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  1. @Tapi and @Gigi1977 Thank you both for your reply. We will cancel our HAL transfers and just plan on catching a cab. I appreciate your responses.
  2. We currently have HAL transfers scheduled from Ft. Lauderdale airport to the port for our April 1 sailing. That is costing us $76 roundtrip. Had lunch with a friend over the weekend who has done this airport to port trip with HAL transfers and said it is far easier to just get a cab. He said they had to wait for an extended period of time for a Delta flight to land, etc. before they were allowed to board their transfer and get to port. I am reading through a google search that a cab from FLL to port is approximately $18. Does anyone have an experience with just grabbing a cab and heading over on your own? We have never been to this airport or this cruise terminal. Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you! I knew I had seen this somewhere before. I didn’t even think to check that document. PCC came through - main dining, table for 2 request. That’s one of the perks of using the same person to book you over and over he knows what we want.
  4. I apologize in advance because this is a pretty stupid question but I can't seem to find the information....where on my booking information on the HAL site can I see which MDR dinner seating we are scheduled for? When we booked our cruise yesterday with our PCC I forgot to request the 8pm seating. I can't seem to find it listed on our booking to see if I need to bug him again.
  5. I meant passport control-sorry. OMG the walk from the the gate to passport control at Heathrow is 2 miles I swear!! Thanks for telling me Amsterdam is just as bad. I will plan to wear tennis shoes on the plane ride over not sandals.
  6. @dfish Thanks for the info on what is currently happening with Amsterdam arrivals. We come in on 9/6. Was the customs wait long? I seem to recall going through customs in London took over an hour 2 years ago. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Thanks everyone for the information. I’m relaxed about it just didn’t know what/who we should be looking for once we got to Amsterdam.
  8. I thought before I try to contact my PCC I would ask this question here since someone might know the answer. On 9/6 we will arrive in Amsterdam for a cruise that leaves on 9/8. We paid for cruise, airfare and all transfer directly through HAL. My question is will we see a HAL representative once we get through customs and baggage claim? Does anyone know how transfers are handled when you’re coming several days early? I haven’t seen anything in the paperwork we have received thus far.
  9. Female: I will wear tennis shoes onto the plane, I will pack flip flops for trips to the thermal suite at the spa and I'll pack 1 pair of black flats for dinner. If the weather will be below 60's during the day I will pack some hiking boots for port days. My tennis shoes have mess on the top and can be chilly but the hiking boots don't allow any wind in. So 3, 4 max. I think the husband is 3-4 also. Depends on if he takes his hiking boots or just packs his tennis shoes.
  10. Reading your review....I would have felt the same way about your final dinner onboard. I don’t eat polenta and would have ordered that because of the risotto. Disappointing that the server hadn’t been made aware of the swap before people began ordering the dish that evening. I would have had to switch it up.
  11. Did you enjoy Club Orange for dinner? We are on the NS in 4 weeks and wonder if we would miss the main dining room. The pictures we’ve seen make Club Orange look super casual. Nice for breakfast but “why exactly am I dressing for dinner in this setting?” casual. Pictures look great. I’m happy to know I can request a smaller portion.
  12. When we booked our upcoming cruise the only Signature Suite options available at the time of booking were guarantee status. I told our PCC that I would not be happy a cabin right below the Lido deck and he told me that if that was a factor then I shouldn't book it. So you might keep what @kazu mentioned above in mind when making your decision. We ended up biting the bullet on going with a Neptune suite for our upcoming cruise. The Signature Suite on the Westerdam last year was lovely and we would do Signature Suite again if we could have picked our cabin.
  13. Where do you find the information on the different levels, where you are in that level and what qualifies for credits?
  14. Yes and we learned a lesson. Never book a cabin with anything smaller then a King! Costly lesson for us since there were no signature suites available but I know we will enjoy every moment of our Neptune Suite. You only celebrate your 30th anniversary once!
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