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  1. You will have no problem finding sweatshirts. Alaska has them all over. Actually they do really well offering up very affordable warm weather stuff. To their benefit if too cold people will stay on the ship.
  2. Honestly layers work. But this year Alaska broke records on cold. Stress warm clothes in May. They have perma frost. You are going to encounter a tad more frozen Alaska than normal.
  3. Ula

    Princess cruise in Europe with teens?

    We cruised the Med during summer on Princess. There were lots of teens. You should sign up for the roll call. We planned many private tours through the roll call so met many of the teens who were also going on the tours. Great age for such a trip. The teens had a great time in the clubs, how they had the energy after touring all day is still a mystery.
  4. Ula

    Timing of Ruby Princess Safety Drill

    I am thinking back to our sail away out of Venice. I think the ship held a muster the first night and a make up one the next day. Red did a red eye out, so I think we stayed awake to hit the muster and then went to bed. It was not held during sail away I know that.
  5. This is great. We would not need to fly and just a quick get away. Look forward to seeing where or if these ships stop a place in addition to Ensenada. We are already Elite so are not working to increase cruise count. Just like to cruise.
  6. I have never read complaints on cruising with "bear" groups. It is no worry. I think our next cruise may have a group. Have no idea what. But is pretty much booked early. Honestly we make our fun and do not pay attention to what others are doing. We once did a cruise with Cardiologists. They did take over some venues for meetings. But told my husband if you want to have a heat attack this is the cruise to be on. Don't borrow trouble. The groups are there to have fun like you. Most know how to behave. If not, then believe me it will be told about. BTW the Red Hat ladies are the biggest party animals I have ever cruised with. Fun, but those ladies are something else. They asked me to join. I could not keep up.
  7. Ula

    Cruising with Girl Scouts

    [quote name='SassyMelassy']I'm a personal assistant for someone who is taking her girl scout troop on a cruise in May. She asked me to call Carnival and get proof of their liability insurance. Carnival has no idea what I'm talking about and they told me we would have to buy liability insurance. Has anyone else run into this problem?[/quote] The cruise line has insurance and what they will cover. In the contract. So Carnival probably does not understand what you are talking about. They will not take out extra insurance for the kids.
  8. Ula

    Suite experience on Princess?

    The perks with a suite are nice, but we run the table depending on the cruise and what we book. We go from balcony, mini to full. But our vacation time is limited each year so it depends on the cruise. Port intensive balcony. Lots of sea days mini or full. We do not like inside. Save that for retirement when we can go longer. The only perk we really enjoy is breakfast at Sabatinis.
  9. Ula

    Worst Disembarkation EVER in SF

    Making me nervous for our Alaska cruise this July. But did the cruise last year and getting on and off the ship was no problem. The airport delays were. SF has lots of delays.
  10. Ula

    Most traveled luncheon

    It really all depends on the cruise. My folks get invited but mom does not like to go. Dad loves it so if I am along he asks if he can bring me instead. Been to a few and they are wonderful. I am elite but I think it will be retirement and more cruises till invited.
  11. Has to be one of the strangest things I have ever read. But we like to follow rules. Makes things easier. But when looking into this type of vacation, would never dream to think you could sneak a human on the ship. At least they learned before check in. And lesson learned.
  12. Ula

    No more Budweiser products??

    I have been on a lot of cruises and have never bought Bud. Normally go with the Mexican beers same price and a step up. Will have to see with Princess will offer.
  13. [quote name='scarlett81']Ok, haha! you can see I have no clue what I'm talking about. What anout dancing with the litte ones? Are there restrictions to bringing our lo's to that area for a bit?[/quote] I do not know about the ship you are on. But Princess has dance venues, And young kids dance with their family. Shoot saw their piano player do a whole set to a young young girl named Gigi who was dancing with her mom. It was so cute.
  14. We returned home from the Golden today. No one in our party got sick. Actually I think the staff had more trouble. We actually arrived in port an hour early. Still a nice cruise but did have limits. I do hope they can clear it all out for the next cruisers. One staff member actually jumped up and started singing on this cruise, You Can't Touch This. That was funny. Just wash your hands. Also ignore all gossip, get things from the source. Relax and enjoy.
  15. The reason why RCI never worked for us. We eat at 5:30 and are out of the house by 5AM. To scheduled for our life style. Not a relaxing vacation.