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  1. Really?? Maybe I should have cash out the account... LOL. Well I guess I have to wait now...
  2. We have done cash accounts before. One time I closed the account late on the lasted day of the cruise. The other times I have gotten checks late that night when the ship closes the accounts. Well this time I thought I would get a check at our door in the morning. Well that didn't happen, then "bill" said we would get the check in the mail. Which is fine, but wondering how long does it take Carnival to send the check to us? Which we are due over $400, so want to make sure to watch our for it in the mail. I know Carnival is in Miami and we in Central Florida so shouldn't take to long to get it to us.
  3. Well I guess that answers my question. Was wondering if we should book our anniversary in a couple weeks on Miracle...
  4. We haven't gone yet, not until April 21st. We are using Amazing Roatan Tours.
  5. We choose night. We like the turn down service. Plus during the day we "take naps". So when we come back after lunch we don't run into the cleaning service, like we did in the pasted. Plus we just mess the bed up anyways. But at night they clean while we are at dinner and out around the ship. So doesn't mess their service up by us coming in the room. So far it has worked out for us just to have the late cleaning service.
  6. Cancelling for rain is a hit and miss. You will cancel and it turns out to be a nice day but not perfect. It's your risk. I have never tried to cancel an excursion based on weather. I let the cruise ship do that.
  7. Great to hear! It should be a fun cruise... We haven't sailed from Tampa in a long time. Depends on the county, but my guess Hillsborough will have stores open. Publix sells beer and wine. Hard liquor will be different. Some counties will not sale hard liquor on Sundays. Although they may not be open early unless you get the wine from a grocery store.
  8. No big deal married to an engineer and I always have 2 or 3 pens in my purse... I think we will survive...
  9. Thanks that's what I thought, double checking. I guess we will be late for dinner then as we have early sitting.
  10. No I thought this would be a best to ask here. This is port question on when the ship reaches the bridge. My guess is two hours from when we leave port. But wasn't sure.
  11. Thanks we live "local" about 2 hours away. So "if" we have any last minutes things to get we can do it before leaving home. But something to keep in mind for sure.
  12. What time does the ship get to the bridge? Sailing April 21, 2019
  13. Thanks for the information.
  14. We will be sailing on Miracle April 21st which is of course Easter. We have never sailed during Easter. We leave on the 21st. Will there be any activities for the whole week? Or just on the day we sail?
  15. My question is how long is the walk from the ship to the guard gate. Meeting a private tour guide there.
  16. We did this once cancelled while on board for an excursion we booked prior to sailing. We were charge $40.
  17. No and Yes.. 4 generations, blended family. Anyways thanks for the answer. Although in the perfect world everyone goes to their own stations, but like Costa Cordia that didn't happen. But that was an unusual case to say the least. I will check when I get on board. Oh by the way chengkp75 my Dad just retire a few years go from the Merchant Marines as an Captain.
  18. Figure there would be different answers. But know this has come up before
  19. I have been doing research on this. But most data on this is kind of old. At least the stuff I saw. Cabin 1 - Grand Parents and Grand Kids Cabin 2 - Mom and Dad Cabin 3 - My Parents Our Cabins are on the 7th deck but about 10-15 in between each other. I called my PVP on the Muster Station as I think we will all be at different Muster Stations. She said just go to the front desk when we get on board and ask them to move us to the same Muster Station. Has anyone been able to do this? I know for sure Mom and Dad are NOT going to want to be separated from the kids in the event of emergency. Even though we can totally handle the kids. The kids have travel with us many times on airplane flights, cruises and will be going with us to DC with out the parents. But you know the parents will not want to be without kids. The kids are 9 and 11. Also I do realize that in a "REAL" emergency people will go to the nearest one and not the one they where assigned too. Our rooms are connect for dining but we all booked at different times.
  20. You should get off the ship. This is one of our favorite islands. Plus we have become friends with an couple that lives there. They only have been off the island a hand full of times if that. Like everywhere there can be crime. But we have always felt safe there. We will be going there at the end of April in Carnival Miracle and we don't plan to stay in Mahoney Bay. We have 8 adults and two young kids also. We plan to see the culture side of the island with another private tour guide. Since we will have more people then our friends can carry around.
  21. We have never had to wait longer then maybe 5-10 minutes. Normally on first night and some "formal" nights. But normally just walk right in and find your table. We do early dinning most of the time. Only have done Your own dining time and sometimes will wait then...
  22. Thank you for this... Looks like the Cheers program will be more expensive for us... So not worth it. I like to have a few more drinks then I normally do on vacations, but not that much. It would be $250 dollars cheaper not to have the Cheers program.
  23. Wow, thanks for all the posts. I normally budget 2 adult drinks between my husband and I. We get bottles of water I have to say we are "snobs" when it comes to the water. We are totally fine with Carnival Coffee. So I will just have to add the average cost of drinks. We can bring on two wine bottles so that helps...
  24. SimpleLife do you know what Alcoholic drinks are going for now?
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