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  1. It's only 10 days, but I guess with travel to and from it adds to it. We're lucky since we'll both be retired by then and intend to tack on stays at Aulani and Disneyland afterwards.
  2. Nice. we booked Vancouver to Hawaii to complete out cruise bucket list of doing a TA, a PC and now Hawaii
  3. Haven't been on the boards recently, but assumed this would have been posted by now. It's a little late, since platinum bookings opened up yesterday, but Disney announced itineraries for early 2022, including a return to Hawaii. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/featured/2022-early-itineraries/
  4. Depending on the length of the cruise, Palo Brunch can be a challenge sometimes, but we've never had difficulty getting reservations for dinner or at any of the Remy offerings. Remy is as fine dining as it comes.
  5. Thanks for the update. That's why I figured it made sense to mention the date of my info.
  6. They do in the shops. In 2016, when I cruised with my cast member daughter, I bought an expensive watch, using her generous discount. To make things all above board, I bought enough gift cards to cover the sale and let her use them to make the purchase.
  7. That "since March 1" makes it sound worse than it was. I was on the WBPC that ended up in San Diego on March 19. At that time there was only one suspected case on board. The majority of the cases occurred after the ship went into quarantine. All passengers that tested positive were post-cruise. Who knows where they contracted it?
  8. Correct. According to a cast member I'm FB friends with, they will dropping off the Caribbean cast members at their respective islands/countries.
  9. Actually, for roll calls, even DIS is less active. They've tended to go off boards over the past few years, onto social media platforms.
  10. I saw a beautiful photo on Instagram of the three ships in port, taken from a high angle. Not my photo, so I can't post it here, but I can post the link: Three Disney ships in port
  11. It's a silly correction. They are still cast members as while they are working, they are still on stage. They just happen to be cast members who are crew members.
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