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  1. Wedgeh, That is too exciting! Let the countdown begin!
  2. I know I won't get many people to agree with me but this has turned into a major bonus for me. I hope others can jump soon and do what I did. I was originally booked on the May 22 five night by myself in a Biggest Cheeky Corner Suite. When it was canceled, I switched to the 7 night New Year's Voyage and added my daughter at no additional cost for the same cabin thanks to the 200% Future Cruise Credit. I just called this morning and have now flipped that to 2 different cruises on Valiant Lady for a total of 20 nights. I am taking a 6 day Caribbean Cruise in November 2021 wit
  3. It may be naive, but I consider the mere square footage in the Suite a perk in itself. I am hoping for a successful endeavor by VV.
  4. I hope we all get to celebrate 2021! We will need it!
  5. It took about 5 days for it to come up right for me. I added my daughter to the reservation and in my Account it shows I need to put her info in before March 23 or her Insurance will be cancelled. I have put it in repeatedly and it just comes up as, "Something is wrong." I will try for a couple more days then call by the 22nd to make sure. I do show I owe $500 because I added her but my final payment isn't until August so I am not paying it yet. I am wondering if I may need to pay it for the Insurance to kick in.
  6. I just switched from my May Cruise to this one. I am very excited! Cheryl
  7. I was scheduled for May 22 and was going on an NCL Cruise with my daughter this New Year's Eve. I called, took the call back option and in 2 hours they called me. With the 200% Offer, I am now on the New Year's Eve Cruise, got a $500 OBC, which I didn't have before since I booked on February 14, have added my daughter to the reservation and they owe me about $25. The Cruise is 7 days vs. the 5 original. I will be getting the money I had paid for the Beverages and Shore Excursions back. I am in the same exact cabin, a Cheeky Corner Suite. I don't need to shell out any m
  8. Sorry JanBear! I am not sailing until May 22. Maybe you can be the Innovator in trading and you can report back!!!
  9. I have a Cheeky Corner Suite booked for May. When trying to decide whether I would need the $300 ($400) Bar Package, I called and asked what was included in the Room Set Up. He read me a list and it sounds like the basic set up of any Hotel Mini Bar. It will not be replenished. There will be one of each, small Vodka, Gin, etc. as well as one of each Red, White Wines, Beers, and mixers and Red Bull. Since I don't drink anything other than Red Wine and Whiskey, and don't like Red Bull, I bought the Drink Package. I asked what will be included in the Villas on Bimini and he said i
  10. Does anyone know if the Coffee Place is included in the "Bar" purchases? They show the coffee bar when you look at the Promo. With Coffee, I MAY be able to come up to $400 in 5 days but I am not sure. I guess you can shake your phone for a bottle of Moet and use a bit up pretty quickly.
  11. Snuckles12 - I haven't asked for anything yet. I am thinking of asking what my water options in the Cabin will be. I usually have a bottle next to the bed at night. I don't know how the whole, no single use water will be.
  12. I don't sail until May but I can "contact my Rock Star agent". Maybe, for those in a Suite, you can try that.
  13. I booked back on Valentine's Day when they first opened. I am fully paid as of last week. I am getting the free bottle of Champagne since I am in the early sailings. When I put the "Access Key in that rbt001 so kindly shared, it popped up and said "You've got Booty". When I click on Tell me more, it then gives the promo information. I am (maybe stupidly) assuming it is for the sailing I have booked. I guess I will have to wait and see. It doesn't really make sense that Guests who booked prior to their Promo would be left out, but maybe I am being Naive. Oh, well,
  14. They have posted portions of the menus on the VV website! There looks to be options for any type of diet or lifestyle you choose to follow.
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