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  1. So you scan the QR code at the table but then how do you get the information on the screen? Does it it connect via Bluetooth to a central transmitter on the ship. I always put my phone on flight mode so I do not get any charges
  2. It is relevant to a couple of thousand passengers due to depart on Arcadia's world cruise with the first sector finishing in San Francisco in USA. Those finishing there then have to fly back from an American airport. Departs Jan 5th but with final balance payment due end of September so very concerning for us as we are on this first leg. The situation in USA could be worse than now come year end
  3. That is one of our thoughts in paying the balance in September only for it to be cancelled after we have paid. ATM the cost of SanFran leg of world cruise in 2022(Aurora) is a few hundred pounds more for a deluxe balcony even with a 125% credit on 2021 cruise. 2023 price not yet available . Although I have been to SanFran several times my OH has not and we wanted to have a week there at the end of the cruise before flying back. Decision time for us will be 18th Sept. I will not be keen for us to have £7.5k lodged with P&O for one or two years
  4. That is a major concern for me and then having to take the difficult decision whether we cancel on 18th Sept. There has been so much conflicting policy changes from P&O that I am not sure where we stand with our deposit amount of about £300. If we cancel will it be moved to a FCC or do we lose it?
  5. Do you think Arcadia will be able to complete her world cruise next year. In light of CV epidemic and ports seeming to have a position of not wanting cruise ships in their waters will P&O have got clearance from all 38 ports on the schedule by the end of this year. I have a vested interest in that we are booked on first leg to San Fran. Balance is payable 18th Sept
  6. Thanks for the replies. Big Foot. I await with bated breath the pictures, I have just booked B5 suite 15732 on G136 in Oct 21
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can find plans and pictures of the suites on Iona and specifically the stern ones, grades B4, B5, B6 I can only find one photo in the brochure and online
  8. Thanks uktog We have pushed the boat out(excuse the pun!)this holiday with 10 days in India before the cruise and booked a CC suite so will get Prime C and Aqualina every night if we chose. I was trying to see if I could get definitely get the Chefs Table as we would like to try it.
  9. We are on our first Azamara cruise departing Singapore on 12th November for 17 nights. We have purchased the Experience More Indulgence ($1399) package which includes one meal for two at the Chef's Table. I understand this can not be prebooked and we will not be boarding until about 3pm on embarkation day What chance is there of being able to get a table booked or will we have missed out? Is there more than one sitting each evening? Are the three choices French, Italian, Californian available each night or are they rotated? If they are rotated every 3 nights how do find out which is available each night? Do people avoid the Chefs table if the ship is in port for the night? Many thanks for any advice
  10. Thank you I will check nearer our departure (12th Nov)
  11. On my voyage planner there is box saying 'Cruise documents not available' I have already printed out our boarding passes, what else do I need, what are 'cruise documents'
  12. Do yo still get a bottle of sparkling wine as per the 2019 brochure?
  13. I various reply's on this forum I am bit confused as to whether the following items are still included, they are currently listed on Azamara's on website 1. Turndown treats, I presume these are chocolates 2. Use of umbrella and binoculars 3. Fresh cut flowers 4. Daily fruit basket 5. Tote bag In practice are these still included in a suite?
  14. Thank you all for the thoughts and replys, very helpful👍 The main thing is we can get drinks from our Ultimate on room service! Will have to see how we get on with a butler, never had one before
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