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  1. I agree - best bar concept on any line that we have sailed
  2. Some of those threads have been quiet also
  3. I just submitted my redacted statement via email (this is my first stock OBC request) - I am sailing in Nov 2021 and June 2022 I am guessing that there is no restriction on how early you can request the OBC I am also guessing that once the OBC is posted, Carnival does not revalidate stock ownership prior to sailing
  4. I hope so too, since we are also on the Nov 20th sailing 😀
  5. I was surprised they did not do this when the Hub App first launched My guess is that if they did this and just made printed copies available at GS or other areas of the ship, most of the paper copies would go unused
  6. The direct link to this is as follows Covid-19 Legal Notices - Guest Protocols https://www.carnival.com/Legal/covid-19-legal-notices?icid=ccl_c19legal_040621_footer
  7. The following has a pretty good explanation as to CUK vs CCL https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fool.com/amp/investing/2020/04/15/why-does-carnival-have-2-stocks-and-which-is-the-b.aspx
  8. Thx - I did see the pictures earlier in the post and I agree that the Havana area on the Vista Ships has a better layout/location We are passing on the Havana Mardi Gras cabins for our sailing at Thanksgiving
  9. After our spring break 2021 cruise on Panorama got cancelled, we pivoted and went to Club Med Cancun in March instead - we wanted an all inclusive experience with a cruise type destination it was an incredible experience - the food was much better than any cruise line that we have sailed and the resort was beautiful. We will be back to cruising in 2022 though, since we rebooked for the Pride in Europe
  10. We are booking the Mardi Gras for Nov and looking at the Havana Rooms - can Havana Guests bring Non-Havana Guests to the Havana Pool Area?
  11. That must be it - we have not sailed an 8 day since Vista in 2017 Something to look forward to😊
  12. One thing that I really miss is the porterhouse in the steakhouse - that is my favorite cut and Carnival did a nice job with it (though it was eliminated back in 2012 I believe)
  13. These are my favorites in the MDR, though the variety has dropped over the last 2-3 years On 2016 sailings, we had sour cherry, mango, strawberry, peach and cucumber On 2019/2020 sailings, just mango, peach and strawberry - still excellent though
  14. Not that I am much of a prognosticator, but since Paradise was just retrofit with a 14 deck and has the rear balcony cabins, I would be surprised if she was scrapped (unless Carnival just decided to end the fantasy class altogether)
  15. I am Gold (about to be platinum) and did not get it, but my parents are Red and they did get it My guess is the algorithm works based on alcohol purchases on board - typically my parents spend several hundred per cruise on liquor, whereas my immediate family typically spends less than 50 I did a mock booking through my mom’s VIFP - difference was $100 per person on a 9 day cruise. I am also guessing that you need to pay the daily taxes/gratuity as well (that is what Norwegian does and it is about $15 per person per day)
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