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  1. That must be it - we have not sailed an 8 day since Vista in 2017 Something to look forward to😊
  2. One thing that I really miss is the porterhouse in the steakhouse - that is my favorite cut and Carnival did a nice job with it (though it was eliminated back in 2012 I believe)
  3. These are my favorites in the MDR, though the variety has dropped over the last 2-3 years On 2016 sailings, we had sour cherry, mango, strawberry, peach and cucumber On 2019/2020 sailings, just mango, peach and strawberry - still excellent though
  4. Not that I am much of a prognosticator, but since Paradise was just retrofit with a 14 deck and has the rear balcony cabins, I would be surprised if she was scrapped (unless Carnival just decided to end the fantasy class altogether)
  5. I am Gold (about to be platinum) and did not get it, but my parents are Red and they did get it My guess is the algorithm works based on alcohol purchases on board - typically my parents spend several hundred per cruise on liquor, whereas my immediate family typically spends less than 50 I did a mock booking through my mom’s VIFP - difference was $100 per person on a 9 day cruise. I am also guessing that you need to pay the daily taxes/gratuity as well (that is what Norwegian does and it is about $15 per person per day)
  6. Keep in mind that as of today, you can still bring two six packs of soda on-board
  7. That is hilarious I am thinking a branded tee-shirt - “2020 Carnival COVID Shake-Down Cruise -Platinum Tester”
  8. Panorama Mar 13, 2021 - it will be our first off the West Coast (we live in FL) Celebrating 23 years of marriage and our kids Spring Break
  9. We have sailed 18 times on 7 different lines and we always take our over the door shoe hanger (generally we hang it facing into the cabin over the bathroom door) We find it extremely useful for small, high use cruise items (sunscreen, swim goggles, bottle openers, cork screws, sunglasses, etc) We have never had an issue with it on Carnival (out last sailing was Paradise in Feb 2020)
  10. We sailed Vista in 2017 when my kids were 12 & 7. Both loved the FH lounge because it was near the cabin, had breakfast in the morning, snacks in the afternoon and ice cream. We are sailing Panorama in Mar ‘21, my kids (now 16 & 11) are still looking forward to using the lounge again for basically the same reasons
  11. What I meant to say is that Carnival is serious about enforcing safety rules i agree that they are loose with rules in other areas
  12. Two different things - from what I have seen, Carnival is quite serious about enforcing rules
  13. Food The omelette stations in Lido at breakfast will make any type of eggs you want (scrambled, sunny side up, etc) - same thing at Blue Iguana if they are not busy When Pizza Pirate is slow, they will make custom pizzas if you bring them the toppings (pineapple, veggie, etc) Ships on a Stick The easiest place to win one is the cruise directors morning show on sea days - come prepared with a joke (they always ask for one) and reward the best one with a trophy Laundry - bring your own tide pods in a small Tupperware container, as well as a small zip
  14. We have sailed the Breeze once - March 2019 Our favorite memory was watching the sun rise from the forward open deck 9 above the bridge wing, as we sailed into San Juan The vivid colors against the backdrop of El Morro and Old San Juan was breathtaking That is one of my top 5 favorite cruise memories of all time!
  15. 1) Cruise directors and Fun Squad 2) Ships on a Stick (best activity prize at sea) 3) Watermelon martinis in the steakhouse
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