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  1. Wow! So they knew that it would be cut short. I think the ship turned around after 2 days or so. Free must have been tempting.
  2. Thanks. So you enjoyed Royal Caribbean and Royal. We'll look at alternatives. We have only cruised 3 times and all Celebrity. We loved it but searching for more reasonable alternatives.
  3. Were you in the corner suite? We were lucky too. We had made a trip to Costco before leaving on the cruise and had lots of essential paper products. Maris
  4. They are saying we’ll be vaccinated by July but I’m not optimistic. We have started looking at cruises but Celebrity is looking very expensive. I’m sure the cruise lines are hurting right now but the high prices are discouraging us. We may have to consider other cruise lines. Maris
  5. I’ll have to take a look at that too, though I think it will be too early for us. No idea when we might be vaccinated. This is the time of year that I really feel the need to get away. Maris
  6. I'm going to start looking for 2022 cruises today. The temperature is going down to -19 C tonight and feel like - 29. That is why I love to be away at this time of year. Maris
  7. A year ago today we were waiting in Fort Lauderdale to start our amazing cruise. We had no idea what the future would bring. But now I think we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We’re starting to watch cruise videos again. 😃
  8. Kearney Yes it was a great cruise. We were very fortunate to get home before everything shut down. We totally self-isolated for the first two weeks. Hard to believe that we are still having to be distant three and a half months later. We still haven’t held our grandchild born the end of March. We haven’t booked anything else at this point. I would love to cruise again but sadly don’t know if we ever will. I can’t imagine wearing a mask and social distancing during a cruise. Keep healthy Maris
  9. I sure hope we’ll able to cruise again by 2022. We discovered cruising late in life but I would sure like to try it again. My brother had told us for years how great cruising was. Glad we finally listened to him. You’ll love Celebrity. Yes crazy times right now. We thought when we got back from the cruise in March we’d self isolate for 2 weeks and then be back to normal. Who knew. Keep healthy & safe Maris
  10. Hi Thanks so much for that advice. I know I’ll read this entire review again before we go on another cruise. I may not get lost again. Maris
  11. Thank you Lisa! I loved doing this report and it’s quite easy to get great photos on those beautiful islands and in Cartagena. I haven’t even thought about cruising for awhile. My brother pointed out to me that a couple of people had recently read my review . Now I’m thinking about cruising again, just not sure when. It’s been summer here in Ontario for a few weeks now. I’m in camping mode. But hopefully we will cruise again. We’re just waiting until things start up again so we can read other reviews and decide to try it again. We loved this itinerary so much we’d like to do it again. Thanks again Maris
  12. Annie Yes, I would love to hear about your experience in Mexico. Pictures too. And I’m able to view the videos so keep them coming. I’m flattered to be included with that group who helped inspire you to write this. Thanks for sharing your experience. Great review. Maris
  13. Hi Annie Enjoying your review. You have a great memory for detail. I got a kick out of a couple of things here. One, all the things that you wanted to try & didn’t and that Dave made a habit of getting the coffee each morning. We did the same cruise in March (the Reflection’s last cruise). I made a note of all the things I wanted to do & didn’t do them and I made a habit of getting the coffee in the morning. Never went to Al Bacio though. I loved the cruise and I’m looking forward to reading all about your experience. Maris
  14. Linda Thanks so much for your flattering comments again. I am so glad that you enjoyed my report. These days are rather long. Everyone feels like Sunday and my husband and I are both retired. At least you have someone who comes home at 7:30. Though it's late, it would be really tough to be all on your own for 24-7. And you have those adorable puppies. Are you able to get out for walks with them? I won't be writing anymore in this report other than to answer people who have commented. We are keeping fairly busy doing yard work and remodelling our basement. Our young dog (she's 9 years young) gets two long walks every day and the older guy (12 1/2) gets two short walks. Today since we were in the mood, we cooked up a storm and have sides for the next few days. I have varied photo interests. My favourite are vacation photos, whether here in Ontario in the summer