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  1. Is it logistically possible to make it from a cruise in Port Canaveral down to the Port of Miami on the same day for another cruise? Time wise it looks good but there are delays such as customs and rental car pickup that I am not sure about.
  2. If you transfer points for OBC and don’t use it all will it be returned to the card as points or is it lost?
  3. I just found it on the Royal App for our cruise. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a recent copy of the Vitality Fitness Schedule for Harmony? We have a 9 day in March and I am trying to figure out what the days and times of the spin classes are. The multi use pass looks good but I need to make sure it won't conflict with port schedules.
  5. So I went to the Royal page and looked under Plan a Cruise > Deals > Kids Sail Free. I put in my date and Harmony Comes up for March 29, 2019. I call Royal and they say sorry read the terms and conditions. This is an error and we are not required to honor it. Royal's IT department must be the worst in the business. I am currently trying to determine what Federal Agency I can file a complaint with.
  6. There is a barcode at the bottom. They pull up your info from that and it will show them all of the packages you have.
  7. Show them your set sail pass and you will be fine.
  8. We went with Bernard in February. It was a great tour and would definitely go again. I have no experience with Joyce.
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