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  1. That stinks that someone would do that to your hard work. definitely appreciate your efforts and so sorry that this would happen. Google docs does keep a history of changes. You should be able to recover to before they made the change.
  2. @AlohaLivin I believe Google docs would let you share it as read only? Either way, we'll be in San Juan in a little over a month. I would love a copy too, pretty please. email: sandy dot canetti at gmail dot com. Thank you so much.
  3. As noted earlier in the thread the two ticketed meet & greets can be reserved on the day you do your online registration. If this is your first time, it will be 75 days prior to your cruise date. If for some reason it's sold out online, you can check in at guest service when you board to see if they held any back,
  4. Thanks for that. I'll check it tonight. What should it say on the back to be safe?
  5. I got this for my cruise. Cruise Power Strip with USB Outlets - Non Surge Protection & Ship Approved | Travel Accessories and Must Haves by Cruise On https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BHVKPC3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Doubtful that you'll see rates drop. Disney rarely lowers prices on cruises, except in rare circumstances where special deals are offered to Florida residents, military or DVC members.
  7. I think Andy is upset that nobody fawned over the fact that he sailed in the lap of luxury. Pity.
  8. Also, if you can find a meet thread for your cruise, you can learn about excursion well before your 75 day window. Platinum cruisers can book online 120 before and excursions will be visible at that time.
  9. There's a sauna on all ships in the changing rooms that is free to all. The rainforest room on the ships have special sauna and steam rooms that are included in the rainforest pass.
  10. DCL usually releases itineraries about 18 months in advance. No drink package, but soft drinks are free at meals and there is a drink station on the pool deck (Deck 9 on the Wonder and Magic, deck 11 on the Dream and Fantasy) You will generally see more children at the early seating. Second seating is around 8:15 to 8:30. You can request a table for just your family, although not guaranteed, my experience is it is usually granted. There are three main dining rooms that you will rotate through and your servers go with you. I think I recall that the miss rate is actually quite low, maybe 2% of the time (someone will correct me if I got that stat wrong). I know out of the 17 cruises we've done, 13 had a stop at Castaway Cay and we never missed it.
  11. I found your review very balanced and fully understood why you included the comment amount the veteran cruisers. Sadly, there are always a small minority that feel the need to be entitled.
  12. They have trick or treating for the kids, costume contests for families and a separate one for adults, and a Nightmare Before Christmas sing a long. The ship is nicely decorated with a Halloween decorations all over and a huge tree in the atrium.
  13. Thank you for your review. we're on the Fantasy in October for an 8-day and our cruise group has over 700 members. Same concerns about how disadvantaged the silver and first timers are, but I'd like to think us gold and platinum are being more welcoming. Sorry to hear that about your cruise.
  14. You might get better answers on the Ports of Call -> Canada (Alaska/Pacific Coastal) board
  15. I never heard this expression before. What is drift snorkeling?
  16. I've been on a cruise with a film crew from a British morning show. So, not sure if they need to have exclusivity to the ship.
  17. We did the WBTA this past September. There is plenty to do. We were never bored. I'm pretty sure there are navigators from that cruise on a popular disney cruise blog site to give you an idea. The one thing we suggested in our survey is some more adult activities, since there were only 122 children on board.
  18. Sorry, there's an MJ who is very active there, also a downstater. I was just taking a wild guess.
  19. MJSailors, just curious because of the initials 'MJ'. Do I know you by another name on DISboards?
  20. Not that it matters, but I can't believe DCL didn't extend the deadline considering the inability for somebody to make the deposit on time due to their own technical issues.
  21. The free 50mb was still in effect as of September when we cruised. I haven't heard of them removing it, so I have to assume it's still offered.
  22. As another native New Yorker, who works in the city, I concur with this detailed and excellent advice. I want to add to the suggestion about avoiding LaGuardia. I never liked to fly out of there, since it was an airport built for 1930s equipment with no room to expand the runways, since it sits on the East River. But I had to fly out of there two weeks ago. The construction is as bad as everybody says. I had to drive around the airport twice to find the entrance to the parking garage. It's that confusing.
  23. Again, your advice is not based on correct facts. I do not believe (and here, this is where we differ. I don't state things I don't know as undisputed facts) that you can take the Magical Express to the airport unless you have a scheduled flight. If correct, that means you cannot use it as a first stop on a continued trip to the port.
  24. Again, since the OP IS taking a non-Disney cruise, a DIsney shuttle is not an option, whether it be from WDW or the airport.
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