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  1. I will get refund on my credit card. On the other hand, they will give me extra USD50 Onboard Credit. Great news!!
  2. Our Western Mediterranean Cruise had been Lifted & Shifted to June2021. I applied 125% OBC via RC on 6June2020 because I purchased 3 nights dining package. However, I didn't received any e-mail from RC. I called them several times and I received below e-mail today. "Apologies for making you confused. After having checked with Miami, the 125% onboard credit offer is only eligible to guests opting for the FCC but not Lift & Shift. After submitted the request online, you should have received an email outlining your eligible offers. We are escalating this matter to relevant te
  3. I paid 840 for two tickets on Aug2019 were going to be garbage now. I have to pay to TA extra 1100 fare difference for two tickets. However, I could get two new tickets at 1135 via BA web site or 995 via TA web site now.
  4. Originally I booked the BA flights HKG/LHR/BCN on June2020 for our Western Mediterranean Cruise with non-refundable tickets. Due to Coronavirus, all the cruises & European flights had been cancelled. Our cruise had been Lifted & Shifted to June2021. In the beginning, BA announced that all tickets can been refunded but they changed the policy with travel voucher or rebook within 1 year with fare difference if necessary. Then I called my TA on early of May to rebook our flights to June next year. I went into BA web site on early June and found that two new ticket fare would be 1135GBP an
  5. Is there anyone book the Rome Colosseum Tour by "italy-museums.com"? Originally, I booked the tour on June20 with full payment but I had to cancel due to Coronavirus. I sent e-mail to them and requested for refund. Later, they replied that they would follow my cancellation on mid of May. However, I sent several e-mail to them but still no reply right now. Do you guys think that I can get back my money?
  6. Drone can be brought on RC
  7. Looks like I can fly drone at Amalfi Coast & Cinque Terre (From the ocean)
  8. I will not fly on ship. I just want to fly when we land Naples & Cinque Terre
  9. I'm planing to bring my drone (Mavic Mini) to Italy on our cruise. May I know where is the best place to fly drone in Rome, Naples & Cinque Terre?
  10. I'm planing to bring my drone (Mavic Mini) to Barcelona on our cruise. May I know where is the best place to fly drone?
  11. I'm planing to have our walking tour in Rome on coming June. Is there anyone know the schedule of the free shuttle from Civitavecchia Cruise Port to "Largo della Pace"? How far do I need to walk from "Largo della Pace" to Civitavecchia Train Station?
  12. It depends on where do you want to visit inside the Colosseum (Underground, Arena Area & Belvedere).
  13. What is the name of the tour agent? I couldn't find "City Windows for 2 tours".
  14. Is there anyone book the tour by "Italy-Museums.com" before? I'm looking for the tour in Rome "2 Hour Private Tour / Colosseum Arena, Underground & Upper Lever" which is provided by them.
  15. Is there anyone know Royal Caribbean will offer any shuttle bus from cruise port to city center?
  16. Is there anyone know the sofa is near to the balcony or near to the door on "Allure Of The Seas" Stateroom #12302?
  17. Is there anyone know RC will offer free shuttle from cruise terminal to city center?
  18. May I know which cruise company offer free shuttle from cruise terminal to city center?
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