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  1. One day before final payment and still getting a no from Celebrity. They are totally unreasonable as there are no "lift and shift" cruises I am eligible for, NONE! I am not going to make the final payment as I can't afford to let them have my money for 6-8 months. I sure wish someone with Celebrity would read this post and do something. Dreaming' I suppose.
  2. I have reservations on the Solstice for a 17 day trans-pacific cruise leaving from Honolulu on September 28, 0220. Very soon our final payment will be due. I am certain in my own mind that this cruise will be cancelled as officials in Australia where the cruise terminates are signaling that tourists won't be allowed in until 2021. My travel agent tried to get me under the delay program but was refused by Celebrity. So it seems that even thought the 2021 cruise leaves from Honolulu as the 2020 cruise does and terminates in Sidney as the 2021 does, and is in the same time period (September 2
  3. I requested a refund (March 14) as soon as my early April TA was cancelled by HA. Nothing yet and I am getting a little worried. Have not contested CC's used to pay but thinking about it. Agent clueless, and I though they were getting paid their commission, cancellation or not. Is this correct?
  4. Months ago I purchased CFAR travel insurance for my TA on HA in April. Since the trip has been cancelled the insurance company has offered me a full refund of the premium. The only loss I have so far is a deposit on an AirBnB in Spain. It looks like my train tickets and other AirBnB will be fully refunded. As my far biggest risk is with the HA refund of my cruise fare and airline tickets through HA, I am trying to decide whether to cancel the insurance or not. I cancelled with HA the first day after they announced their policy and requested a full refund. Except for a "Your Preference ha
  5. Maybe I should have said a bunch of folks in a large hotel. That was "mass" to me. Sorry I overstated.
  6. I'm in the "same boat" as you. The way Spain has cracked down on their cases and the mass quarantine in the Canary Islands makes me worry. With several thousand folks on a ship, how many 13 day cruises do you think happen without one person coming down with flu-like symptoms sometime along the way? With a bunch tied up in cruise fares, airline tickets and airbnb deposits for a couple of weeks in Spain, I'm setting on edge, even with "Cancel for any reason " insurance.
  7. Not hiding, just taking it all in. Our last HAL cruise was a 2019 TA and the cabins were not ready. Have a spring TA scheduled and hope there won't be any delay. If so my suggestion will be mute. If not, a inexpensive cure.
  8. Because we have to fly either to or from most of our cruises, we both end up with full suitcases, carry-ons and backpacks. We check the suitcases before going on the ship but have to take the carry-on and backpacks with us when we board due to critical contents. We usually board HAL cruises around 11 AM and end up toting the luggage around for two to three hours before the cabin is ready. On a recent Regent (our one and probably only) cruse we really liked the fact that immediately upon boarding we could go to a nearby lounge and temporarily check our items until the cabin was ready. Only
  9. We took our first (and probably last) Regent cruise in late October. The cost was $300/day/person but when you subtract the included air, excursions, drinks, tips, in-room bar, internet and specialty dining, the cost for a very nice balcony cabin (like a small suite on HAL) was about $75/day. This was a re-ported cruise because of the Cuba cancellation and thus the bargain price. Service and food were very good. Excursions great and entertainment fair. The worst aspect of the trip were many of our fellow passengers were real snobs, especially when they found out you weren't "Regent Cruis
  10. I will soon be leaving on my first Regent cruise and would appreciate some information. These questions may have been answered before but didn't find them. 1. Can you order drinks only thru room service or only in connection with a food order? 2. I have seen comments on ordering a meal from room service by courses. Is this available for only the higher staterooms or for all? 3. Is it normal to tip for room service each time? Thanks
  11. Just looked at the Confirmed Future Order list for new ships thru 2027. I noticed that one only new ship for HAL on the list. What does that portend for HAL's future with several of their existing ships facing retirement or sale in the next few years?
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