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  1. We have taken a Celebrity cruise on the Equinox a few years ago into the Caribbean. It was a beautiful ship with nice cabins. Our cabin steward was a lovely young gal. But we were disappointed in the Music venues and unhappy with the availability of tables & chairs around the pool. And if I remember right, the pool was ice cold--not favorable for Floridians in September. Food was fine and they did offer shrimp cocktail every evening in the MDR. Servers were OK-nothing special. Shows were OK, but they encouraged people to record and put on social media so during the shows phones were
  2. I did the same thing once (only booked outbound flight/not return) and then when I wanted to go back to Flight Ease it wouldn't let me book anything. NOT SURE WHICH, but either I had to call Flight Ease or my Travel Agent had to call to get the return flight booked. A little flaw in the system!
  3. Are they revamping the itinerary to fit requirements of the cruises being 7 days or less up until November 1, 2021?
  4. As disappointing as it is with cancelled cruises, I guess we need to be patient and give HAL a week or so to get their itineraries set. This last post indicates that they are working on them. We have had many, many cruises cancelled this year and now into 2021. (We usually are cruising 3-4 months of the year). AND it looks like the only option from the US will be 7 day cruises. UGH! We love to be on a DAM ship for 3-4 weeks at least at a time. It will be very hard to sit back and wait, but a necessity right now. This has been a STRANGE YEAR!!! Just happy that we were on t
  5. We received an email today about cancellations until March 31, 2021. But looking closer at the email, I see that it is for a Booking that we have in October, 2021. It leaves from Barcelona on 10/30 and arrives in Ft Lauderdale on 11/13. NOT sure why that is cancelled. We are booked on the same ship (Westerdam) on 10/6-30/2021. AND we do have a booking for January (Nieuw Statendam--21 days) that is definitely cancelled with the "PAUSE", but have not received any email about that cruise. Also have a 14 day cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Montreal in April that will be cancelled t
  6. Was just curious and tried dummy bookings on the Zaandam starting in January through June. Still NO LUCK getting to cabin selection using both Edge & Chrome. NO problems with Volendam during that same time frame OR any other cruises of interest to us. AN UNUSALLY PROBLEM!!! Frustrating if you want to book something and a particular cabin on your own. BUT I do know that my Travel Agent (happens to be my daughter) was able to see the available cabins to book us on the Zaandam in April. REALLY READY TO START CRUISING AGAIN!!!
  7. I've also had the same problem for several weeks! (Not true with other cruises-just with Zaandam) We were still able to book on the first Canada/New England cruise in April, 2021. My TAgent (actually my daughter) was able to see the available cabins when booking us and we selected the 1 we wanted. NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND WHAT MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM! (Plans to sell Zaandam?, trying to adjust occupancy?, etc.) If NO TA, I'm sure you could call HAL and select the cabin you want and book the cruise.
  8. Brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful caring Indonesian crew from HAL!!! We miss you and hope to see you again real soon.
  9. Have had issues with trying to price a particular cabin for for some cruises especially ones in first few months of 2021.
  10. We are certainly hoping that the construction of the Ryndam will meet the May 15, 2021 sail date. WE ARE BOOKED for the 17 day cruise to Amsterdam from Italy (Trieste). if it gets pushed back, I have confidence that HAL will offer anyone booked to shift their plans. Am looking forward to the new ship--we have been on the Koningsdam (sister ship) and really enjoyed its features. Compared to the Royal Caribbean ships it will be a small one. Have you ever been on a cruise ship with 6000 other passengers like the Oasis of the Seas? A beautiful ship BUT TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!
  11. Glad to see that some lines are getting started/cruising again! I didn't see anything that indicated any problems so far. Hopefully all continues to go smoothly as it can be good for all of the rest of the cruiselines/us avid cruisers so we can get back out there on the high seas!
  12. NO--its NOT the ship that attracts us, its the itinerary and (most important) the FANTASTIC HAL CREW MEMBERS! Whether we have sailed on the smaller ships or the bigger ships we have always found something unique to that ship that we like. Again, its the crew & their great service, the atmosphere, the food, the itinerary that is always so GREAT on any of the DAM ships that keeps us coming back. We are 5 star Mariners with over 1000 days! Really are missing our cabin on any Dam ship right now.
  13. We received our deposits 1-2 weeks later through a credit to our credit card.
  14. YES, YES, YES we want to cruise again and sooner than later. We have cruised a great deal including times with an outbreak of the Norovirus and back In March as the Covid-19 ramped up causing the cruise industry to take a "long pause." We were unsure if we would be able to get off the ship in San Diego on 3/19, but it worked. (Of course, thinks got much worse after that.) During those times the wonderful HAL Crew worked long and hard to keep everyone healthy and safe!!! We can handle any restrictions & changes for health's sake on the ship and yes, we are both over that magic age of 6
  15. And Himself, where did you get your information that says that HAL has cancelled cfuise through November 30, 2020?
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