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  1. We're booked on a 5 nighter on Brilliance out of Tampa in May '21 that includes stops at Key West and CocoCay. Key West was a good part of why we booked this itinerary (well before last year's elections). Seeing that RC ships are too big for Key West, I'm a little surprised that Royal, and others, are still selling itineraries that include Key West. Is anything going on with this, court appeals, delay in implementation, etc.? I'm inclined to think that they'll pull a fast one and replace KW with Nassau at the last minute, since we'll be at Coco on the same sailing. If that's the case, we'll ba
  2. On the original question, we have a cruise out of Bayonne on Adventure scheduled for August 13, Costco travel has my final payment scheduled for May 1, so its decision time. I think I'm going to cancel it...When I booked several months ago, there were only 1 or 2 balcony staterooms that I was interested in; looking today there's about 20 and I wouldn't be surprised if more pop up close to final payment date and after. So...I'm going to cancel, but keep an eye on things and may rebook if Royal gets cruising with no incidents, but my guess is we'll wind up going in 2021.
  3. I think it makes zero difference how much you tip the porters. Basically all they do is load it on a cart and maybe get it to the ship. Once on the ship, I'm pretty sure its RC staff that sorts it out by deck, then at the proper deck it sits by a service elevator until someone else gets all of it out to the staterooms. Last two cruises, both out of same port (Bayonne), both on Adventure OTS, arrival about the same time, tip the porter about the same: first time, I retrieved the luggage from the service elevator area myself since they left it open about 6:00 and the second time it was there al
  4. I was on Adventure in late June and did not see the texting option in the app.
  5. I'm not really one to post reviews, but we were also on the June 22-28 Adventure of the Seas cruise to Canada/NE. My general opinion is that it was a spectacular cruise...very few complaints and a few comments. I'll try to touch on a few of the comments above too: - Wow, we hit the jackpot with weather. Anyone going on this cruise should prepare themselves and know you're heading into cooler weather and prepare for it. We actually had it much nicer, and yes warmer, than average. Beautiful weather in all of our ports - embarkation day in Bayonne, Bar Harbor, Saint John and Halifax. Slight
  6. Also just off the 6 night NE/Canada cruise. Formal night was night 2; all others were casual. On formal night, I wore a tie and slacks, no jacket. I'd say I was somewhere in the middle dress-wise. Didn't feel over or under dressed. The rest of the nights I went with a polo shirt and jeans, which I think was very typical for the room.
  7. I'd agree with getting there about 10-10:30. Our arrival time is also 10:30 (and was last year). When we arrived around 10:30 last time, there was only a few cars ahead of us in line and the whole process was quite fast. If you arrive too much earlier, it might be a little harder to find a parking spot in the garage since folks may not have left yet from the arriving cruise.
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