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  1. I'm just loving your wonderfully detailed review, Sparkle, and your photographs are fabulous, too. We're on the March 5th sailing, which has the same itinerary as yours, and this is all so helpful.
  2. We spend a lot of time in the US (and being on most cruise ships is tantamount to that) and we're embarrassed by the ignorance of so many of our fellow countrymen, but at the same time, annoyed at being tarred with the same brush, particularly given that we're big tippers. Some of us do get it.
  3. Well, you want to be sure, right? :D
  4. Eire is part of the British Isles, but not of Great Britain. :)
  5. We're used to paying premium prices for alcohol, so are likely to be more accepting of these hidden cost than we might be of auto gratuities given that we don't have a tipping culture in the UK. I'm guessing Celebrity is hoping to head off a potentially unfavourable reaction towards compulsory tipping. I'd rather not have domestic beer when I'm on vacation, thanks very much, but I'd probably have to acknowledge that a lot of Brits are very provincial. Celebrity has got it spot on with the High Tea served in Wedgwood bone china, though. I do miss that when I'm away from home and I'm sure my compatriots feel likewise. We all drive around in Minis and wear bowler hats, too. :rolleyes:
  6. I'm new to Celebrity, but not to cruising. Before visiting this specific sub-forum of CC, I'd never heard Celebrity referred to as 'X'. Even here it seems to be the domain of those who'd like to consider themselves part of a clique. Whenever I've seen the 'X' logo on a ship's funnel, I've recognised it as a Celebrity vessel, but I'd never associate it with Celebrity in isolation.
  7. I'm new to Celebrity, but my impression (and the reason for booking) is of an outfit which is at the top end of the premium cruise line category: classier and more sophisticated than its peers. A lot of hard work must have gone into cultivating and maintaining that distinction. This new campaign seems incongruous with the brand and I don't understand why Celebrity would want to become one of a homogenised crowd. Why the dumbing down? I would look to build on my USPs in trying to attract new custom, not target the lowest common denominator.
  8. Is that your personal experience, Darcie, or your understanding of the situation? Clearly it differs from that of dmwnc1959, so it seems their published policy isn't always consistent with their practices.
  9. Thanks, dmwnc1959 - that's really useful to know.
  10. Thanks, nooosey. Matt's already tried that (albeit not Captain's Club as this is our first Celebrity cruise) and they were pretty clueless both about the holding amounts for credit cards and the required deposit for a cash account. :rolleyes:
  11. With our tips and drinks pre-paid, I can't imagine we'll be spending that much, but I wouldn't want the hassle of having to schlep to Guest Services to top up if, say, I decided to splurge on a spa treatment. We may be forced to go down the credit card route. I found this in the small print: It's the principle that makes my blood boil. There's a perfectly good, simple system in place for making sure that authorisations and actual transactions match, but no-one can be bothered to implement it. (When an authorisation is sought, a code is generated. When the actual transaction is processed, the code tells the credit card company's software that the two are one and the same and the holding amount is then zeroed out. If the code isn't used, it has no way of knowing that they're not two separate transactions and that's why it takes 30 flipping days to be removed! :mad:)
  12. We've actually got no objection to settling the actual account with a credit card, but we're concerned that a huge pre-authorisation amount could be processed. We no longer opt for charging privileges at hotels for the same reason. In my experience, they'll often pre-authorise as much as $1500, but then either can't be bothered, or don't have the skills, to properly match up the authorisation with the actual transaction upon check-out. It's been a big problem for us in the past when we've been on vacation and checking in and out of several hotels - large amounts of credit have been rendered inaccessible. Of course, this might not be the case with Celebrity, but we don't really want to take the risk as we have a further week of expensive vacationing to fund when we disembark! :D I'm wondering if we simply choose the amount of cash we wish to deposit, topping it up should we reach the limit.
  13. If I do this, how much will I be expected to leave as a deposit? We've pre-paid all gratuities and we've bought the Premium Drinks Package.
  14. Are Bistro on Five and the buffet the only options for lunch on the first day?
  15. I just stumbled across your review whilst searching for information on the bed location in the Eclipse Concierge cabins, but I soon got drawn into reading the entire thing. It was a pleasure to do so, thanks to your very agreeable writing style and balanced perspective. Having booked a C1 for our first Celebrity outing, I'm really disappointed to hear of the policy change regarding the hors d'œuvre. Our main reason for choosing this class is its aft position, but it would be nice to think we could take advantage of what appears to be one of the very few perks of Concierge. I can't see us wanting to schlep back to the cabin at the 'right' time every day just to make sure we get them. We've booked Murano, Tuscan Grille and Qsine, but that still leaves 4 nights in the main dining room, so your remarks on the dumbing down of the food there is concerning. We're real foodies and sub-standard fare is just a wasted opportunity! Overall, though, your observations are very reassuring and I'm particularly pleased to read your glowing appraisal of Bodden Tours. :) Do you know, by the way, if the cabin layout you experienced is identical in all Concierge Class? ETA: D'oh! I've just realised that your reivew is of the Equinox. That's what you get for using the 'search' function and not checking the results properly! Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the read!
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