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  1. This is our plan too! Flight leaves at 6am so not a lot of leeway as far as testing prior to flying when flight is two days before cruise.
  2. It should show up under the booking details of your cruise, and you should get an updated email showing the change to your booking.
  3. Can any of you who received tests tell me what the expiration date is on them? E are wondering if we ordered now they would be good fir our January 15th cruise….
  4. We usually book 18-24 months out with early saver and then price check almost daily to make sure we get the lowest price possible. We also use Allstate or AARP Carnival gift cards to pay off our cruises which allows us to save 10% off the total.
  5. We are not wine or champagne people….I wonder if any other type of beverage is offered such as a Pepsi or sprite vs just water…..?
  6. Same with us. I originally submitted an online request for a price match and was denied. Then I asked my PVP and the price match was granted with OBC and keeping the Cheers package.
  7. May I ask what the expiration date is on your boxes?
  8. You did the right thing! Some people think the rules don’t apply to them. When you are paying that much money to have a place to relax and pamper yourself, you want to get what you paid for. As a safety measure, I don’t think those temps in the spa area are safe for kids.
  9. Praying for both of you! We were in this same situation back in January of 2020 when we decided to cancel our B2B so my husband could start chemo. We were both so disappointed. Praying chemo goes well and you have another opportunity to cruise soon!
  10. Thank you for letting us live through you! How I miss cruising! We have to wait til Dec. Have fun!
  11. Call Carnival or contact a PVP, you can request one online at Carnival website, and ask if your refund has been processed yet. If not, ask them to transfer the funds to the new booking you want. I just did this yesterday, as I had been waiting for 60 days for a gift card refund. I simply asked if it had been processed yet and if not, could they move my funds to prepay gratuities instead, which they did.
  12. A PVP through Carnival could do the bookings for you. I’ve used them most of the time although I have booked a B2B on my own. I usually open two browsers, bring each cruise up and go through the booking process to the end page where you have to submit payments. Then I place my deposit on one and then the other in quick succession. Once you’ve gotten your room picked and find yourself at the final page of needing to submit payment, the room you selected will be unavailable for others to select for a short period of time.
  13. We usually pack enough undies for the entire trip and then bring washing sheets that I use to hand wash a few items in the bathroom sink, if needed.
  14. I had this happen to me as well. Thankfully we were able to rebook the same room too. Our pvp says this happens often unfortunately. We didn’t go through our pvp for the price match because she was busy with changes/bookings/cancellations and asked us to submit the online request form instead. I had done one in the past and made the necessary deposit increase ahead of time but just wasn’t paying attention this time. They definitely need a better system…like send an email and then give people 48 hours to make the necessary deposit payment before cancelling,
  15. You will get info on where to go and at what time on your last evening of the first cruise. Will be left in your room. In the past, we’ve had to meet at say, 8;30am, in a designated area, will all the other B2B people. Then we were escorted off the ship together, through customs, and then back onto the ship. Then they take a group picture which you get a free copy of. You will also be offered a free mimosa.If you want to do an excursion or leave the port fir any reason, you will be given a pass to get back on the ship without having to wait in line for boarding. That was pre-COVID. Now from what I’ve read, when you disembark, you will have a COVID test and wait for about an hour for results, before being let back on.
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