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  1. Sometimes they get back with you the same day if not within 48 hours I have always heard something. I just submitted as well since our's had dropped $90.
  2. We will be on this Cruise in August and are very excited about it. I really enjoyed your review and pics. I had been looking at the beach at Mahogany Bay. I had read where you could take the chair lift to it or just do an easy walk, which is what we would do. Is there a cost for beach access? I thought I had read there was a cost for the cabanna's (covered chairs) but couldn't find if there was a cost for just using the beach and the uncanopied chairs. Thanks
  3. We did this last year as well. I had a notarized letter from the parents stating that my husband and I were allowed to take them out of the Country and even listed the different Ports of Call we were visiting. It also stated that we had permission to seek Medical attention if necessary. I was never asked for this but I always kept it with me when we were boarding the ship on the first day and throughout the cruise when we were getting off and on at the different ports. I think it's best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  4. When we cruised with our toddler I brought sand buckets and dipped water out of the pool and sat in front of him on the pool deck so he could at least splash his toys around in it (since kiddie pools are restricted). I would suggest over packing the toddler clothes, I felt like I did over pack for him but by the end of the cruise I was running low on clothes. Definitely take your stroller if you are taking an umbrella one I would make sure that it does have a cover over the top. Otherwise when you are out on port days or on the Lido deck the little one can get burnt and it's har
  5. Just booked us on the Carnival Glory! I'm trying to figure out if there is a Mongolian Wok on it? I didn't see it listed as one of the dinning options on Carnival's website for this ship. However, I was watching a tour from 2018 and they were talking about the Mongolian Wok on the Glory. So just wanted confirmation from someone as to which is correct?
  6. Progresso...It's the only Port that' I've visited so far that I felt like a black van could roll up and throw me and my family in the back of and we would never been seen or heard from again. To sketchy...
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