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  1. I believe he encourages folks to get on the first one so that they don't have to wait for others to fill the vehicles. If you are concerned, do email him about it. He was very responsive to any of my inquiries. Regarding the tour, the only negative was that we weren't overly impressed with the lunch - but we understood and understand that there are differences in tastes and it was food. My recollection was that it was chopped egg on bread akin to wonder bread. Again, I'm not dissing what we had, just don't want you to expect a gourmet lunch and be disappointed when it isn't. The tour was a great tour and I would do it again and recommend it to anyone going there.
  2. Just one additional note regarding laundry. Not only are the washers and dryers free to use, they also provide free detergent. We were on the Viking Sun in May and for their machines there was a button to push for the numbered washer you were going to use and it automatically dispensed the detergent into the machine. Easy peasy and no mess! Worked great!
  3. Yes they are. At least in the PV category of stateroom
  4. I recall seeing 4 computers under the stairs. Will check.
  5. Hi cruisers! We are on the Viking Sun right now and for another week so if you have specific questions, let me know
  6. Heading out soon for the British Isles Explorer cruise, our first on Viking. We are in a Penthouse Veranda stateroom and don't want to miss out on parks that may be offered for this class. I'm asking because we did miss out on opportunities on a previous cruise that would have been great to take advantage of. Thanks all
  7. Thanks everyone for the magnet suggestions!
  8. Also a great idea for the bathroom, thanks!
  9. Does anyone know if magnetic hooks work on Viking Sun? We took them along on one of our cruises and the walls were not metal so they didn't work. Lots of added weight if they don't work. Thanks
  10. If you can handle it cost wise, do not miss doing the Iguazu Falls extension. Although everything on our cruise was stunning, the falls were the most phenomenal thing I have ever seen. And don't try to do it in a 13 hour time frame. Just not long enough.
  11. We very highly recommend the Patrick Watts tour. The scenery was amazing. Kind of other worldly. We were fortunate that we were able to see both the Falklands and Cape Horn. According to ship's staff that we talked to, about 50% of the time these can get cancelled due to bad wind and weather. Keep this in mind when you go so you are mentally prepared that this is a possibility. I had packed Dramamine and sea bands but never had to use either. Also, if you are wondering what kind of clothes you'll need, well layers are an absolute must. When we packed we thought we would need like winter clothes to view the penguins, but when we went to Punta Tombo, the temps were in the 90's and many of the penguins were hiding under bushes to get out of the heat. By the time you get to Cape Horn and Ushuaia, the temps will likely be in the 50's. My recollection of the Falklands was that it was maybe in the 60s. Many folks on the ship had packed winter boots and parkas for this outing. Anyway, our stereotype of where penguins live was totally blown away. Another reason why this whole trip was by far the most interesting and wonderful experience we've had. We learned so much.
  12. You were lucky to get Patrick. I think it was a nephew that took us on the tour - and while the tour was fabulous, the guide we had could have been better. He was more just a driver than a tour guide. That being said, we really loved the scenery and the penguins and would do the same tour again.
  13. I should have mentioned too that the tour pricing in my post above was for both my husband and I and was effective as of January 2018.
  14. Like you, I was also concerned about this. I questioned many of the tour operators about this and they responded that they had never missed getting people back to the ship in time. I also read many reviews on TripAdvisor.com about each of the tours (except a couple of the taxi tours which weren't on the site). Based on this, I guess you would say that we took the leap of faith that we would be OK - and we were. What we found was that in many cases, the tour operators go out in groups of vehicles so if one runs into trouble, there are others available to help out. For example, the Patrick Watts tour vehicle we were in that took us to Volunteer Point in the Falklands had room for six people including the driver. It was in a remote area and we drove off road for a good portion of the trip (which was amazing by the way...). It could have been a situation where a vehicle might get stuck given bad luck, but we went out in like a caravan of vehicles (where BTW all the drivers were related 😉 ). So if one got into trouble, there were others to assist. What we learned is that these people rely on tourism for a living and they are careful to not jeopardize their reputations and their businesses by not getting their clients back on time. This being said, of course there are likely to be stories out there where this may have happened and yes it could be a vacation breaker if it did (especially in such a remote area where other transportation to the next port might be very limited), but I did not run into such stories in reading the TripAdvisor tour reviews. I do encourage you to do so as you can get a much better idea of what you'll be seeing if you go too. For the taxi tours, check out www.thepreismans.com blog which was mentioned in another CC roll call post and is where I found Gerardo Germain and Jamie Liebrecht's taxi tours. Keep the questions coming. I love sharing about our experience in South America. So amazing.
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