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  1. I'm assuming you're referencing what I was talking about. No, it's not reportedly an issue when hallway door is open although I can see how that could be the case, just hadn't considered that angle. We just prefer the sliding door as we feel it lets in more light, and the issues with the narrow doorway don't seem appealing but also very much 1st world problems. Some people had noted that when ship was under way and depending upon wind direction and ship direction--the door at times was hard to open. There is a chart that someone made up that has all the PVs with doors vs sliding doors.
  2. We tried the GTY on our next Viking cruise (Southern Transatlantic) as all the staterooms in the PV2 category were sold out so we were guaranteed at least a PV2 or above. We figured, 'what the heck...we're really happy with any PV category and what if we got upgraded to a PJS? ...so how could this go wrong??'. Well we got assigned our stateroom a couple months ago and it was reinforced to us why we always pick our stateroom and don't 'gamble' for an upgrade. We were assigned a PV2 that had a regular door to the balcony rather than a sliding door. It never occurred to me that we may not get a sliding door (which is precious to us)....probably dumb on my part but I did learn a lesson. Since it's a trans Atlantic cruise there will be numerous sea days and we love the balcony...don't want to constantly fight the wind when opening the door, plus my husband is tall and broad shouldered and the doorway to the balcony looks quite narrow. Not something I want to put up with for 21 days. I ended up calling Viking and upgrading to a PV1 that has a sliding door and is in a great location(in my opinion).
  3. Ah, my mistake. I would still go for the mini-suite as it looks to have a larger angled balcony. The Sky is a beautiful ship! Enjoy!
  4. I love the perks of 'suite-life' but in this case, there's no way I'd pay more for a Vista Suite on the Sky Princess. Go for the midship club class mini-suite and enjoy your beautiful stateroom and amenities included. After sailing on the Island Princess in a true Vista Suite I was surprised to see Princess design boxy rooms like the above poster shows in pictures. AND what really brings the value down for me is the very small balcony you will get, very narrow...no thanks.
  5. Do you think it may be easier for you to say that since you are home safe and healthy and had a (allegedly) Covid-free cruise? I'm not saying this sarcastically or trying to be mean spirited. I'm truly curious if you think you'd feel the same way if your cruise hadn't happened yet.
  6. Thank you for posting the picture and (first hand) updates. Please let us know if you find out anything further...like what happened with the owners of those suitcases. That's A LOT of suitcases...😳
  7. If what we're reading here is true then it would seem you're taking a huge risk getting on an excursion bus whether it's a 1.5 hour excursion or an 8 hour excursion. A bit of Russian Roulette going on here...
  8. I wish your friends the best of luck because what you posted about their situation was so confusing, I had to read it twice. And I'm still confused. It's not even a little logical.
  9. Well said. This is my concern...the inconsistency of it all in regards to the close contact thing. It seems some contacts are sent to their room, retested and if negative can rejoin the population. However, it also seems we've seen/heard of other times when they (close contacts) had to stay in their staterooms for the rest of the cruise even if they were retested negative. I'm sure I don't have the full picture but I don't think most of us do and therefore transparency would be awesome right about now.
  10. For those currently onboard Sky and Jupiter...are you able to go off on your own when on shore? Wondered when exactly the 'bubble' will be activated. TIA
  11. I wonder if this will not be an issue here on out...now that Iceland has reversed their mask policy?
  12. Triptkr


    Are the prices listed here for both Ocean and River cruises? Have a river cruise booked and unsure how much laundry will be.
  13. I just read your blog link that you provided. I just want to clarify something you wrote... According to Viking Jupiter staff fewer than 10 passengers were quarantined for the last 5 days of the cruise due to contact tracing, and guest services went out of their way to make those quarantined in their cabins comfortable. What?????! So, one person tested positive. That one person had to be quarantined. The 10 people that spent adequate time (contact tracing) around the positive person had to be quarantined for 5 days??? Did those 10 people test positive? I don't know why but I've assumed that if you getting 'pinged' via the contact tracer because someone tested positive, that Viking would test you a couple times to make sure you were negative and let you go free after that. Am I reading and understanding this correctly?
  14. I can understand your disappointment. Prior to our June 15th Bermuda cruise it was next to impossible to get a straight answer from anyone. I don't know how many times I called the 1-800-viking number and got different answers to the same questions. Doesn't instill confidence. It's obvious to me that Viking needs to do better training for their customer service staff answering phones. Everyone needs to be on the same-and accurate-page! We too were told our itinerary would include 3 stops...Hamilton, St. George's and Kings Wharf but once we got onboard we learned differently. Honestly, it was all ok and you still have the option to take a taxi to the places you'd like to go. I guess, I've learned that more than ever we all have to be flexible - that thought has helped me manage my expectations. Once we stepped onboard the ship, I can say our experience was wonderful.
  15. Pertaining to the new COVID requirements on land...did it feel any different than it did on the ship? I was planning on wearing a mask in the stores that we would visit anyway but am wondering what you think.
  16. I agree with you...clarity is of the utmost importance. This is what we went through with our Bermuda cruise...one hand didn't know what the other hand was doing. In the end, YOU are responsible for getting into Iceland legally and you alone will have to answer for not having the right papers or tests...not Viking. I'm pretty sure it states that somewhere in the contract we sign...yes? Knowing that, I would go with what the covid.is website says first and foremost. Best of luck and I hope things get straightened out very quickly!
  17. Alright, that's what I wondered. I wasn't sure if the one on Jupiter was ever officially confirmed as a positive COVID case. If that is correct then there's actually been a total of 3...there was one on the Viking Orion back on the June 15th Bermuda sailing. That one was also found on day 4.
  18. California night was our favorite! The halibut was amazing!!
  19. So???? How was your stateroom? Did you love your aft-view? I am extremely curious how much balcony room you had, would love pictures if you have any you'd like to share. 🙂
  20. For clarification purposes; which 2 Viking COVID cases are you referring to exactly? ie: which ship(s)
  21. So after reading this thread yesterday, I woke up to an email this morning from Viking saying my stateroom had been assigned for our March cruise! I thought I had it all figured out and that we wouldn't get a stateroom assigned until after we did final payment but I was wrong. Didn't get an upgrade but still exciting to have our cabin location figured out!
  22. That's interesting! In what way do you think the window/door staterooms are larger?
  23. Seems like it to me. I like the amount of light that comes in with the slider option. Kind of amazed Viking doesn't have a better solution for the door/window option for window coverings. Those drapes currently in place block most of the view and access to the outside on the door/window situation.
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