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  1. All caught up! Amazing review as usual. The London photos are gorgeous. Sun with a few clouds makes for he best photos. Looks like you had perfect accommodations in London. I worry about the Edgeification of the Solstice class Celebrity ships. I guess it happens to the Silhouette after it crosses the ocean. I met a woman the other day who is on that cruise, possibly right now. Fortunately our next cruise on the Reflection & it doesn’t get drydocked until 2023. Thanks again for posting such great reviews and photos and thanks to Carol for keeping her extensive notes.
  2. Bev I’m glad you pointed that out. I’ll have to reread my review and see what else I missed. Can’t wait. It’s about 34 F here today with a wind chill. Maris
  3. Thanks Norris So I may bring it. I'll see how much room I have. Our next cruise is on the Reflection to the ABC Islands, Cartegena, & Grand Cayman. We will be sailing on March 2, which also happens to be my birthday. I can't think of a better way to spend my special day. There are people on our cruise who were booked on the Silhouette in January but the cruise was canceled because the Silhouette is being refurbished. I guess that will happen when it returns from Europe. Maris
  4. Norris. Great commentary & photos as always. I’m finally all caught up. A semi-technical question . You mentioned that you took your tripod. I did purchase a travel tripod and considering taking it on our next cruise. Just wondering about where to pack it. If it’s in a suitcase will it looked like I’m ‘armed’ if the suitcase is scanned? And did you use your tripod much? Is it even worth taking. I’m thinking on board photos? Did you use your tripod for the beautiful interior photos that you took? Maris
  5. Hi Dana Looking forward to another of your great reviews. Thanks to Norris for providing the link. I’ve been checking daily since I saw that you would be posting soon.
  6. Hi Norris Just finished reading your review. Outstanding as usual and your photos get better and better. Now I have Norway to look forward to. I have a friend (unfortunately not a photographer) who did a Norwegian fiord cruise this past year. I think it was on a much smaller ship than the Silly. She loved it so much, she’s considering another visit to Norway. She loved both the scenery and the people. Now to find Dana’s review. Maris
  7. Hi Neil Is that the Neil that I know? Thanks for this review Mr. T. We’re heading out on the Reflection on March 2, 2020 (my birthday, so I can’t forget the date). We have booked ‘hump’ room with a larger balcony too. Ours is also called the 11 night Ultimate Caribbean but we will visit mostly different ports, though Cartenaga will be our first stop. I loved the Reflection on our last cruise. We may have to try the Lawn Club Grill this time. Maris
  8. Norris & Carol A comment about the food. On a trip to Asia I was advised against drinking the water or eating raw fruit or vegetables. The first meal I had consisted of meat wrapped in lettuce whic I ate with gusto combined with trepidation. I survived to tell the tale & ate all the marvellous food offered. Your meals looked great. So much for all the travelers who complain about Cuban food. Maybe just at the resorts. Maris
  9. Hey Kevin. I look at the videos. We were on your last cruise. We won’t be cruising again until 2020 so living vicariously through Norris’s great photo review. Maris
  10. Norris; Just found your link. I’ll hop over to the Celebrity Board to say Hola! Love that kitty photo. Maris
  11. Love the Snowy story. I don’t think our dogs have so much fun when we leave them on vacation. Interesting to see the Canadian money. I didn’t realize they took our money in Cuba. No wonder many of our friends travel to Cuba. Looking forward to the Miami in the morning photos. Maris
  12. Can’t wait to see all those photos. Especially those cool Cuban cars. Maris
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