or in warmer climes in the winter. I've tried portrait photography (not my favourite, other than photos of our beautiful family), landscape photography and wildlife photography. The camera I have right now is meant for sports and wildlife photography though I think it's a great all around camera. This was right across the road from our house And this yesterday in front of our house. Stella - Our pup Dexter - our old guy. If you click on any of these photos, I think it will take you to my Flickr account. I post a lot of photos there (including all I used in my report). If they are public, anyone can see them. Are you right in downtown Toronto? We lived in Port Credit and worked in downtown Toronto, many years ago. We are fortunate to live out in the country at this time. We can go for long walks without seeing anyone or go for social distancing walks on either side of our quiet roads. We have also used online grocery shopping. I have alway enjoyed online shopping but this grocery store shopping is something new. Works well but I'd rather be out in the store, not now but when things get back to 'normal.' If you are looking to enjoy cruising through Cruise Reports have you read Bimmer's? He is very articulate and funny. His reviews are very detailed and long and his photos are amazing. Thanks again Keep safe & healthy Maris
  15. Thank you mouseRD. I’m hoping that next year our world will be back to ‘normal’. Whatever that looks like. Maris
  16. Hi again. I looked at that. Considering it. It’s out of Tampa right? It doesn’t include Cartagena though does it? I know some people didn’t like the stop. The hawkers put us off but it was still amazing. I’d like to go back there. But who knows. We may meet on that cruise. Maris
  17. Hi Yoshi We spent some more time yesterday looking at cruises. I did see one or two that included Panama and Costa Rica. We are not in a huge rush. Prices are still fairly high and who knows what the future will bring. We don’t really want to put anything down at this point either. Thanks for the suggestions. One of the things that surprised me too, was all the cabins already booked 2 years out and with the current situation. . By groups? Thanks for your suggestions. I welcome any. Maris
  18. Thanks Yoshi Yes! Those were the days. I just started yesterday looking at future cruises. We’re thinking 2022. We’d like to do the ABC islands again when the only thing to worry about is...nothing. The only issue I have is that the March 2022 with that itinerary is on the Edge. I love sitting on a real balcony and unless we win big at the lottery over the next while we won’t be in a suite. Maris
  19. Hi Catherine Thanks so much and thanks for posting the link. That was two years ago. Our second cruise ever and my first review. Maris
  20. Thanks Elaine Great that you have a credit to spend on another cruise. You can start dreaming about another trip now. Take Care Maris
  21. Thanks Noreen I’ll have your review to follow now. Keep up the good work. Maris
  22. Hi again Hcat I will miss writing each morning and responding to people who are following. Maybe I can sleep in until 5am tomorrow. Glad and you enjoyed it. Take care and keep healthy. Maris
  23. Thanks Donna I really did enjoy our cruise & sharing photos with others. Just trying to figure out what my next adventure might be. Maris
  24. Norris Thank you for your kind words and thanks for all your technical assistance. Unfortunately, it looks as if the cruise industry is getting a lot of blame for the spread of this virus. I hope they are able to recover. Though I have discovered cruising late in life, it has sure been a great way to explore new places and until this cruise, without a worry in the world. The world has just become a smaller place, due to the ease of transportation. I’m not quite sure what we will learn from all this. But I know I will really appreciate being able to spend time with people and hopefully hug friends and family again. Maris
  25. Hi again Christine Yes, the ship was so clean. It was shocking to see the crowds at the airport and I didn't get the impression that either airport was being kept really clean. Did you fly back into Ottawa? Maybe we'll meet at a campground somewhere. We have a trailer that we just use in Ontario in the summer. Towing for long distances isn't fun for Ken, but we love camping. We have bookings at Provincial Parks for June, July, and late August into September. I'm hoping (I may be dreaming) that Parks will be open by September. If not, I'll just camp in the yard for a bit. We live in cottage country on a lake and all the boat launches are closed on the lake. Looking on the bright side I will able to kayak in peace and quiet. Yes the dogs are adorable Maris
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