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  1. Our cruise was supposed to sail on January on 1/30/21 and I made final payment with Costco travel in September 2020. It also was cancelled by Azamara in September 2020. We were advised that if we requested a future cruise credit, that it would always be a future cruise credit. So we chose to lift and shift the fully paid for cruise to January 2022, never expecting the huge 25 percent cancellation fee for cancelling a year in advance.
  2. We had a South Africa cruise booked for January 2021 which Azamara cancelled after we made final payment. Opted to lift and shift it to January 2022. I decided to cancel it today after hearing about the sale. We were charged a 25 percent penalty (well over $2,000) because it was a lift and shift and "current cancellation penalties apply". It makes no sense to me, but at least we will get some money back. Just a warning in case anyone else thinks there will be a $75 per person penalty for cancelling a lifted and shifted cruise paid in full.
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