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  1. When I exchanged US for Canadian dollars the exchange rate was .32. So $100.00 us got me $132.00 Canadian. There is no fee for this at the local bank in Canada. It probably wont make a big difference, but as I was going there anyway, I did the exchange.
  2. I also live close to the Canadian border. Cruising next sunday and I had to go to Canada for something anyway so I did exchange some money. I don't think you get charged the surcharge in cuba that way.
  3. I spent 10 days in St Martin in April. no problem getting to Le Galion then, in fact the road was in the best shape I've seen it. Not sure when the storm was that your'e referring too but I hope to go go Le Galion next week when we stop there.
  4. We did the Baltics in July 08 but went out of England. My husband uses a mobility scooter. It wasn't the easiest but we managed in all the ports. When we were in St Petersburg I hired a private van for us for the two days. It was wonderful!! It was myself, husband and two teenage daughters and we saw so much. We had our own driver and guide and even went to the Russian ballet. I can't remember who I booked with but there are a couple comapanies that do that there, just check the St Pete boards.
  5. My parents are currently on the Zuiderdam. They called from Costa Rica yesterday and said there is a lot of norovirus on the ship. They said the crew are constantly spraying/cleaning and they've handed out purell to all passengers to use frequently. Also no helping yourself in the buffet, staff must serve you. Luckily they haven't gotten sick yet. On another note, the ship came across an 18ft boat floating in the middle of nowhere. When the crew lowered a boat to go check on the situation they discovered a deceased male on board. Sounds like it's been quite a week on board.
  6. My husband uses a scooter and we went on a baltic cruise this summer on royal caribbean jewel of the seas. There is a train from London to Harwich. We took a cab to the train station and then boarded the train to Harwich. There were no problems. There is an elevator at the station and the porters have a special ramp they will put from the ground to the train to push the scooter or chair up on. It was very easy. The same when you get to Harwich. They put the ramp out and you get off the train. The ship is right there, he just drove the scooter to the ship. I don't know what cruise you are doing but Europe is not very easy to do, but it is possible and well worth it. By the way if you google cruise train you will find info about the train to Harwich. We pre purchased our tickets and it was very easy.
  7. We did two weeks in the Baltics in June and stayed on in London and Paris for a week after. I called my credit card prior and gave them the lists of countries we were going to and I still had a problem in Paris buying a handbag. I was so furious, I even had a letter stating they thought there was fraudulent activity on my account when I got home. Thank goodness I also alerted my Amex account and was able to use that one without a problem. Moral of the story I always let two different cards know in case there is a problem with one.
  8. we just stayed at the Hotel De La Bourdannais for four nights in July. It was in a great location, a grocery next door and restaurants very close as was the subway. It is located one street over from the Eiffel Tower and at the end of the park opposite the Seine. It has air conditioning, sleeps four in a room and has a lift. We paid about 250 a night. We even had a view of the Eiffel tower from our tiny balcony and we able to watch the fireworks on Bastille day from it. The people were very friendly and it was very clean. My husband uses a mobility scooter and they put ramps up over the small steps and left them up through out our whole stay. I would highly recommend this hotel. I actually found it on hotels.com too.
  9. Be careful of Glouchester Rd tube stop. It does have a lift but only for a portion, you still have to use the stairs. It is very close to some hotels, we stayed at the holiday inn right across the street. My husband uses a mobility scooter and my two teen daughters and I carried his scooter up lots of stairs at this stop.
  10. I did receive paper tickets in the mail, wouldn't e-mail be okay too?
  11. Thanks for the info Globaliser If we get off at Earls Ct can we catch a cab there easily?
  12. I purchased train tickets online from National Express, it was very easy and they came in quick. I wanted to make sure I had tickets to and from the port of Harwich/London before I got there.
  13. On the map it doesn't show Gloucster Rd as having a lift. Earls ct stop does though, I'm not sure which one to use because we have to have a lift from Heathrow.
  14. Rsquare which stop did you get off at on the picadilly (blue line) with the two lifts to get to the Holiday Inn Forum? thanks in advance Annette
  15. thanks Danish Viking thats great information, it should make our trip much easier. and it is just ramp in english
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