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  1. Thank you Ann, for posting this update.
  2. LOL Ann, my brain saw "Half Moon Cay" for HCMC the first time too 🙂 We were just there in November, Phu My port is about 90-120 minutes from Saigon (and the airport). Satellite internet on the ship gets slower as the number of users increase, so I would bet it is crawling most of the time right now on the Westerdam.
  3. Saigon I've emailed Sailingdutchy, as I'm sure you have, but have not heard anything since last Friday. Will let you know if I do.
  4. Thank you for these updates. So does this mean that the Feb. 15-29 segment will be Yokohama return, omitting all Chinese ports?
  5. I was wondering the same thing; I was going to write to you, Ann, but obviously you have not heard from T&M either.
  6. Hi Jacqui -- Tony and Martha are on the Westerdam right now... sailing towards Hong Kong next weekend 😧 They have several stops in China afterwards, including Shangahi and the port for Bejing, and in five weeks they are supposed to fly home from Shanghai. I have not spoken to them lately; I'm not sure how this is going to play out... And sorry for hijacking this thread...
  7. We were on the Westerdam in Nov-Dec -- if you had the sea bass on the Tamarind menu last week, then you will have the wasabi beef tenderloin this week 😁 As Alphen noted above, including one page of Tamarind selections on the Pinnacle menu is only done on cruises in Asia.
  8. Our son (mid-20's) has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts, and has sailed with us several times with no issues (although I don't believe he's ever been to the Tamarind). My sister is Celiac and a 4-star Mariner with HAL, and again no issues, including dining at the Pinnacle Grill and the Tamarind (and also Canaletto, although obviously the menu choices there are more limited for her). As others have mentioned above, the MDR staff and the specialty restaurant staff have always been great regarding food allergies. The only other caution I would add is to keep a close eye on the Lido Market staff, as sometimes they need to be reminded to use clean (non-gluten) tongs when handling food in allergy situations. Oh, and on the Westerdam last month, plastic stir-sticks (olive spears) at the bar had been replaced by dried pasta; I asked and was told it was gluten-free pasta. But you might want to check that again.
  9. Well, we made it to Madrid! Our flight arrived 45 minutes early this morning (naturally) so even less sleep on the plane than usual! But after exploring for a few hours to soak up some sun, and then a little siesta this afternoon, we are ready to go tapas-bar-hopping this evening! The fleece jacket and puffy jacket layers have already been put to good use here... And one more echo for Helen’s comments about Jacqui’s amazing work. As an engineer, I can say that her roll call spreadsheet is truly impressive! Safe travel wishes to everyone who is flying tonight and tomorrow (and the next day)
  10. We're leaving for Madrid on Saturday (April 6), arriving in Lisbon on the 11th. I'm still wrapping up work so have not thought about packing yet! But as Barbara said, the weather forecast is not what I was expecting; I might just use the clothing list from our last Alaska cruise, hahaha 😁 Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Paul & Diane
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