans and wasn't able to tell. Thanks for any help!
  13. we all live in either Ohio or Pennsylvania and like to cruise for 7 or 8 days. Generally we cruise out of FL or San Juan.
  14. I usually cruise in January or February with a group of six ladies looking for some quiet and relaxation. We've only cruised on Celebrity and Princess lines but are considering booking with RC for our next cruise. Can anyone offer any advice on which ships to look at? we are hoping for a quieter ship with mostly adults. Anyone have experience with Celebrity/Princess and could offer tips on booking? Thanks much!
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