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  1. Well, we made it to Madrid! Our flight arrived 45 minutes early this morning (naturally) so even less sleep on the plane than usual! But after exploring for a few hours to soak up some sun, and then a little siesta this afternoon, we are ready to go tapas-bar-hopping this evening! The fleece jacket and puffy jacket layers have already been put to good use here... And one more echo for Helen’s comments about Jacqui’s amazing work. As an engineer, I can say that her roll call spreadsheet is truly impressive! Safe travel wishes to everyone who is flying tonight and tomorrow (and the next day)
  2. We're leaving for Madrid on Saturday (April 6), arriving in Lisbon on the 11th. I'm still wrapping up work so have not thought about packing yet! But as Barbara said, the weather forecast is not what I was expecting; I might just use the clothing list from our last Alaska cruise, hahaha 😁 Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Paul & Diane
  3. Thanks! We'll stay put airside...
  4. We will be changing planes. And changing airlines, Air Canada to Singapore Airlines (although the SA flight will be a codeshare). Better to take the safe choice I think. And I will have lounge privileges, for after we get tired of exploring the terminal.
  5. Hi Cruisers! I think I know the answer to this already, but I am going to throw this question out anyway: I will be looking at flights soon from Toronto to Singapore. The obvious connecting airport is Hong Kong, and I see that Air Canada offers me the choice of a 60-minute layover, or a 4-hour layover. This is our first trip to Asia, and I would never think of booking a 60-minute international connection through (for example) Frankfurt, but it would be really nice to arrive in Singapore at 8 pm instead of 11 pm. Any comments from more experienced travellers? Is Hong Kong "special" in some way that a 60 minute connection (after a 15hr45 flight) is actually do-able? Or am I better off trusting my instinct and booking the 4-hour connection and just chilling in Hong Kong airport? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much for all of your efforts, Ann! It's been a lot of fun! Safe travels home!
  7. Wow! Dumping the Explore 4 package and its Signature Beverage card for a lower fare looks like an even smarter move now. Although the savings will likely be spent on more wine packages... Love the towel animal extravaganza! Kudos to the crew for all of their work!
  8. From Captain Albert's blog of December 14: "The guests seem to be very happy, although I had one guest asking if there was any option to do a bit of sightseeing while on the way, so there was something else to see than just waves. I promised him that I would take it up with the head office and that we would do our best to have a large mountain on the route, next time we come this way." I do hope this isn't anyone I know...
  9. Good idea, and thanks for the reminder! I tried to buy some insect-repellent clothing from LL Bean about a year ago; when I got to the check-out they said that they could not ship outside of the US, presumably because it hadn't been "approved" (?) in Canada yet. I should check to see if this has changed. Or else ship my order to a buddy in the US
  10. Un-frickin-believable... And the stickers in the books probably just make them more attractive souvenirs for book thieves...
  11. You're right, thanks for the refresher!
  12. I'm not sure where in Canada you're located, but my sister bought this product from a travel doctor in Toronto. It's 30% DEET, but it's a cream, so technically should be outside of the "liquid/gel" restriction (although as we all know, that can be pretty subjective). And at 3.2 oz it will meet airline carry-on requirements regardless. I am also a mosquito magnet -- I protect everyone else in the group -- and this stuff works great for me.
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