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  1. That's anyone's guess at this point! Right now though...maybe not. I kinda forgot about the whole pandemic mess as I was typing up my summary...that's what fantastic cruise memories will do!! 😉
  2. Thanks, mnocket. Forgot about this. Feels strange re-reading about this, that article was written end of March and a lot has happened since.
  3. When did Princess raise cash? Who was the investor?
  4. I hope you guys get to go on this cruise...in a suite! Suite life is the BEST and totally worth the money in our opinion. Alaska is beautiful and you will have an awesome time. We loved all the suite benefits...fresh fruit, mini-bar, breakfast @ Sabatini's. If you guys are coffee drinkers, you get to have any type of coffee drink you want and as many as you want at breakfast in Sabatini's. I didn't buy a coffee card due to this and would recommend if you want to take this route to bring your own carafe that they will fill up before you leave the restaurant. (I had asked for a to-go cup but was told they didn't have any there.) When we had laundry done it was back to us pronto...depending on when we put it out for laundry, it was a very timely. Enjoy all the benefits and use them!!!! :)
  5. We were on Sky this past March. Beautiful ship. Lots of areas to sit and relax through out the ship. The shopping area seems to be larger, Alfredo's was nice. Didn't try the new French restaurant but it has an interesting location...right 'in' the atrium. As usual, on this class of ships the buffet is pretty fantastic in our opinion. Super selection!! Didn't like at all how there's no library. I realize that physical books are becoming a thing of the past and now it's the thing to have everything digital but that ain't my thing. The rooms are well decorated as is the rest of the ship, felt they did good with 'modernizing' the color scheme. Felt that the ceiling height in our cabin was a little lower than past staterooms on other ships. Just an observation. Would definitely sail her again, however really wish that Princess would stop making ships with these dinky balconies!
  6. Since everyone else is giving their opinion... We have always 'prided' ourselves on not booking CC mini suites because of how much extra it was and therefore how much money we were saving. However, it turns out Princess is a whole lot smarter than what we give them credit for because on our last cruise we were upgraded from our Premium Deluxe Balcony to a CC mini suite. It was on the Sky and about 2 days into our cruise so we'd already stood in line both nights waiting for a table. THEN...enter the experience of Club Class. Not only did we have a great stateroom location but there was the half bottles of wine awaiting us in our stateroom. Every night when going down to the dining room we got to walk right past everyone else standing in line waiting to get a table and get seated right away. Plus the Club Class maitre 'd has been top-notch in both of our experiences. Now we see what the big deal is. Aaaaaand of course now we are way more open to booking Club Class. Dang it.
  7. Which ship will you be on? We were on the Sky in a Club Class mini suite and there were no barrel chairs, just a larger sized couch.
  8. Premium Deluxe balconies are not always larger. The balconies direct aft facing on Aloha, Caribe, Emerald are all really small....AND have no overhead coverage. If you want pictures, do a search on this forum for "Exterior Sky Pictures". We were on her in March. She's very nice and we had a D731 for a portion of the cruise then were upgraded which is another story.
  9. If you are interested in pictures, do a search in this forum for "Exterior Sky Pictures". I posted several. We sailed in March on an aft balcony and loved it!
  10. That's what I've been wondering. Oh well, priorities, right? We LOVE to travel and have put off some yard upgrades at times so I kinda understand.
  11. I'm sure I'm missing something here...if you opted for option #2, then how can they not refund you your money?
  12. If someone has already asked about this...sorry! I'm really curious about how face masks will be handled onboard once we are able to cruise. I think it's a given that it will be either mandatory or 'highly encouraged' to wear face masks when we're out and about doing our thing at home after things have gotten back to 'normal' and before a vaccine is out. What about during a cruise? One of the main things we do on cruises is eat. One can't do both at the same time...wear face masks and eat, that is. And honestly, the thought of lowering your face mask to your throat and eating is gross if you know anything about cross contamination, etc. Plus, socializing is done a great deal with your dinner companions while eating a meal... I'm sure I haven't thought everything out to a 't' but wonder how this segment will be handled.
  13. The link to the article above is from March 12th. I'm seeing Norway banning foreign citizens by sea, land or air until at least April 13th.
  14. Hi ontheweb, Which date were you scheduled for? We're currently on the August 22nd sailing. I haven't seen any of our ports being canceled...yet.
  15. Curious...what was your itinerary for this cruise? Did you do a land tour? If so, was it before cruise, after cruise? Would love to see Machu Pichu someday!!
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