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  1. There is no Carnival ship that I wouldn’t sail again. However, I do have a least favorite and that is the Sunshine. We had a good cruise but I wasn’t overly impressed with the ship. Our absolute favorite ship is the Horizon. We absolutely loved the ship and the crew.
  2. We were on the Epic in June and our steward left us a towel animal every night.
  3. Our first cruise was in 2006. We expect to be diamond in 2021. If we would have only sailed with Carnival, we would have reached that tier a few years ago. But we like trying other lines/ships.
  4. Very scary. There is also video, on Twitter, from someone on the ship. Praying no one was critically injured or died.
  5. We were in cabin 11729. You could definitely hear noise when the shows were going on (even with the door closed), but it didn’t bother us.
  6. We loved our boardwalk cabin. We had an end cabin and were able to watch the shows and see the ocean. However, privacy was definitely an issue. I really missed being able to have my curtains open at night. I’m glad we tried it once, but probably won’t do it again.
  7. Two ships is one too many in Grand Turk, IMO. I can’t imagine being there when three ships are in port. I would just stay on the ship.
  8. Yes, I believe it’s possible! My daughter and I are going on a 15 day trip to Europe (including a 7 day cruise) this summer. We each plan to only take a carry-on and a backpack. For us, it’s about the simplicity of traveling without heavy, bulky bags. As someone else said, it’s all about prioritizing what you really need and getting rid of the luxuries. I find that rolling your clothes really helps too. I am concerned about not having enough clean clothes but the fact that I know I have the option to send a bag out to be laundered helped us make our decision to travel light.
  9. My husband had the fillet at Giovanni’s the first night. Our server told us the same thing about how they marinate it and that their fillet was better than Chops fillet. But to be honest, we just thought it was “good but not great”. That’s why we didn’t return the second night and chose Samba instead. The meats at Samba weren’t excellent either but the overall experience was.
  10. Quick update. We went to Samba tonight and it was wonderful! Service and food were both amazing. Now off to enjoy some evening activities :).
  11. Thank you for trying to help! We went down and spoke with a very nice gentlemen who said he gets a lot of complaints about Chops not being included. They will only include Italian, Sabor and Samba.
  12. Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. I can not find the rules with the bogo dining. I thought perhaps someone here might have recent experience with the dining plan. That is, after all, what these boards are for.
  13. We have the bogo dining package, the one that gives you specialty dining on nights one and two of the cruise. We made reservations for Chops tonight and they just called and said it was not part of the dining plan. Can someone confirm this before I walk downstairs to discuss this with them. I was under the impression that all dining was an option except for Teppanyaki and Chefs Table. Thanks.
  14. While we like to eat there 2 or 3 times during a cruise, not having one wouldn’t be a deal breaker.
  15. No worries. I was responding to him too :).
  16. Sounds reasonable. Our flight situation is a little different as we aren’t flying in and out of Barcelona. We are flying non-stop into Paris and non-stop from London. I can’t remember the exact amount but I think it ended being around $650/$700 pp.
  17. There are better cards out there but I do have one and use it often. I only redeem when I receive $1.50 per point, never for only $1.00 per point.
  18. We've done margarita, beer, martini etc. tastings before on other cruises. Does the Horizon offer these types of events and, if so, how much are they? Thanks!
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