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  1. Love the live report! Enjoy your time onboard; we're still reminiscing about our own voyage on Nieuw Amsterdam two weeks ago!
  2. My favorite ship is usually the one I last sailed on. That would make my current favorite Nieuw Amsterdam. But both Veendam and Oosterdam hold a special place in my heart due to great past sailings on both. Would happily sail either again.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed breakfast in the PG last week aboard Nieuw Amsterdam. Didn't do it every morning, but found it very relaxing and enjoyable the few times we did. It's a great option for Neptune Suite guests.
  4. A car will make things easier, but Vancouver traffic seems to get busier with each passing year. Expect to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, particularly downtown, heading across the Lions Gate Bridge, approaching the Stanley Park Causeway...you get the idea. Gastown is an easy walk from many downtown hotels, and Granville Island can be accessed by small water taxis like the AquaBus from both Yaletown and the West End. Parking on Granville Island can be quite the challenge; take the water taxi over for a few bucks and save yourself the stress. Having said that, a car could still be a worthwhile convenience since you have a toddler. It's really up to you.
  5. Many luxury cruise lines still call on Prince Rupert. The bigger ships don't typically anymore. It's a shame - it's a nice place. You can go there quite frequently on Windstar and Seabourn this year.
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