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  1. We've used Cocoa Beach Shuttle as well. They were very punctual in taking us from airport to the hotel. BUT when going from the hotel to the Port, they were very very late....as in 1.5 hrs or so and we finally gave up and went with Uber. I'm assuming most of their $ comes from the longer treks from airport to port or hotel....so the short hotel to port was low on the priority list, at least the day we needed them. But again, going from the airport to cocoa beach hotel, they were right on the ball!
  2. I bet if you went to one of the secret decks at the front of the ship, usually decks 6-9, you could find a quiet space to do an unofficial ceremony....
  3. Thanks for the review. We have our first 8 day planned for 2021. Is it a regular thing for the Red Frog to offer 1/2 price drinks on embarkation day for that limited time? If so, I am making a note!
  4. Yes, you should get the platinum perks at the beginning of the 14 day cruise or beginning of the b2b. we turned gold on the very last day of a back2back and were given the perks at the start of that first cruise. We are hoping to hit platinum in 2022!
  5. We always carry our luggage on,,,each have a roller bag and a backpack....once we each had a 12 pack too. We usually board as early as we can, like 11:30 and then find a place to park our stuff and eat while we wait for our room to be ready. A little inconvenient but having control over our stuff outweighs that.
  6. We didn't think it was bumpy. We didn't see any other boats and the water was calm.
  7. This same thing happened to us with CBS. They picked us up in a timely manner from airport but the next day at hotel for shuttle to port, they were super late and we finally gave up, catching an Uber instead.
  8. If you have vacation time to use, a B2B cruise can be a cheaper alternative to extra days on a ship. I would rather spend more days cruising vs splurging on spa treatments, etc but that's just me. Congratulations on this milestone for you and your hubby!
  9. Wondering if these three cabins had a lot of noise underneath? We will be in 6203 this January...first time having a 4J.
  10. We always book an interior due to price. We are really easy going and not picky ....and frugal...and we enjoy the darkness while sleeping. If we get an Upsell offer that makes sense, we take it. So far, we've gotten offers and were able to experience a balcony, an ocean view and next cruise will be a 4J.
  11. I am not familiar with a super k or j room.....how do I figure out what rooms are in this category?
  12. We thought it was relaxing and enjoyable. My favorite thing was the fresh strawberries....most of the sweets weren't very good imo.
  13. This picture shows you the riverboat seating, just to give you an idea of what to expect.
  14. A view to show you the steps that lead up to the platform that starts your climb on the actual ruin....
  15. Just to give you an idea of how people climb down from the top.... You can see the lady with the cane...she did make it all the way to the top if I recall correctly.
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